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Marvel’s Wolverine Has Been Announced for PS5




Insomniac Games has officially announced a follow-up game to the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man, only with the angsty Wolverine taking the reigns instead of the familiar friendly neighbourhood hero.

Unloading the news during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase, Insomniac Games spelt out the collaboration with Marvel in black and white. And while the Wolverine-themed title wasn’t given a release window as such, it was left with a pretty sweet trailer to showcase some of its glossy visuals. Of course, no gameplay was actually teased, nor was it even explored during the live event — but given the fact it has only just entered the development phase, we’re basically giving Insomniac the benefit of the doubt with this one.

Marvel’s Wolverine – Announcement Teaser | PS5

Patience, bub. Patience.

Although we’re completely in the dark over the launch date, we do know that Marvel’s Wolverine will land on PlayStation 5. At present, it’s unclear whether or not PS4 users will eventually receive access to the game. However, if we had to put our money on it —then we’d say it’s more of a PS5 exclusive, with perhaps a minor possibility of eventually releasing on PC. But like I said — that’s a minor possibility, so please, don’t take our word for it.

Marvel’s Wolverine will be a standalone game, according to the PlayStation Blog. On top of this, the game will be directed by Brian Horton and Cameron Christian, who led the teams behind Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. So, you can rest assured that everybody’s favourite mutant is in capable hands. We’re just unsure on when to expect said hands to unclench and slip a few more details our way. 2022, perhaps? Most likely.

So, are you looking forward to Marvel’s Wolverine? Did anything else stand out to you during the PlayStation Showcase? Let us know over on our social handle here. Or you can follow Insomniac Games for all the latest updates on Marvel’s Wolverine here.

Insomniac Games went on to receive multiple awards for their acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man chapters. You can see the spool of accolades for both entries here.

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