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5 Best Fighters in LEGO Brawls

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5 Best Fighters in LEGO Brawls

What's not to love about LEGO brawls? With top controls and magnificent graphics, the game continues to be a top choice in the fighting category. The game, well known for allowing players to design heroes to their liking, offers a list of customized characters with different skills and match sets. These plastic brick-based battles are both fun and challenging, providing hours of enjoyment for players of all ages. But with so many fighters to choose from, who's the best of the best? Here are the top five fighters in LEGO brawls, based on speed, strength, agility, and maneuverability. Let the battle begin!


5. Red Son in Monkie Kid

Redson is the third character that can be activated in season 14 of Lego Brawls after collecting multiple trophies. He is best known for his strong firepower, which can wipe down an entire team in a short time.

With Red Son, you can create fire and use it for telekinesis, creating portals and appearing and disappearing tricks (pyroportation). With these super fire activations, you will surely gain an extra fighting advantage against your opponent.  

Red Son is the heir to the Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan. He is actively playable in the Monkie Kid theme, where he unleashes endless fireballs to defeat his opponents. His relationship with Demon Bull gives him the ability to clone bulls.


4. Macaque in Monkie Kid

Like the Red Son, Macaque (Six-Eared Macaque) is a strong spiritual primate with all his skills and talents, making him an equal opponent. For many reasons, you can consider Macaque a great fighter in the LEGO Brawls. The character has vast combat abilities and powers to face an opponent. Similarly, he has extraordinary physical prowess that rivals the Monkey King's.

He demonstrates incredible strength, speed, agility, and reflexes to defeat the Monkey King in a one-on-one battle. He is a difficult opponent for characters as powerful as the Monkey King because of his proficiency in hand-to-hand fighting. Macaque is just as skilled as the Monkey King with his dark-energy staff.

The Macaque can live through ages and become well-known in the present since it is ageless and immortal. Macaque seems to have some sort of black Chi force under control. He may amplify his physical assaults by using this power. These qualities make Macaque a competitive and strong fighter, making him one of the best fighters in the series.


3. MK in Monkie Kid

Fighters in LEGO Brawls

Using different hair strains, MK can produce several variations of himself. However, MK's ability to control his talents will determine how successfully he can keep the clones submissive. Otherwise, they will go beyond the instructions you give them.

MK has a remarkable driving aptitude and demonstrates proficiency on the Golden Staff. However, his talent with the Golden staff comes with challenges, including the inability to regulate its size. He is also a gifted artist who likes to draw and can duplicate himself through hair styling.

MK can communicate with others through telepathy, even when they are not on the same battlefield. His body can also expand or contract to protect him from attacks. Additionally, he possesses the Gold Vision, a power that enables him to see through demonic illusions. This power is an upgrade from his earlier powers that Lady Bone Demon would destroy when de-powering him. MK is unquestionably one of the best fighters in the game series, thanks to his strengths, skills, and abilities.


2. Princess Iron Fan

Fighters in LEGO Brawls

In LEGO Brawls, players can take control of Princess Iron Fan. After achieving a certain number of season trophies during the third week of Season 14 of LEGO Brawls, players get to unlock Princess Iron Fan as a fourth playable character in the game. Her abilities and skills make her an opponent who is well feared in battles.

She has the capability of counter-fighting two enemies by using a single arm. In addition to that, she is able to teleport people and control the wind without using a fan. What's more, Princess Iron Fan can fly, a feature that strengthens her fighting abilities against her opponents. These abilities make this fighter a strong and all-around fighter that a gamer can use.


1. The Monkey King

When it comes to fighting, the Monkey King tops the list of best fighters in LEGO Brawlers. This is because, as a whole, he is well-represented and possesses useful abilities and skills, making him a formidable foe. It is estimated that the Monkey King, an anthropomorphic monkey, is about the same height and width as an average human male. 

His torso, face, ears, hands, and feet are covered in peach fur, while the rest of his body, including his tail, is wrapped in orange hair. Red ribbons bind back the fur on his head, which has been slicked back. He has a pink mark in the shape of a heart that extends over his face.

He possesses golden eyes that are distinguished by a large wing and thick black eyebrows. In addition to his extraordinary talents in the physical realm, he can take on even the most formidable foes thanks to his incredible speed, strength, agility, and reflexes.

The Monkey King is one of the greatest fighters in the series, if not the greatest fighter overall. He has spent centuries fighting powerful deities and is a master martial artist. This enables him to engage in combat with and vanquish powerful adversaries, such as those belonging to the Demon Bull Family and various demons. The Monkey King is said to have the ability to live for 500 years after his victory over the Demon Bull King. The victory rendered him ageless and attained eternal youth from a set of five different forms of immortality he had achieved on his journey to the west.

Do you agree with our list of best fighters in Lego Brawls? Who are your favorite fighters? Please share your thoughts with us on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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