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Xbox Series X/S Buying Guide: Digital or Disc?

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Xbox Series X/S Buying Guide

One big question gamers have is what's the difference between the Xbox Series X and S? The most significant difference is that the Xbox Series X is a disc-based console (Which also supports digital downloads), whereas the Xbox Series S is entirely digital. But there are other factors to take into consideration. That's why, in our Xbox Series X/S Buying Guide, we'll tell you all you need to know to figure out which system is right for you.

Xbox Series X/S Buying Guide – Digital or Disc?


  • Cost

The biggest factor to consider is cost. The manufacturer's price of the Xbox Series X is $500, compared to the Xbox Series S which is $300. Keep in mind that there is a supply constraint, so you'll have a hard time getting either console at the manufacturer price from Microsoft.


  • Performance

There is a big difference in terms of performance between the Xbox Series X and S. With the added price tag for the Xbox Series X, you are getting better graphics, double the storage, and a disk drive that doubles as a Blue-ray player. The Xbox Series S is delivering half of that performance, in terms of graphical capacity and storage. If you want to get to the nitty-gritty, you can compare the technical specifications just below:

Xbox Series XTech Specs

Xbox Series STech Specs


  • Subscription Services

One good aspect to consider when choosing between Xbox Series X or S is if you'll be utilizing Xbox's Game Pass. If you are, the games that come with its subscription service are only available through online download. This may intrigue you to go with the Xbox Series S, however, keep in mind that its performance is substantially less than that of the Xbox Series X.



The main factors you should take into consideration when deciding between Xbox Series X or S, are the cost, performance, and types of games you'll be playing. Despite the price increase, we recommend the Xbox Series X because of its superior performance. It'll be more worthwhile in the long run, especially if video games performance continues to improve – you'll want your console to be able to keep up. However, if you won't be playing many high-demanding AAA titles, the Xbox Series S is still a solid choice.


So, what's your take? Will you go with the Xbox Series X or S? Did this Xbox Series X/S buying guide help? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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