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Best Horror Games on Roblox (April 2023)



best horror games on Roblox

Roblox's development and popularity in recent years have transformed it from a game designed for a younger audience, to one that is now extremely popular across all demographics. Roblox Studio is the feature that has made this possible. Because of the program's flexibility, game creators have been able to produce a diverse range of games that people of all ages can enjoy. From adventure and racing games to RPGs and horrors, And if you're interested in the latter, you're in luck. Because we've got the best horror games on Roblox in April 2023, right below.

5. Dead Silence

Based on the film bearing the same name, in Roblox's version of Dead Silence, you play an investigator working on the case of missing ventriloquist Mary Shaw. The gameplay consists of exploring the spooky low-lit village and collecting numerous clues to help you put together the puzzle of what dark powers are now haunting the town since her disappearance.

Dead Silence's complex game and level design is what makes it one of the best horror games on Roblox. We suggest wearing headphones to turn an already disturbing game into an immersive nightmare. You'll be kept on your toes by the constant sounds of wood creaking to haunting ghastly whispers. Many of the best story-driven horror games on Roblox are best played alone, but Dead Silence is fun to play with up to three players. Instead of taking away from the immersion, it enhances it as you and your buddies uncover the horrific truth of what happened to Mary Shaw.

4. Geisha

Geisha Trailer - Part 1 Chapter 1

While many Roblox horror games are based on movies or unique ideas, Geisha is actually based on the Japanese urban legend called “Teke Teke”. For warning, it's quite grim; it's about a schoolgirl who fell on a rail line and was sliced in half by a train. Her vengeful spirit is claimed to haunt cities and train stations. Sound scary enough?

The game begins with you waking up in a forest with no memory of how you got there. When you return home, you discover that your family has vanished. You start searching each room for clues, but you immediately recognize something isn't right and there's an evil presence lurking. As a result, the snowballing horror is ultimately what makes Geisha one of the best horror games on Roblox. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of urban legend-style horror games Geisha is by far one of the scariest you can find.

3. The Mimic

The Mimic - Trailer

The Mimic takes you through four separate books based on different facets of Japanese history and folklore. Each book contains several horror-themed chapters that function as levels in the game. Each map is completely dark, and the only way to see is through the faintly lit lanterns, which only illuminate a limited distance ahead of you. So, If you like the gameplay style of Slenderman, The Mimic is right down your alley.

From terrifying demons and jumpscares to disturbing stories and characters, The Mimic crosses all the boxes for what makes a good horror game. Evidently why we consider it one of the best horror games on Roblox. However, its appeal doesn't all stem from its horror. The choices you make throughout each chapter will determine whether you get a good or bad ending. So, there is a decision-based narrative on top of the immersive horror. Giving you a reason to keep going when you just don't think you're heart can take anymore.

2. Breaking Point

best horror games on roblox

Breaking Point is a highly-rated horror game with an extremely active player base. While the majority of the best horror games on Roblox are designed to be single-player with the option of multiplayer, Breaking Point on the other hand, can only be played online.

You and 15 other players start by sitting around a table and playing a game. While this initially appears to be a lighthearted game, it quickly becomes dark as your objective is to eliminate every other player and emerge as the lone survivor. Each round consists of one of five mini-games ranging from hot potato to killing two random other players.

Set in a dark room with the only light coming from above the table, the horror stems from you and other players' actions. It all results in a lot of hectic and heart-racing moments, from people pleading for their life to unexpected twists. If you haven't already, check out one of the best horror games on Roblox for its one-of-a-kind gameplay and unique take on the genre.

1. Doors


As the name suggests, DOORS is a survival horror game about doors. The game begins with you selecting an elevator to a random floor in a hotel that has a maze you must navigate properly in order to escape. The unnerving sensation is that each door and its maze holds a new type of horror. Sort of like a gameshow giving out prizes behind a door. But instead of a car, you get a stampede of puzzles and horrifying events to accompany them.

DOORS is one of the best horror games on Roblox because it makes interactions short and horrifying rather than long drawn-out chases. Learning what not to do and which doors to avoid after each death keeps giving the game a constant learning curve. Furthermore, the game has great replayability as each floor is different and what is behind each door is randomized. All in all, the semi-realistic graphics and unique gameplay combine to provide one of the best horror game experiences on Roblox right now.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other horror games on Roblox you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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