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Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream — Everything We Know



A large skirmish in Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream.

The world of Sword Art Online is one that many fans cherish. Well, with Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream, players can soon see this series in a whole new light. Having this title available as a game would not only play well with the show's core concepts. But it is also an excellent place for creativity to run free in terms of the sheer expansive space the developers can create. It seems as if this title will not only wholeheartedly encourage cooperative play but be enhanced by it enormously. This title hopes to capture the same sense of tension and fantasy that its source material covers. For players who are into action-packed fantasy titles, this game hopes to impress. With that out of the way, here is Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream — Everything We Know.

What is Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream?A boss battle in Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream.

As the name would imply, Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream is a title that takes place within the Sword Art Online universe. Fans of the franchise will not only encounter familiar faces and locations but do so in a way that feels meaningful. The game has an open-ended approach to its combat, allowing players to tweak their playstyle to fit each character. In the game, from a narrative perspective, there is a lot of room for branching paths, which is wonderful. The game will accompany this dramatic story with an action-based combat system, which fans of open-world titles are sure to enjoy.

The main motivating action for the game is one that also melds well with the core concepts of Sword Art Online. Players soon find themselves righting the wrongs of several different memories and timelines. This not only makes for an easy-to-understand concept but allows the developers to be rather free in their approach to narrative. The game also features a role-based system with which players can familiarize themselves.

StoryAn Alfheim character in Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream

The story and main motivating action are part of what makes this title so exciting. Seeing the main events of the series being played out in video game format is fantastic. That said, through the use of memory manipulation, players will be able to look forward to much more than a retelling of events. Players familiar with the core story will also see how these plot lines come to diverge. The world of ALFheim Online is one that players must save. In doing so, they will meet tons of formidable foes and have to use every tool available to aid themselves in their survival. And, while little is known about this title's story from the outset, it would appear that it is shaping up quite nicely.

The story of the game appears to revolve around several what-if scenarios that fans of the franchise have no doubt wondered. For players new to the franchise, this title also seeks to do a great job of summarizing the core plot elements. All in all, the story of Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream appears to be a large focus for the development team.

GameplayA large boss encounter in Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream.

The gameplay aspects of Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream are perhaps the most interesting aspects. The game is set to feature not only a class-based approach to its characters. But it will also feature cross-play between platforms, cooperative play, and much more. Throughout the player's journey, you can look forward to participating in Boss Raids and other challenging content that will hopefully flavor the experience. The action combat of the game appears to be rather polished, as well.

Aiding in this is the game's attention to detail regarding its animation work. This same technique is applied to the bosses within the raids, which is wonderful. This ensures that large groups of players are challenged. But they will also have a chance to learn each fight and react accordingly. The open-ended nature of these raids is also highlighted by the fact they can change mid-raid. This helps differentiate each raid run from the others. This not only forces the player to stay on their toes but is a great way to introduce new content to an existing fight.

Within these raids, the cohesion between the game's classes is paramount to success. This can be seen in the fact that players will have to work alongside one another and communicate. One of the systems in the game that supports this is its Syncro mechanic. This mechanic allows players to sync their attacks alongside one another. Doing so not only results in increased damage but is a great way to get ahead in a fight. All around, the gameplay seems to be the developer's core concern, and it is shaping up to be fantastic for Sword Art Online fans.


In the next section of our article, we will discuss the development of Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream. This is currently in development and is shooting for a 2024 release. In doing so, there are a lot of elements of the game that need to be tightened up prior to release. Recently, a trailer and several interviews were released surrounding the development of the game and its core goals. The goal of this title is to bring the large, interconnected world of Sword Art Online to more people.

As if writing this, the game is currently in a Closed Beta state. This corresponds well with a 2024 release date. Currently, only a few tidbits and details about the game are available. But as time progresses, we are sure to learn more. To close, the development of this title appears to be going smoothly, and it hopes to reach its qualitative goal by the end of 2024.

SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream - First Trailer

There have been a number of trailers for this title. In the gameplay trailer, players can find themselves traversing through memories. In doing so, players are able to see the world of Alfheim. This world has been torn asunder by the disturbances that players will learn more about in the game. We can also see different characters working together cooperatively, which is great. This ensures that players will be able to swap through characters rather freely. Also, we see the massive scale of the raids that will appear in-game. To close, the trailer for Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream hints at a bright future ahead.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

As far as the release date for the game, there is none currently announced. So far, the game is slated for a 2024 release, but the exact timeline is still tentative. The platforms it will be available on, however, are known to us. The platforms are as follows: PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SNintendo Switch, and PC.

So, what's your take on Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream — Everything We Know? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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