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Fortnite or Free Fire? See some facts about the games

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Fortnite and Free Fire are two of the main representatives of the Battle Royale genre. Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is a hit with casual and competitive players. It led to the rise of names like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Turner “TFue” Ellis Tenney. Free Fire is another phenomenon in several countries around the world, mainly in Brazil. The mobile game is developed by Garena and was the highlight of downloads and an audience on YouTube in 2019. See below, six questions and answers about the two games.

Who came first?

Fortnite was released in July 2017 for download on PC, Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. In June 2018, the game landed on the Nintendo Switch, and in the same year came the release for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices. Originally, the game was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards 2011, and had the first Alpha phase held in 2014. Free Fire was released for Android and iOS in December 2017, after the testing phase promoted in November of the same year.

What platforms are the games available on?

Free Fire is known for its compatibility with several cell phone models, which helps in accessibility. (Image: Dunia Games)

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The game also has a mobile version for Android and iPhone (iOS), with a novelty: on Monday (21), Battle Royale was launched on the Google Play Store . Previously, users of Google's system were able to download the game only through the official website of Epic Games. Free Fire, in turn, is exclusive to Android and iOS devices, but can be played on PC via emulators.

How many people play Fortnite and Free Fire?

In addition to being one of the main Battle Royale games, Fortnite is one of the main online games of recent years. (Image: Epic Games)

The latest official report on the average monthly Fortnite players was released in August 2018, when the number had peaked at 78.3 million. Since then, Epic Games has not released how many people still play the title. Despite this, in March 2019, the developer mentioned that Fortnite had 250 million players.

As for Free Fire, in March 2020 the game reached a record number of 60 million monthly active players. Also in March, Garena's Battle Royale was, according to Sensor Tower, the sixth most downloaded game in the world.

Which one has better graphics?

Both games have well-crafted graphics and know how to take advantage of the devices to create character models and detailed scenarios. As Free Fire is a slightly lighter game and compatible with more phones, its look is a little simpler than the competitor. Fortnite, on the other hand, has more variety of biomes, buildings and interactive objects.

Fortnite is more colorful, charismatic and beautiful than Free Fire, but it requires more hardware power. (Image: Epic Games)

While Free Fire values realistic graphics, Fortnite bets on a cartoon style that is quite successful among children. It is worth remembering that, as Fortnite already existed on the PC and consoles, its graphics engine requires much more of the device than the Garena game.

What are the game modes?

Free Fire is one of the games that is present in the competitive environment. (Image: Garena)

  • Fornite: In Battle Royale, 100 players face off until one remains alive. This mode is divided into two: casual and ranked, the second where players seek the best possible patent. In Team Rumble, two teams of 20 players face each other until the first one gets 100 kills and wins the match. Save the World is “campaign mode”, where four players face an apocalyptic scenario. Creative allows players to create structures, game modes and games on their private island, in addition to the possibility of inviting friends.
  • Free Fire: In Classic and Ranked, 50 players vie for victory. Ranked, however, is the search for the best possible patent. Contra Squad places two teams of four players each, in an improved series of seven (MD7). Each round lasts one minute and 30 seconds, and players buy weapons before each round, in the style of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). The goal is to eliminate the opposing team. Ranked CS is Contra Squad's ranked mode.

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