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MLB The Show 22 Vs MLB The Show 23

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MLB 22 Vs 23

Bases loaded, full count, the pitcher throws, the batter swings, STRIKE. Or is it? Is the pitch in or outside the batter's box? That decision falls onto the umpire, which we ultimately assume the role of in this match-up of MLB The Show 22 Vs 23. Is this year's MLB The Show 23 better than the previous year's? We can only get to the root of that question by dissecting each game, what it has to offer, and which one provides the best overall experience.

It's an ongoing strife that fans of San Diego Studios MLB The Show series have to contemplate on an annual basis. Well, it's time to take the weight off your shoulders. Because we break it all down right here, and even provide our personal verdict for which game is the better pick. So, if you want the answers, read on to find them out.

What is MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 (PS5) - Gameplay

MLB The Show 22 is a baseball video game developed by San Diego Studios. Based on Major League Baseball, the game offers players a way to live their baseball fantasies, through last and next-gen, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch for the first time.

In Road to the Show, the game's single-player career mode, you can begin your own personal career. Furthermore, there's Diamond Dynasty, which allows you to create and compete with your own baseball team online. Alternatively, in Franchise you can play as and manage an existing team in the league, in a simulated season. Aside from the addition of various smaller game modes, those three remain the highlights for fans.

What is MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 - Official Gameplay Trailer

MLB The Show 23 is 2023's follow-up entry to last year's MLB The Show 22. It consists of the same game modes as the previous installment, (Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, and Franchise). It does, however, provide new ways to play through Storylines and OG MLB The Show Game Modes.

Storylines is a new game mode introduced to MLB The Show 23 that lets you play as, re-live, and get to know some of the sport's greatest players of all time, with a focus on notable historical African-American and female players. OG MLB The Show Game Modes, on the other hand, are simply traditional game modes that we expect to be in the game. It's just been given a fancy new section name to spruce up the excitement for it. Despite the fact that all the game modes in it, are also included in MLB The Show 22… Nonetheless, those consist of Exhibition, Custom Practice, Challenge of the Week, Home Run Derby, and Online Co-Op


MLB 22 Vs 23

Now with that out of the way, we can get down to the gameplay details of MLB The Show 22 Vs 23. To start, fielding in MLB The Show 23 has received, “hundreds of new animations”. The throwing window and meter have also been modified. Now the action of throwing the ball to a base will be fast or slow depending on the player. On the other side of things, the throwing meter will be more difficult to land in the green, as now it will move as the play is happening. If you throw a ball in the red or yellow zone, you'll need to rely on your baseman to catch a one-hop or low-flung ball.

The other significant change in MLB The Show 23 has been made to the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI). Now you can equip a bat outline in the striker's box. Within this outline is a baseball icon that denotes where perfect contact is made. In addition, the on-screen visual for your swing timing has been improved to make it more evident when the ideal time to swing is. As a result, it won't be easier when you're at bat, but it will be more clear about when to swing, and where you want to make contact.

Among other improvements to players' Clutch Attributes and the On-Screen Informational Displays, MLB The Show 23 is already showing major upgrades in gameplay to its predecessor.


MLB 22 Vs 23

A big complaint with MLB The Show 22 was that it didn't take advantage of the next-gen graphic potential. Being that MLB The Show 23 is the third installment in the series to release on next-gen, it was about time they stepped up to the plate. And we can confidently say, they did. MLB The Show 23 is a big improvement graphically vs 22.

You can notice it almost immediately in lighting, color, and especially the stadiums and uniforms. Most fans will agree, this is a joy to see. As we don't expect the game to get wildly better every year in terms of graphics, but it's relieving to see it take a significant stride forward. Especially considering other sports video games such as Madden NFL and NBA 2K, are really pushing the boundaries of realism with their graphics.


MLB 22 Vs 23

Now comes our verdict for MLB The Show 22 vs 23, and we think you already know which way we're swinging. That's right, we're going with MLB The Show 23, and the reasoning as to why is pretty clear. Starting with the gameplay, which is much more refined. San Diego Studios obviously went over it with a fine-toothed comb, and it's paying off. There is a significant number of additions and improvements to the gameplay mechanics in MLB The Show 23. All of which the previous title did not have. And the game is more enjoyable as a result.

Then the icing on the cake is the graphics, which are noticeably better in lighting, as well as the realism of stadiums and uniforms. Consequently, you are getting a better product in MLB The Show 23, vs its 22-year entry. So, whether you're a dedicated MLB fan, or new to the game, MLB The Show 23 is the way to go.

So, what’s your take on the discussion of MLB The Show 22 vs 23? From what you’ve seen or experienced, which game do you think is better? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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