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Best Puzzle Games Like Curious Cases

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puzzle games like Curious Cases

Curious Cases is a fantastic game that will keep you on edge through its three chapters. Nothing beats a classic investigation story coupled with mystery. If you have a knack for uncovering hidden clues and piecing the pieces together for a groundbreaking reveal, the good news is that there are other puzzle games like Curious Cases that will have your mind working like clockwork. So sit tight, strap on your thinking hat and uncover more mysteries with these five best puzzle games like Curious Cases.


5. House Of Caravan

House of Caravan - Teaser Trailer

In this first-person horror/puzzle game, young Lester Barnard is making his way to school when unknown assailants kidnap and hide him in an abandoned abode. You play as Lester and must uncover the clues behind your kidnapping while finding a way out of the spooky mansion.

The game occurs in the early 20th century when Lester wakes up to find himself in a strange house. All he wants is to get home, and frankly, if I were in his shoes, I would wish to do so too. The house has an ancient interior design with antique furniture, candle lighting, spooky decorations, and a dim crustal basement.

As you navigate the house, you’ll discover 14 letters from different people who are part of the Caravan story. Each letter is voiced in a modulated manner, taking you back to the 1990s while also giving you an insight into your kidnapping. Although the game has more than ten rooms to explore, the events take place overnight, and you can complete it in under four hours. However, the House of Caravan has a satisfying ending, with the door quite ajar for a sequel. Notwithstanding, this is a puzzle game that will have you asking for more.


4. House


A house is more than an abode. It’s a haven where families rest at night and bond during the day. But what happens when a house tries to kill you and your family? In this remake of the 2016 House game, you play as a young girl named Tabby on a quest to save her family’s life before an estranged house draws life out of them.

In the horror adventure game, you must find items in the house to solve the puzzles before meeting a gruesome and untimely death. Each death and ending is different depending on how you play the game. More so, you have to die a couple of times before you get it right. The game now features an update where you take control of Melody, Tabby’s sister. 

Furthermore, the game’s soundtrack and pixelated 2D art style are perfect for the ultimate unsettling gaming experience. Your fate and that of your family lie in your hands. Will you save them in the nick of time, or will you succumb to the darkness? House is a thrilling puzzle game like Curious Cases that you must explore.


3. A Rose in the Twilight

A Rose in the Twilight - Launch Trailer | PS Vita

One of the best puzzle games like Curious Cases is  A Rose in the Twilight, for its simple mechanics and horror elements. You take control of two switchable characters, Rose, a frail young girl trapped and frozen in time in a castle, and a mighty stone golem.

With thorns and vines surrounding the old and abandoned mighty house, a single prick can lead to Rose’s death. Rose’s frail traits are complemented by her supernatural ability to transfuse blood into any object, thus giving it life. She can also use this ability to unfreeze time by splashing color onto the mansion and unfreezing time. 

Playing both characters is your guide to winning the game. Solving each puzzle in this multiple-platform game will guide you to the next area. Although Rose can easily stumble with any slight vertical descent, the golem can withstand mighty falls or walk through thorns unscathed. Therefore, to beat the complex puzzles, you need to switch up the two characters. 


2. Inside

Inside Official Launch Trailer

Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer with a terrifying and haunting twist. To date, no other game has matched up to this one, which is a seemingly spiritual Limbo successor. If you’ve played Limbo, the gameplay mechanics are pretty familiar.

You control a young, unnamed boy stuck in a dark, quiet, and surreal environment. In this anti-utopia world, a strange parasitic element absorbs different life forms and takes control of their minds. Your only way out is to solve a series of puzzles before getting mauled by dogs, blown out by shockwaves, or dying by a tranquilizer dart. Aside from the deaths being quite graphic, they are unpredictable and happen quite often, although they seem avoidable. 

As you navigate the expansive monochromatic world, you must solve environmental puzzles and keep away from enemies. You can also gain control of bodies to complete some of the puzzles. The puzzles are pretty easy to solve and deliver a satisfactory epiphany once completed.


1. Escape First

Escape First - Trailer

Escape First is a series of multiplayer escape-the-room style games where you need to solve a puzzle in a limited time. The game features three different rooms set in various fictional modes that you can choose to play solo, competitively, or in co-op mode. The challenges in the room depend on which theme the room is based on. The game also lets you ask for hints from friends when you get stuck. 

The game has three rooms: the Psycho Circus, Lost in Time, and The Red Button. In Psycho Circus, you find yourself trapped in a clown’s changing room. You must find a spare key and escape from his quarters before the show ends. In Lost in Time, you must race against time after the present, future, and past merge, thereby entrapping you. 

And finally, in The Red Button, you have to uncover the mysteries surrounding the previous night while trapped in one room with one door with nothing but a bloodied knife. Sounds exciting, right? Well, brace yourself and escape the rooms before the timer ends. This is a genuinely exciting puzzle game like Curious Cases.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other puzzle games, like curious cases, you think are the best we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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