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5 Best Games Like Ragnarok Begins



Ragnarok Begins is an upcoming MMORPG that has a lot of attention on it. The game has a distinct style and is something that players should definitely keep their eyes on. However, the game's release is still quite far out, so players might be looking for an alternative that has been fully released. These games offer players vast worlds to explore and experiences to have. To highlight some of these titles, we bring you our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Ragnarok Begins.

5. Black Desert

Today, we begin by starting off our list of the best games like Ragnarok Begins, with Black Desert. Since its release, this is a game that has ballooned in the amount of content offered to players without a nominal fee. This is fantastic, as it allows players to explore more of the world of Black Desert without having to opt in with their wallets. The game itself is visually stunning and features a beautiful action combat system. It is largely in part due to his combat system that the moment-to-moment gameplay feels so satisfying.

The game also does a great job of incorporating life skills into the game. These, in turn, allow the player to significantly affect the world around them. Players can quickly amass a fortune learning these skills, which is great. While Black Desert is a social game, it is certainly possible to enjoy the game completely solo if you so wish. This gives the game great appeal to a number of players. So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a game with a stunning art style, and fantastic combat, check out Black Desert as it is one of the best games like Ragnarok Begins on the market.

4. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Next up on our list of the best games like Ragnarok Begins, we have Final Fantasy XIV. This is a game that has amassed such popularity in all facets of the gaming space. Players are able to create a character in the world of Eorzea and create their own story through the game's social systems. The storylines and character writing for the game are impeccable and offer players a phenomenal experience. The game can be played for the most part, completely solo, but the experience is enhanced with other players.

The combat in the game is intuitive and allows players to learn their roles rather quickly. Speaking of roles, swapping roles in the game is as simple as changing weapons. This makes picking up new classes a simple and effective way to play the game. There are tons of player-held events in the game, as well as official events. All of these things ensure that no matter what you like to do, there is content to enjoy. It is for its massive amount of content and the quality within that content, that we consider Final Fantasy XIV one of the best MMORPGs currently.

3. Blue Protocol

For our next entry, we have Blue ProtocolBlue Protocol is a game that is heavily anime-inspired in its art style. This makes it immediately appealing to a wide array of audiences. While Western gaming fans will have to wait on the game's localized release, the game is currently out in Japan. The combat in the game is incredibly fluid and allows players to participate in a great number of activities. These activities manage to feel varied and add their own personal sense of accomplishment to the player.

While the game managed to garner quite a bit of hype, it remains to be seen whether it will thrive in a Western market. That isn't to say that the pieces of the puzzle aren't there, however, quite the opposite. The amount of features that are in the game is impressive and is definitely enough to keep players playing. The game, like many other titles on this list, is able to be played solo as well, which is great. The customization system in the game is great as well. So for now, Blue Protocol is one of the best games like Ragnarok Begins to date.

2. Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact

Switching things up quite a bit, we have Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact is a game that has taken on a life of its own and soared to heights few thought was attainable. The fanbase for the game is absolutely massive, and it is simple to understand why. The characters and world of Teyvat are phenomenal, and invite the player in to enjoy them. The sheer amount of content in the game, as well as the quality of that content, cannot be understated. No matter when you decide to take the plunge into Genshin Impact, it is always well worth it.

The combat in the game feels smooth and fluid and allows players o customize how they wish to play. The primary way that players unlock new characters in the game is through a gacha system. While this is true, the Genshin system is really fair, and obtaining the Primogems necessary to wish is quite simple. All in all, this leads Genshin Impact to be a game that players of all skill ranges can enjoy. No matter what you enjoy about the game, it is certainly one of the best games like Ragnarok Begins on offer.

1. MapleStory

For our final entry of the best games like Ragnarok Begins, we have MapleStory. Now, for those unaware, MapleStory is an absolutely massively influential MMORPG. This game, which began its life in the early infancy of online forums and discussions, has stood the test of time. This is due to the simplicity of its design, which has allowed for a wealth of content to be introduced into the game. While the visual style of the game may be simple, the mechanics that the game includes are surprisingly in-depth.

This is wonderful, as it rewards the player for delving into its game world and learning more about it. The game has a 2D visual art style which also makes it stand out among other titles. The environmental design of the game is also top-notch, with many iconic locations. So, regardless if you are newer to the MMORPG genre, or a seasoned veteran. Maple Story is a game that is well worth experiencing for everyone.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Ragnarok Begins? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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