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5 Video Games That Would Make a Great Anime

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5 Video Games That Would Make a Great Anime

It's not uncommon these days to watch a movie and then play the main character in a video game. In fact, many movie characters are slowly finding their way into gaming cultures. The same is true for animations and the rapidly growing Japanese style known as anime. Some popular games have already had successful TV adaptations; Sonic the Hedgehog, for example, recently released its sequel film.

Even though there are plenty of video games that have yet to receive anime adaptations, we’ve compiled a few games that are more deserving than others. So, if you're wondering which video games could make a great anime, here are the top five video games that could make the cut. 


5. God of War

God of War PC Announcement Trailer

Kicking off our list is God of War, the popular action-adventure video game by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. This Greek-themed mythology, which follows Kartos' journey as he seeks vengeance against the Gods of Olympus, has received outstanding reviews over the years. Mostly because of its excellent design, intricate storylines, and intensely intriguing battles with creatures ranging from the undead to gigantic giants.

Anime fans will appreciate the excruciatingly surreal arsenal attacks on-screen. It would be interesting to see an anime interpretation of God of War‘s hack-and-slash combat of Kratos and through Norse mythology, be it deadly fist-blows, a shield and axe combo, or a bow in tow. Since 2005, there have been 15 games in the series, with six of them being mainline titles. Either one could make interesting anime adaptations, but we're especially rooting for God of War: Ragnarok because it adds more depth to Kratos' character.

Tatsuya Egawa, was asked by Sony to produce a manga adaptation of God of War: Ghost of Sparta. If his highly successful anime adaptation of Golden Boy is anything to go by, God of War’s anime could turn out to be a smash hit.


4. Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear - Strive - Launch Trailer

Fans have been requesting that Guilty Gear be made into an animated film. The fighting game series follows a futuristic world where humans are have magic powers. Since 1998, Arc System Works' popular fighting game series has been gamers' go-to video game. The series has inspired a manga and a drama film. The series also has insanely cool characters featuring anime-inspired two-dimensional visuals. But its already near-perfect anime graphics aren't the only thing that makes Guilty Gear a viable anime contender. 

Guilty Gear is well-known for its intense fighting, anime-like elemental skills, and competitive gameplay that has kept players hooked for years. In essence, the game already feels like an anime-adapted game, the only thing missing is that there is yet to be a Guilty Gear anime series.


3. The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Online: Legacy of the Bretons - Cinematic Announcement Trailer

Another game that has fans cheering for an anime is the Elder Scrolls. The game features a free-will open-world concept in which players explore the Elder Scrolls open world universe on their own terms. So far, there have been rumors of a manga and a Netflix series. But could an anime adaptation also be in the works?  

The Elder Scrolls is a fantastic game for an anime adaptation. For starters, the RPG game has one of the most intricate designs in a fantasy world. There are also intriguing plot lines that have the potential to make an entertaining anime film. Provided the anime gets the story and lore setting just right, the mere prospect of getting a more in-depth anime-inspired Elder Scrolls, exploring the Isles and infinite worlds of Tamriel, sounds incredibly exciting.


2. Code Vein

Code Vein - Official Trailer

An important aspect of anime films is their outstandingly playful aesthetics. I mean, can we truly call films “anime” if they lack the distinctively Japanese comic art styles? So, it stands to reason that a great anime adaptation will almost certainly incorporate anime styling into the core of its game, which Code Vein does exceptionally well. The game offers a refreshingly anime-inspired look and feel that has more potential for an anime than meets the eye. Created by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Code Vein is a third-person, hack-and-slash, Souls-like adventure into the deadly dungeons of hell. 

At first glance, the game may appear as a Souls clone with anime styling. It does, however, have a unique concept on post-apocalyptic sci-fi meets an anime-horror atmosphere that would be great to see an anime adaptation of. Furthermore, Vampire-themed anime films have made quite a name in the anime industry. If Code Vein were made into an anime, it would fit right in with the anime vampires we've grown to love, and an anime-inspired storyline to boost. Despite Code Vein‘s success, many gamers believe the game holds so much more potential for something revolutionary. Perhaps an anime adaptation is just what the game needs.


1. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

At the top of the five video games that would make a great anime is the Legend of Zelda. Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka have been creating high fantasy action-adventure Legend of Zelda games since 1986. There’s so far been up to 29 video games, including originals, HD remasters, and remakes. There was also the original Legend of Zelda 1989 cartoon, which many people will remember; as well as manga adaptations of the series that are doing well. Fans especially praise the intricate designs, storytelling, and emotionally compelling moments that have kept us hooked over the years.

However, at their best, the Legend of Zelda manga simply provides enjoyable light reading, while the Legend of Zelda games are spectacular story-driven RPGs set in a world so vast that we can't help but wish for an anime adaptation, please? There’s certainly plenty of storylines and titles to adapt into an ongoing series. Plus, there being a 2016 Legend of Zelda anime produced by Production I.G, with a new storyline, indicates strong potential for a fully-fledged series. It would certainly be great to have a direct anime adaptation of any of the series' installments.


So, what do you think of these five video games that would make a great anime? Are there other games you’d want to see an anime of? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


Evans I. Karanja is a freelance writer who loves to write about anything technology. He is always on the lookout for interesting topics, and enjoys writing about video games, cryptocurrency and blockchain and more. When not writing, he can be found playing video games or watching F1.