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5 Worst Sandbox Games of All Time

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Worst Sandbox Games of All Time

Sandbox games have been the most popular type of game among players for a long time. This is due to the creative freedom these games offer, which often includes the power to transform, explore, and interact with the open world they provide. Some of these games may even let players roam freely, devoid of any objectives, or let them set alternative goals for themselves. Unfortunately, some developers find themselves on the flip side of this genre as a result of sloppy creations. 

It takes more than whimsy trees and bushes in an expansive regenerating world to make a great sandbox game. The quality of the visuals that go into it determines whether or not players will spend any of their precious time indulging. Although there have been incredibly impressive sandbox games over the years, we haven't missed a fair share of frustrating productions here and there. Well, here are the five worst sandbox games of all time.


5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man Launch Trailer

Both critics and players agree that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is indeed one of the worst sandbox games. This is mainly because of the pathetic representation of the open world, which consists of what is supposed to be the Big Apple. The city is poorly depicted, with loosely crafted visuals enough to turn you away before even playing. Yet, if you manage to look past the visuals and focus on the play, you will still be disappointed. 

The game features a series of repetitive main quest objectives that would frustrate even the most optimistic player. Usually, one expects a sequel to be an improvement on the original, but not in this case. In fact, compared to its prequel, the second entry makes every aspect of the superhero game worse. Although the franchise would later redeem itself with more recent titles, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 remains a good example of how a great title can be ruined by careless production.


4. Driv3r

Driv3r Original Trailer

Moving on to a game that initiated the fall of a promising franchise and led to the mockery of its developer, we have Driv3r. In an effort to create a comeback to the incredible Grand Theft Auto, Ubisoft dug a hole for itself with the production of Driv3r. Sadly, players soon realized the two games were far from a comparison, as Driv3r appeared to be a washed-up copy of Grand Theft Auto. This only pushed more players to scrutinize the game and seek out alternative titles.

The franchise took a hard hit and finally plummeted soon after the successful launch of Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 3. Compared to the two, Driv3r had no chance in the already brutal sandbox industry. Considering it's frustrating gameplay that involved ludicrous combat and overall boring characters, it was pretty much doomed. There was nothing special about the game that would have drawn in more players.


3. Raven's Cry

Raven's Cry Official Trailer

The crown for the most infuriating sandbox game you can ever play goes to Raven's Cry. The game is practically unplayable and is also one of the lowest-ranking games on Metacritic. It features a shallow storyline with lots of uninteresting plots. Most gamers accuse the game's developer of releasing it in an incomplete state. Aside from having glitches, bugs, and crushes, this open-world game has parts missing in its content. Nearly every part of the game has been deemed messy, with either being incomplete or having multiple bugs.

Not to mention the cutscenes where the character's dialogues fail to play or the ridiculously animated NPCs. Even the combat mechanisms were faulty, from clunky controls to delayed reactions. Add the poor voice acting and the lack of tutorials, and you've got yourself one of the most troublesome games to exist. This is the only pirated game that most critics advise you to avoid, as it is not worth the price. As much as it strives to take players into a vast open world containing both land and sea exploration, it has failed on so many levels and would have been better off if it focused on quality over quantity.


2. Fable 3

Fable III: Launch Trailer

The Fable series boasted so much potential, after its first two entries exhibited great success. Because of this, fans pretty much expected Fable 3 to deliver the same satisfying experience. Instead, the game battered and butchered every admirable aspect that made the series special. Although it retained the game's original comical traits, it fell too far off the wagon when it came to gameplay. Most found it oversimplified and overall slow.

The combat was effortless and reduced to just a few button presses. Fable 3 also had lots of technical issues, as players could experience some bugs and crushes that were a total distraction from any fun one would hope to gain from playing the game. The storyline featured was also not striking enough to properly describe Albion's plight. Players could not look past the shortcomings of this game because of the promises producers made prior to its launch. The disappointment was what eventually shut down the franchise. 


1. Two Worlds

Two Worlds PC Games Trailer - Up To You

Another awful title that dragged its developer with it through its muddy puddles of disappointment is Two Worlds. The game featured all the amazing traits of a sandbox, from customizable characters to formidable beasts to combat and a vast world to explore. However, these features only look airtight from the outside, but once you dive into the game for a more personal experience, you can begin to note tons of drawbacks. The game is plagued with bugs and glitches that make it hard to progress. 

For instance, the expansiveness of the terrain may seem impressive, but due to the glitches throughout the map, exploration becomes such a chore for players. Even the simplest movements are hindered by these bugs, stripping the game of any joy it was supposed to provide. The clunky controls set the stage for the most frustrating combat encounters. Instead of the expected fantastical battles, players were stuck in cumbersome back-and-forth wrestling fights. Two Worlds was a flop, even without including the poor graphics and voice acting.

Which video game from the list above do you think is the worst sandbox game of all time? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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