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Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop: Everything We Know



In the world of Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop, players will be able to build and repair spaceships. Along the way, they will encounter many lovable characters. Each of these has been wonderfully depicted in an immensely charming art style. The game also has a relatable premise. This is due to the reason as to why players will be toiling away in their workshops. Which is not only for the enjoyment of it but to pay rent. All around this title seems to be doing a lot of things right, which makes us eager to share what we know. Without further ado, here is Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop Everything We Know.

What is Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop?

As mentioned above, this game is a roguelike puzzle game in which players are able to repair rocket ships. Developed by a small indie development studio, Beard Envy, this title seeks to impress not only those in the indie space, but beyond them. The setting for the game which is in space, is one that not only lends itself well to the gameplay. But also one that leaves a lot of room for artistic flair. This setting seems to also be depicted in a really charming art style, which will make the game just that tad bit more enjoyable. So if you are someone who enjoys roguelikes, or just simply puzzle games and indie charm, well look forward to learning more about the game.


The story behind Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop is one that can be easily understood and has a distinct charm to it. Players are placed on a service station out in the deep reaches of space. It is here that the game's main character Wilbur toils away as a mechanic. As a mechanic, his job is repairing various space vehicles that come in and out of their shop. Here they meet all different types of folks, from every walk of life. This not only does a great job of strengthening the lore of the game. But it also leaves a little bit of intrigue for players to want to learn more about the world. All in all, this space adventure seems to have tons to look forward to, and a fantastic gameplay loop to boot.


The gameplay found within Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop is one that players will quickly be able to latch onto. This is due to the mechanics in the game being presented in a way that makes them rather intuitive. There will be many different tools at the player's disposal throughout their journey as a mechanic. This ensures not only that the gameplay is able to be varied between the tools. But it also gives the player more to do. Another great aspect of the game that is sure to add not only to its longevity but also the spontaneity of the moment-to-moment gameplay is the procedural generation of ships. This essentially will mean that a player can play through the game several times, and perhaps never even encounter the same ship repair.

It should also be noted in this section that the gameplay is timed on a daily basis. This means that players will have to attempt to complete as many jobs as possible during their allotted time to succeed. This is great, as it not only encourages players to learn the game and work harder and faster. But it additionally adds another layer to the gameplay. That isn't to say players are going in completely blind, however, as there are manuals for players to read to understand the diagnostics of the ships.

Added to this, is the fact that players are also able to upgrade their workshops to boost efficiency. This is great for those players who want to optimize their game time. However, it should be noted that this isn't a necessity, and players can enjoy the game at their own pace. Another great aspect of this system is the fact that it progresses throughout your journey, allowing you to tend to larger jobs with more intricate worthwhile endeavors.


Development for Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop is currently underway and is being helmed by Beard Envy. This small indie development studio is one that was founded after the members worked together collaboratively on many game jams. Game jams, for those unaware, are essentially showcases for indie game developers to participate in. These events are great for the gaming space as a whole and are certainly something to be celebrated. As for the location of its developers, they are based out of London and have been dedicated to making fantastic titles ever since they began their respective game development journies.


Now comes the part where we discuss the trailer for Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop. In this trailer, which showcases the game's intention to come to consoles, we see quite a bit. We see a lot of the humor in the game, as well as the events that cause the game's events to be put in motion. Essentially, after being smote and sent to the afterlife, players are given a second chance in order to work hard. This then sends the player into the main events of the game. In the trailer, we see many of the game's mechanics play out, which gives us a taste of the game. Another aspect of the game that is greatly displayed throughout the trailer is the variety of jobs.

This makes it so that players will be able to see that there isn't just one task for players to accomplish. Additionally, we see the game's more mature language and themes on full display here. This coupled with the fantastic puzzle gameplay shown, makes this trailer a wonderful look at what's to come.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

As far as a solid release date for the game goes, there isn't one as of writing this. With the tentative release date of Steam being marked as 2024, we hopefully can expect to hear more about the game as time passes. It is confirmed that the game will be coming to consoles. It will be coming to the PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, as well as the Nintendo Switch. This is great news for console owners, as they will be able to experience this wonderful title as well. As far as editions for the game go, there have been none announced as of yet.

So, what's your take on Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop? What are you looking forward to the most from this title? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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