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EA Sports WRC: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



A small red car drifting against a sunset in EA Sports WRC.

With the recent release of EA Sports WRC, many players are new to the world of rally games. These players will no doubt have questions regarding the game in particular. The game features a realistic driving model, which, for many, can be somewhat daunting. That said, there are many tricks to the trade of being behind the wheel. The novices and more veteran players are distinguished within the game's more nuanced driving systems. To help those new to the game, here is EA Sports WRC: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Compete in Online PlayBlue car with the Red Bull logo drifting in EA Sports WRC.

We are kicking off our list of the best tips for beginners in EA Sports WRC with a fantastic tip. Here, we have to compete in Online Play. While at first, for many, the world of Online Play may seem daunting. Here, you will find the more veteran drivers with which to pick up tips. Often, with racing titles, there are many phenomenal wheel handlers willing and able to lend a hand to those just starting out. This is great, as it fosters a cooperative yet competitive nature within the community of these games.

While you might initially find yourself getting dusted by the competition, your skills will grow over time. You will get a better handle on how different rally cars, terrains, and tracks operate. In doing so, this will not only streamline the player's individual growth as a driver but also teach the player quite a bit along the way. Additionally, competing also opens the player up to creating friendships and finding niches within the community. In short, competing in Online Play is one of the best tips for beginners in EA Sports WRC.

4. Practice OftenA red car kicking up dirt in EA Sports WRC.

Our next tip on our list of the best tips for beginners in EA Sports WRC might seem like a no-brainer. Here, we have to practice often. Too often, within simulation titles like EA Sports WRC, players neglect to practice. This often can lead to player frustration regarding their performance. Well, as is the case with many other disciplines, as well as games, practice truly does make perfect. The most substantial way that players can affect their own individual gameplay is through this method. Now, this might look different for everyone, but it is one tip that anyone, regardless of skill level, can follow.

There are many ways for players to practice within EA Sports WRC. For starters, you could consider our tip above and participate in Online Play. Luckily enough for players, the game features a practice mode called Rally School. As the name would imply, this mode teaches players the ropes and is excellent for players just starting out. Many aspects of practice can be changed in this mode, such as terrain and other modifiers. Simply put, practicing often is one of the best tips we can offer for EA Sports WRC.

3. Lower the DifficultyA black car jumping in the air in EA Sports WRC.

We are staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry. Here, we have recommended that players lower the difficulty. For players who are perhaps new to the rally game genre or racing games in general, this is a great tip. There are many variables that more experienced players have learned to account for. This makes starting out in these titles somewhat daunting but still manageable. For players looking for a certain way to have their virtual competition ease up on them a little bit, this tip is sure to help.

There are several ways to shape your experience, which we will now cover. For players looking to affect the skill of the AI in the game, there is the AI performance slider. This can be found within the game's settings and is the simplest way to take your opponents down a notch. Additionally, the game features a realistic damage system, which players can also turn on or off, depending on their preference. For beginner players, it is recommended to turn this off. To close, lowering the difficulty is a fantastic tip and one of the best tips for beginners in EA Sports WRC.

2. Adjust Your SettingsA red rally car drifting around a corner in EA Sports WRC.

We are following up on the last entry on our list with another fantastic tip. Here, we suggest that the players adjust their settings. There are many different settings in EA Sports WRC. Each of these settings serves a distinct purpose and can significantly affect the player's overall experience. This makes changing these settings a great way to influence your play session. Everything from how you have your controller configured to the peripheral you choose to use can significantly impact gameplay. This makes knowing how to use what you have incredibly important.

In addition to this, the platform you choose to play on can significantly affect your game's performance. This makes knowing which settings can be adjusted a great way to ensure an optimal experience. Whether it is the need to turn down specific settings for visibility or ease of use, there are many reasons that completing this simple task can go a long way in terms of player enjoyment. All around, adjusting your settings is but the first step that players should take toward mastery in EA Sports WRC.

1. Complete the Career ModeA blue car barreling through in EA Sports WRC.

We are closing out today's list with a tip that many players should adhere to. That is, namely, completing the game's Career mode. Within EA Sports WRC, there is a fleshed-out & in-depth Career mode for players to enjoy. Firstly, completing this mode will not only improve your overall gameplay skills but also teach you a lot about the game. Secondly, this mode will introduce the player to tons of new systems they can experiment with. Lastly, completing the Career mode also rewards the player with both experiences, as well as cosmetic rewards.

This makes completing the Career mode in the game not only great fun but also a way to streamline your experience. To aid in this endeavor, there are many weekly events that players can participate in. Like with our other tips, participating in these events not only gives you the experience of driving in different conditions. But it also manages to reward you with a number of items that you can use along your journey. In conclusion, completing the game's Career mode is, perhaps, one of the best tips for EA Sports WRC.

So, what's your take on our picks for EA Sports WRC: 5 Best Tips for Beginners? What are some of your favorite tips for the game? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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