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Metal Gear Solid Developer Konami Opens New Studio in Osaka to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

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Konami, the developer behind Metal Gear Solid, has announced the opening of a new studio in Osaka, Japan. The studio, called Konami Osaka Studio, opened on March 27 and is set to be a major production center for the company. 

According to a press release from Konami, the new studio will prioritize the “creators first” approach and aim to “continue sustainable growth in the next 50 years.” The Konami Osaka Studio is located at the Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South Business Center. Konami has equipped the studio with motion capture equipment and sound studios necessary for product development. The new studio's “well-developed environment” will allow creators to demonstrate their full potential.

Konami celebrated its 50 years anniversary last month. In addition, the developer is also constructing a new research and development (R&D) facility in Tokyo. The building, which the company has described as the “next generation R&D center,” will be complete by 2025. Konami first announced the construction of the building, which will be called ‘Konami Creative Front Tokyo Bay' in 2022. The center is designed to strengthen Konami's product development capabilities in the expanding entertainment field.

Additionally, Konami has substantially raised its base salary for employees, which is a positive development for the company's workforce. This increase amounts to an average raise of 50,000 JPY ($377.38) per employee. New starters will also receive the same increase in their base salary.

“We have taken various steps to promote management that emphasizes human capital, improve employee engagement, and enhance its competitiveness,” said Konami.

Konami recently shared its plans to revive the Silent Hill franchise, with several upcoming games in the survival horror series in development. Not all of the titles are in development with Konami. However, the developer is still actively giving out its intellectual property for various projects. These projects include Silent Hill F, Silent Hill Ascension, Silent Hill Townfall, and more.

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