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10 Best Perks & Upgrades in South Park: Snow Day



South Park: Snow Day perks and upgrades

Perks in South Park: Snow Day boost New Kid’s abilities, while upgrades enable you to customize and improve his powers and weapons. While upgrades are randomized, you can choose the perks you want. Certain perks and upgrades are more powerful than the rest, and it is worth noting that perks cost precious dark matter.

Naturally, you should go for the best perks and upgrades first to make your character super-OP. Consider the following ten best perks and upgrades to get the most out of New Kid’s abilities, powers, and weapons.

10. Non-Conformist: Henrietta Upgrade Card


Toilet Paper (TP) is valuable and serves as a primary currency that you can use to purchase, upgrade, and reshuffle cards. Fortunately, the Non-Conformist upgrade card from Henrietta can save you lots of TP that you would need to use to upgrade your cards. It automatically increases your current Upgrade Cards’ rarity levels for free, making them more powerful and saving you tons of TP in the process. Moreover, you can use it to upgrade your cards one more time the next time you meet Jimmy.

9. Last Stand: Health Upgrade Card

Last Stand

Last Stand is a health upgrade card. However, it doesn’t increase your health levels. Instead, it increases the level of damage you inflict on your enemies when running low on health. The damage output is incremental, meaning that it continues to increase as your health continues decreasing. The idea is to finish your enemies off faster to get out of danger and hopefully survive despite their low health. Notably, this upgrade card is especially effective when coupled with the Healing Totem.

8. Card Shark: Card Rolling Perk Upgrade

South Park: Snow Day upgrades

Card strategizing is crucial in South Park: Snow Day, considering their impact on your abilities, powers, and weapons. Jimmy presents you with new cards at the start of every level. However, some of the cards offered may be unappealing. You can always reshuffle the cards to strategize and get better cards, but it will cost you valuable TP. Fortunately, the Card Shark perk reduces the cost of reshuffling cards, saving you some TP and enabling you to request more reshuffles.

7. Hemorrhage: Weapon Upgrade Card


Your selection of weapons in the first two chapters is limited to Dual-Wielded Daggers. The daggers are already fast and cause considerable damage. However, you can boost their speed and damage output by equipping the Hemorrhage weapon upgrade card.

Getting the upgrade card boosts the Dual-Wielded Dagger’s output damage by 25%, enabling you to eliminate your enemies faster and more easily. Moreover, you can increase the damage output to 38% and more by continually upgrading the Hemorrhage card.

6. Second Life: Life Reviving Perk Upgrade

South Park: Snow Day upgrades

Your teammates and ally bots can revive you when you die. However, that is not an option when you are the only one left alive. This is where the Second Life perk upgrade comes into play. It enables you to self-revive, getting you back in the fight. However, you can only use it once per map. It is especially handy if you don’t have the Healing Totem’s upgrade card.

5. Deadeye: Weapon Perk Upgrade

South Park: Snow Day perks and upgrades

Most enemies in South Park: Snow Day can cause considerable damage during close-range combat. To this end, using long-range weapons is safer because you can maintain some distance between you and your enemies. While ranged weapons are quite effective, you can increase their damage output by 20% by using the Deadeye perk. Your ranged weapons can also benefit from other weapons upgrade cards and perks.

4. Sour Cheese: Cheesing Power Upgrade Card

South Park: Snow Day upgrades

New Kid cannot take on all enemies by himself. To this end, you need as many allies as you can find to fight alongside you. Interestingly, you can temporarily turn enemies into allies and control their actions using New Kid’s Cheesing power. Turning enemies into allies is strategic as it reduces the incoming attacks and causes enemies to turn on each other, giving you some respite. The Sour Cheese upgrade card makes allied enemies more lethal by increasing their damage output by 100%.

3. Bad Blood: Pissed Off Meter Upgrade Card

Bad Blood

You need some juice in your Pissed Off gauge to use your abilities. Unfortunately, the gauge depletes quickly, limiting your abilities and increasing your vulnerability. It is frustrating, and you may need to engage in senseless attacks and activities to refill the gauge.

Fortunately, the Bad Blood upgrade card makes refilling the Pissed Off gauge easier and quicker. Specifically, it increases the Pissed Off meter by 62% when you cause more damage to already bleeding enemies. However, it only works in the Legendary level. Interestingly, you can also get the Anger Mismanagement perk to increase your Pissed Off meter by 20% across all levels.

2. Bounding Blaze: Weapon Upgrade Card

Bounding Blaze

The Staff is one of the best weapons in South Park: Snow Day. Ordinarily, the Staff shoots one orb that causes moderate damage to the enemies it hits. However, you can replicate the single orb and increase its damage output using the Bounding Blaze upgrade card.

This card replicates the single orb shot from the Staff weapon, turning it into two. The extra orb bounces a short distance and causes more damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, you can upgrade the Bounding Blaze card to increase the orb’s damage output by 50%.

1. Extended Aura – Healing Totem Power Upgrade Card

Extended Aura

The Healing Totem releases Cheesy Poofs into the air to heal all allies and damage enemies within the blast radius. However, the Cheesy Poofs only travel a short distance. As such, you must get close to your allies to use this power effectively.

The Extended Aura power expands the range of your Healing Totem’s Cheesy Puffs by 60%, enabling you to heal allies from longer distances. Interestingly, you can also get the Opposing Aura upgrade card to cause more damage to enemies within the blast radius.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the ten best perks and upgrades in South Park: Snow Day? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 

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