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Best Early Skills & Perks in Starfield



Best Early Skills & Perks in Starfield

Embarking on a cosmic journey in Starfield demands strategic choices to navigate the challenges of an expansive universe. In shaping your character's journey, selecting the optimal skills and perks is essential for successful exploration, combat, and social interactions. This guide explores the crème de la crème of early-game skills and perks. However, the perfect skills depend on your preference and playstyle. Without further ado, let us check out Starfield‘s best early skills and perks.

Tech Skills

Boost Pack Training & Security

Unlocking Boost Pack Training in Starfield represents a transformative addition to a spacefarer's toolkit. This skill facilitates swift and dynamic exploration across diverse landscapes and introduces a strategic edge in combat scenarios. Early access to a boost pack enhances overall mobility, allowing players to navigate the vast expanse with unparalleled freedom. Boost Pack Training is not just a skill; it's a gateway to enhanced versatility, making it an essential choice for any adventurer venturing into the uncharted territories of Starfield.

Security skill in Starfield empower spacefarers with the ability to hack advanced locks on doors and containers. Navigating the cosmos requires more than just exploration. It demands the expertise to overcome obstacles and access hidden treasures. This skill helps players unveil valuable loot and resources essential for progression. As the cosmic expanse unfolds with locked doors and containers, Security becomes a skill and a strategic necessity.

Science Skills

Medicine & Geology

The Medicine skill in Starfield enhances the player's ability to heal from injuries. Space exploration is full of challenges, and medical skills become vital assets in ensuring the well-being of any spacefarer. By improving the character's capacity to heal injuries and recover from ailments, Medicine significantly contributes to survivability during encounters with hostile environments. In the early stages of the cosmic journey, where health and resilience are paramount, investing in medical skills becomes a strategic decision. The skill lays the foundation for a more robust and enduring adventurer prepared to face the unknown challenges that Starfield unfolds.

On the other hand, geology skills enhance the yield of inorganic resources obtained from surface objects. As a spacefarer venturing into unexplored realms, acquiring resources is integral to survival and progression. Geology ensures a steady influx of materials essential for crafting and upgrades. This skill provides a tangible advantage in a vast space where scarcity can pose a significant challenge. Similarly, Choosing Geology early on is not just a practical decision; it's a strategic investment in ensuring a spacefarer's resilience and preparedness for the cosmic odyssey ahead.

Combat Skills

Dueling and Ballistics

In the early stages of your cosmic adventure, facing solo combat scenarios is inevitable. The Dueling skill improves your effectiveness in one-on-one combat situations. Dueling skills are indispensable during these encounters, providing a specialized edge for one-on-one combat. Dueling establishes a solid foundation for combat prowess, making it a prudent choice for those who anticipate and prepare for confrontations during the initial phases of Starfield.

Firearms are a cornerstone of any spacefarer's arsenal, especially in the early stages of exploration, where precision and firepower are paramount. The Ballistic Weapons skill in Starfield increases the damage that ballistic-type weapons can deal. By focusing on this skill early on, adventurers secure a reliable means of dispatching foes swiftly and efficiently. Whether engaged in planetary exploration or interstellar skirmishes, the Ballistic Weapons skill proves its worth as a foundational element for those who favor the reliability and firepower of ballistic arms.

Social Skills

Scavenging, Persuasion and Commercial

Early investment in skills such as Scavenging becomes a keystone for spacefarers aspiring to thrive. By increasing the likelihood of discovering extra credits during container searches, the Scavenging skill provides a strategic advantage. Players can establish a robust financial foundation for trading, equipment acquisition, and gear enhancement. 

Simultaneously, the Commerce skill takes center stage as a critical early skill in Starfield's world. Prioritizing this skill helps players minimize expenses while maximizing profits. The Commerce skill emerges as an invaluable tool for those aiming to navigate the complexities of economic transactions right from the game's outset. Furthermore, the Persuasion skill stands out as a critical asset. Persuasion unlocks diverse dialogue options through peaceful conflict resolution by elevating the success rate of persuading NPCs. Whether forging alliances or influencing key characters, the skill of persuasion is a vital asset in the early stages of the game.

Physical Skills

Stealth, Weight Lifting, Wellnes

In Starfield, mastering the art of stealth is important for spacefarers aiming to navigate the cosmos easily. The Stealth skill, with its added stealth meter, becomes crucial in evading potential threats and executing surprise attacks. Additionally, this enhancement to your ability to move undetected minimizes the risk of unnecessary confrontations and maximizes the effectiveness of sneak attacks. As you traverse dangerous territories in the cosmic expanse, the Stealth skill becomes a strategic asset, allowing for a more approachable approach to exploration and combat scenarios.

On the cosmic journey through Starfield, acquiring items, resources, and gear is a constant endeavor. Weight-lifting skills prove indispensable by increasing your total carrying capacity. Similarly, it enables spacefarers to collect and transport a more extensive array of loot without the burden of frequent returns for storage. Whether scavenging spaceships or exploring alien landscapes, Weight Lifting ensures that characters can efficiently manage their inventory.

Survival in the unforgiving expanse of space demands resilience, and wellness skills are vital to enhancing your character's survivability. By increasing the maximum health pool, this skill ensures that players are better equipped to withstand combat and environmental challenges. As you venture deeper into the cosmos, Wellness becomes vital for sustained survival. 


Best Early Skills & Perks in Starfield

In the expansive universe of Starfield, acquiring weapons early in the game can be a game-changer. Among the top-tier arsenal for early-game prowess is the Revenant, a legendary rifle obtained during the Eye of the Storm mission for the Crimson Fleet Faction. The Revenant is the premier choice for mid-ranged combats, boasting a remarkable fire rate 375 and dealing a substantial 78 physical damage. 

Another noteworthy addition to the early-game arsenal is the Keelhauler. It is a Calibrated Magshot acquired as a reward for completing the Echoes of the Past mission within the Crimson Fleet Faction quest line. With high base damage and a magazine capacity of six bullets, the Keelhauler excels in eliminating enemies. Its unique effects, including Staggering, Berserker, and Frenzy, make it a versatile choice for players seeking a reliable sidearm during combat. Whether engaging in close-quarters battle or taking on adversaries at a distance, the Keelhauler is well-rounded for battle.


Explorer in Armor

Gaining a significant edge in survivability is crucial, and the Mark I Spacesuit Set emerges as the best early-game armor. The armor boasts the highest defensive stats across various categories. However, acquiring this formidable armor set requires a strategic exploit, as the only legitimate means involve lockpicking.

The Mark I Spacesuit Set provides exceptional defense with a PHYS stat 252, offering substantial protection against physical threats. Additionally, its defensive capabilities extend to other environmental hazards, with Thermal stats at 264. The armor protects against airborne, radiation, and thermal dangers, respectively. This well-rounded defensive profile makes the Mark I Spacesuit Set a sought-after asset for players venturing into the Starfield world.

So, what's your take on these picks for the best early Skills and Perks in Starfield? Do you agree with our list? Do you have other favorites to share? Let us know on our socials here. 

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