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5 Best Easter Eggs in The Callisto Protocol

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The Callisto Protocol's dystopian sci-fi world is as dark and brutal as it gets. However, it is the game's ominous atmosphere that makes it such an intense experience. You can't help but get completely immersed while exploring Black Iron Prison and uncovering all of its secrets and mysteries, which are abundant. However, The Callisto Protocol did not achieve it's aesthetic wholly on its own. In reality, it was heavily influenced by sci-fi horror video games and movies that came before it. As a result, the developers acknowledged their source of inspiration by including a list of easter eggs in the game.

If you've played the game, there's a strong possibility you passed by one of these easter eggs without noticing their hidden connection. But that's because, from the dawn of video games, easter eggs have been a means for producers to sneak in hidden mementos and references to give credit to their inspiration, pay respect to the team that created the game, or just miscellaneous secrets they want players to keenly scan the game for as an insightful reward. As it appears, gamers are discovering a plethora of easter eggs in The Callisto Protocol, and here are some of the best that you may have missed.

5. Dead Space Easter Egg

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The Callisto Protocol most heavily takes inspiration for its concept from the early 2010s, Dead Space trilogy. This sci-fi horror game catapulted the genre combo onto the map in the gaming scene and showed just how dark and atmospheric you can get by combing these two mediums. It was certainly an edgy concept at the time, but it paved the path for more games to follow. However, after the Dead Space series ended, co-creator Glen Schofield wasn't finished with the concept. That's when he teamed up with developers Striking Distance Studios to push the concept to even further extremes. As a result, The Callisto Protocol was born.

That's why it's no surprise Glen Schofield sneaked in a couple of references from the Dead Space games into The Callisto Protocol. During the fourth chapter, you face a Biophage that mutates into a tankier version of itself, spawning tentacles. As this occurs, you can read “Shoot the Tentacles” written in blood on the wall behind you. This is actually a reference to an instructive message in Dead Space that was incorporated into the game in the same fashion, that stated, “chop off their limbs”. It's a fairly subtle easter egg, but for those who have played Dead Space, this is a clear nod to the game.

4. PUBG References

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You may be a little confused as to why The Callisto Protocol might have an easter eggs that references PUBG. Well, that's because the game is published by KRAFTON, the studio that published and developed PUBG. In fact, the original plan for The Callisto Protocol was to become a part of the PUBG universe. Though this never actually came to fruition. Nonetheless, it's still an ode of respect to sneak in easter eggs that references the publishing studio's most popular and successful game.

That's why you can find the iconic PUBG helmet, the same one featured in the image above, in The Callisto Protocol. This helmet can be found on one of the crafting station tables you come across in the game. Though a very subtle inclusion, it's obviously the same one you find in KRAFTON's battle royale, PUBG. There's also a point in the story when Dr, Mahler explains that the Biophage infection also happened on a planet called Paramo. Which, is the same name as the volcano map from PUBG.

3. Darth Maul Easter Egg

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You may also be wondering why The Callisto Protocol features easter eggs pertaining to Darth Maul, a notable antagonist from the Star Wars Universe. Well, that's because the voice acting for one of The Callisto Protocol's antagonists, Leon Ferris is performed by Sam Witwer. The same voice actor who voiced Darth Maul in the 2008 Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed, and in the Star Wars animated series. So, that's how these two universes ended up crossing paths.

Even with it being a very far-fetched tie to the Star Wars universe, Glen Schofield just couldn't resist sneaking in an easter egg that pays homage to voice actor Sam Witwer's previous work. If you go into antagonist Leon Ferris's data-bio in The Callisto Protocol, it states that his place of birth was on Rimohtad. Spell that backwards and you get Dathomir, which is Darth Maul's place of origin from the Star Wars movies. But, the most boggling aspect of all is how people managed to solve easter eggs like these so quickly. As it was well-hidden and went right over our heads.

2. Reference to Predator Movies

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During Chapter 4: Habitat in The Callisto Protocol, you work to gain access to the Habitat Dome that's a part of Black Iron Prison. As you come across the massive habitat built in the dome, you start to hear sounds that resemble the same clicking noises you can hear from the alien creature Predator in the Predator film franchise. As one of the best and most well-known sci-fi movies of all time, this is a very subtle but obvious remark to the Predator films. That's why we suspect Glen Schofield or another team member is a big fan of these films. As for anyone encountering Predator in the dome's habitat, still remains to be unseen. However, there's a good chance Predator is just perched up in a tree, invisible, stalking us.

1. Remark to the Director

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It's pretty common for the director to include themselves as easter eggs in their own game in some form or fashion. That's why Glen Schofield couldn't help but work his name into the game, ensuring that he is forever linked to The Callisto Protocol. This can be found in the description of a keycode hint in the character, Richard Cids data-bio. It reads “the bridge over Schofield Ravine was constructed as part of the abandoned terraforming program.” In this, they are referring to a ravine on the planet Callisto. Which, Glen Schofield conveniently named after his own surname. Ensuring his legacy in the game lives on forever.

So, what’s your take? Do you enjoy these easter eggs? What other easter eggs do you know of in The Callisto Protocol? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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