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Blasphemous 2: Everything We Know



Blasphemous 2: Everything We Know

Every year, many games are released, but only a few stand out and capture fans' attention with their unique atmosphere, storytelling, and gameplay. One such game is Blasphemous, which came out in 2019. It's a dark and atmospheric action platformer that takes players on a disturbing journey through a twisted world. Now, there's a lot of excitement among gamers as whispers of its highly anticipated sequel, Blasphemous 2, start to spread. The original game left players wanting more, seeking answers to unanswered questions, and hoping for closure to the haunting story.

Well, there's a good reason for fans to be excited. Blasphemous 2 is officially announced, and it promises to delve deeper into the lore and present new challenges, potentially surpassing the expectations set by its predecessor. If you're a fan of the original game and wondering what Blasphemous 2 has in store, here's everything we know so far.

What is Blasphemous 2?

Blasphemous 2 is an upcoming action platformer, which is the sequel to a popular game. It's being developed by The Game Kitchen in partnership with the publisher Team17 Digital. The game continues the story of the main character called The Penitent One. In this game, players will be in a strange new land, where they're stuck in a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The game has a nonlinear world with creepy landscapes, tricky traps, and tough enemies. There's intense fighting, different ways to play, challenging boss fights, and lots of cool weapons. The goal is to discover secrets and put an end to the cycle. Moreover, players will uncover secrets and try to break the cycle of life and death in their quest to bring an end to it all.


Blasphemous 2 takes players on a gripping journey that continues from where the original game left off. The story unfolds after the events of the Wounds of Eventide DLC, where The Heart in the Sky announces the return of The Miracle and the upcoming birth of a new miracle child. Players step into the shoes of The Penitent One, who has awakened in a strange and unfamiliar land, displaced from their final resting place. In this dangerous world, The Penitent One must face horrifying enemies and huge bosses to fulfill their mission of breaking the cycle once and for all. The story focuses on uncovering forgotten secrets and solving the mysteries of this eerie realm.

With the promise of a deeper understanding of the world and its lore, players will encounter a myriad of NPCs who offer aid, seek assistance, or send them on death-defying quests to retrieve forgotten artifacts. Blasphemous 2 presents a dark and immersive story, where themes of salvation and damnation are intertwined. Overall, the game fuels players' determination to uncover secrets and break the endless cycle.


Gameplay constitutes a crucial aspect of any game, and Blasphemous 2 aims to deliver a thrilling and immersive experience, which builds upon the foundations set by its predecessor. Although an official gameplay trailer has not been released at this time, we can speculate on what to expect based on the revealed information so far.

Fans can anticipate exploring a rich non-linear world that is filled with enchantingly grotesque landscapes exuding gothic charm. The development team meticulously crafts each area, ensuring they ooze with the atmosphere and punctuate the experience with unforgiving traps that will keep players on their toes. Players will have the freedom to navigate the labyrinthian world according to their preferences, with no wrong turn to be made.

Furthermore, Combat promises to be brutal and intense, allowing players to unleash the merciless fury of The Penitent One. The inclusion of new weapons expands the player's arsenal, introducing fresh moves, brutal executions, and expanded combos. This diverse range of tactical options provides players with the means to dispatch the grotesque enemies that stand in their way. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to customize and improve their base skillset, empowering them to overcome challenges with more finesse. The game will feature intense boss battles, where players must study and adapt to unique attack patterns and abilities in order to emerge victorious.


As mentioned above, Blasphemous 2 is being developed by The Game Kitchen, the same studio behind the original Blasphemous game. The developers have confirmed that the game continues the journey of The Penitent One, who awakens in a strange new land, torn from his resting place and forced back into the cycle of life, death, and resurrection. They have also emphasized that Blasphemous's sequel will feature frequent pixelated gore and violence, adding to the dark and atmospheric nature of the game.


Blasphemous II | Announcement Trailer

Yes, Team 17 has unleashed the Announcement trailer for Blasphemous 2, providing an exhilarating glimpse into the world of this highly anticipated sequel. The trailer showcases a myriad of heart-pounding platforming action, intense combat sequences, and a haunting atmosphere that will captivate both new players and fans of the original game. Whether you're a fan of the original game or new to the series, this trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the dark and immersive experience that Blasphemous 2 has in store. So, don't miss the embedded trailer above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Blasphemous 2 is set to release in late summer 2023, but the exact release date is yet to be announced. The game will be available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, ensuring that fans can experience the gripping sequel on their preferred gaming platform.

As for special editions, there is no official confirmation regarding their existence for Blasphemous 2 at this time. However, considering the success of the original game, it wouldn't be surprising if the developers decided to offer special editions. These special editions could potentially include bonus content, exclusive artwork, or collectible items, further enhancing the overall gaming experience for dedicated fans. Also, fans can keep an eye out for any announcements or updates regarding special editions. You can follow the game's official social media accounts here.

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