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House Flipper 2: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Two-story home with garden in House Flipper 2

Frozen District’s renovation-obsessed sandbox series has just released House Flipper 2an all-new build-and-mold, Feng Shui-centric simulation game for consoles and PC. And what a game “it” is. It’s so oddly therapeutic, in fact, that it’s relatively easy to get caught up in it all for a slew of hours. If you’re the sort who’s likely to be doing the exact same over the next couple of weeks, then there’s a good chance that you’ll need a few pointers to help kickstart your career as a fledgling renovator. Interested? If so, then be sure to brush up on these five House Flipper 2 tips.

5. Spread Your Wings

Rustic kitchen and living space in House Flipper 2

Before you set out to tackle the nooks and crannies of Pinnacove, it is worth pointing out that most, if not all jobs are surprisingly drawn out. And so, rather than trying to complete each home in a single session, aim to spread your wings a little and return to each property as and when necessary. Point is, you won’t be unlocking all the right tools and set pieces for a fair while, so don’t expect to be able to do anything and everything in the opening chapters of the campaign.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Well, neither are the properties that you decide to renovate in House Flipper 2, either. So, if you’re running low on funds, or simply lack the assets needed to complete the job at hand, then be sure to depart the location and set your sights on other duties around the boroughs of Pinnacove. Once you’ve accrued enough money and upgrades, then head back to the property to finish up on another room. And remember, home renovation isn’t an overnight process — so don’t get overconfident.

4. Establish a Routine

Renovated study in House Flipper 2

It’s surprisingly easy to get drawn into the chaos of fixing up a million issues at once. To alleviate this problem, you’ll want to establish your own routine—a checklist, of sorts, that will help you move from one task to another without the unnecessary distractions. For example, when you reach a property, aim to remove all of the trash first, and then focus on selling the unwanted baggage dotted around each room. Once you’ve plucked the bare bones and successfully managed to wipe the slate clean, then you’ll want to focus on the renovations.

To avoid the hassle of balancing a dozen different projects at once, you should consider onboarding only one big build at a time. In other words, don’t bite off more than you can chew, as too many jobs on the board will only make you lose track of your priorities—an issue that can, and often will lead to worse results.

3. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Building a short wall in House Flipper 2

As pleasing as it is to have an entire home crammed to the brim with cozy floor plans, having such things doesn’t actually make much of a difference to your overall paycheck. Truth is, you can slot most of the items in your inventory in any location you see fit, as nine times out of ten, the client won’t have any issues with your chosen placements. So, if you have received a task that involves buying and unpacking certain pieces of furniture, try not to worry about where it’ll all go, as it won’t really matter.

Of course, part of the fun tends to stem from making homes as comfortable as possible, so there’s a good chance that you’ll want to put in the extra time and effort. If you’re just after a quick payday, however, then don’t be afraid to just unbox each item and leave them for the client to deal with once you’ve finished your remaining duties and left for the day.

2. Use Your Senses

It goes without saying that, the cleaner your homes are, the more likely you are to snag those three stars, and in turn, a much, much higher payout. To achieve the maximum possible return, you’ll want to resort to using your Flipper sense over the course of each renovation, which will allow you to identify bits of grime that have built up around the location, as well as objects that are in need of recycling or selling. If you’re looking to make the most money out of each job, you will of course need to reach 100% completion—a milestone that involves ticking all the right boxes and leaving no stone left unturned.

To make full use of the Flipper sense, you will need to alternate between tools in your trusty utility belt, which will grant you the power to see the corresponding spills, items, and objects in need of a flip. For example, if you’re using your cleaning supplies, then the sense will allow you to identify other bits of dirt around the property; the same applies for the rest of the tools in your inventory wheel.

1. If in Doubt, Skimp Out

Renovated office space in House Flipper 2

Don’t be afraid to skimp out on the rarest of occasions, as you’ll soon come to realize that, making progress in House Flipper 2 does require some amount of sacrifice. So, while it may come across as a little unfair for the client, the fact is, you’ll wind up saving a whole lot of money just by taking the cheaper route. In other words, if you have a bit of paint left over in the pot — don’t be afraid to sell it for a few extra bucks.

As luck would have it, there are plenty of ways to save a bit of cash in House Flipper 2, with the most obvious way being to conserve your resources and apply only what’s needed at the time. As you progress deeper into the campaign, you’ll also want to consider investing in cheaper models of certain items, such as radiators. It’s cheap, and it’ll save you a whole bunch of money for bigger projects in the future.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for newcomers to the House Flipper series? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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