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The Sisters 2: Road to Fame — Everything We Know

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The Sisters 2: Road to Fame everything we know

In a time when almost every digitally savvy person is gunning for likes and followers on social media, the upcoming The Sisters 2: Road of Fame game fits right in. It’s a tale of two sisters taking on several potential game night challenges to rack up the highest number of followers and, well, claim fame. 

It’s that simple, yet with a ludicrous potential to bond over delicious treats and drinks at game night. Curious to know what the story, gameplay, and release date looks like? Then tag along on The Sisters 2: Road to Fame – Everything We Know to find out.

What is The Sisters 2: Road to Fame?

The Sisters 2: Road to Fame is an upcoming party game. It is the sequel to The Sisters: Party of the Year, whose universe is inspired by Les Sisters. Les Sisters, which made its English language debut as “The Sisters,” is a best-selling graphic novel series. It tells the story of two sisters, Marine and Wendy. The two have explosive personalities and strong independence. But while their personalities make it hard to get along, their adventures would often intertwine.

Developer Balio Studio and publisher Microids released The Sisters: Party of the Year in 2021. This was the first game in The Sisters' video game series. After worldwide success, they are preparing to launch a sequel called, The Sisters 2: Road to Fame on October 5, 2023.


The Sisters 2: Road to Fame

Sisters Maureen and Wendy return with a brand-new story inspired by The Sisters’ universe. It starts off with each sister receiving a tablet as a reward for good academic performance. Your sister instantly creates a social media account. But she doesn’t just intend to share her life with her friends. She also has a conniving plan to get more followers than you and claim ultimate fame. Here’s Steam’s description for the new game:

The story begins when you and your favorite sister are gifted a tablet to reward your good grades. Your sister immediately creates an account on a trendy social network, not only to share her adventures with her best friends, but also for something else. As your beloved yet mischievous sister, she wants to surpass the fame of your own account to become the new popular influencer in town! 

Our favorite Sisters will have to compete in a frenzied race for followers!

Depending on the sister you choose, you can proceed to the end and unlock a secret ending. This also means that you can replay the game as the other sister and unlock their secret ending, too.


At its core, The Sisters 2: Road to Fame is a party game perfect for a family and friends' gaming night. However, there are several gameplay elements that factor into it, including:


Players will need to explore the town, inspired by the comic series, The Sisters. It’ll have a vibrant, colorful nature, just like the comics, albeit with new areas to explore and upgraded designs.

Players will meet various characters who live in the town. They will meet 24 super influencers of the town, who will give them challenges to complete in a mode called the Adventure mode.


There will be a total of 24 minigames to complete. These are new ones you haven’t played before in the series, with a wholesome variety of laser, cooking, toma-throw, horse racing, blop-blop diving games, and more.


You’ll have the chance to bring along a friend or two in multiplayer mode. It’ll split further into four different types of challenges. The first is called “challenges,” which offers, well, your favorite challenges to take on with friends and family. The second is called “around the world,” which offers each player the chance to choose which mini-game they would like to play. 

Thirdly, we have the “tournament,” which pits players against one another in several rounds of minigames. And the last one is called “all or nothing,” where you’re free to play all the minigames all at once. Up to four players can play in multiplayer at the same time.

Gift card collection

Upon completing the minigames, players will receive gift cards. These will come in handy when unlocking extra goodies like cosmetics. You can use them to customize your character and become the most stylish influencer.


Developer Balio Studio and publisher Microids have partnered to work on The Sisters 2: Road to Fame. They previously worked on the first game in The Sisters video game series, The Sisters: Party of the Year. It launched to much success, with faithful adaptations to the universe and characters of the comics. 

According to Steam, The Sisters 2: Road to Fame is introducing new areas and upgraded designs to The Sisters universe. So, we can expect to see updates to the original’s already impressive game. With a teaser trailer already out, hopefully, the game launches on October 2023 as promised.


The Sisters 2: Road to Fame - Official Teaser Trailer

A quick 36-second teaser trailer reveals a good amount of information on the story and gameplay. It starts off with Maureen and Wendy, each receiving a smart tablet. They compete with each other to see who gets the most followers and ultimate fame. They go on all manner of adventures, taking part in all sorts of crazy minigames. Are you on Team Maureen or Team Wendy? Who wins?

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

The Sisters 2: Road to Fame

The Sisters 2: Road to Fame is planning to release on October 5, 2023. It’ll release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and MAC platforms. We don’t know of any editions yet, but you can wishlist the game on Steam, Epic Games Store, or PlayStation Store

Feel free to follow the official Microids Twitter handle here to keep track of updates. We’ll also be sure to let you know as soon as any information comes up.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of The Sisters 2: Road to Fame when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here

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