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5 Best Games Like Valkyrie Elysium

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Valkyrie elysium

The Valkyrie series has finally released its latest installment, and it's taking the JRPG genre by storm. Its newest title, Valkyrie Elysium, will be featured not only on PC but on PlayStation 5 and 4 as well. This is after 16 years of the franchise having been away from PlayStation consoles. In an action-driven adventure, the game takes us through the new Valkyrie's quests. 

This is the game's hero and Ordin's new creation, meant to help restore world peace and prevent Ragnarök from destroying the realms. The game features speedy combat and top-tier 3-dimensional visuals. Here, you can explore an array of incredible abilities as you move from one battlefield to another. If you've viewed the gameplay for this new title and can't seem to get enough, there are plenty of similar games to check out. Take a look at the five best games like Valkyrie Elysium. 


5. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Final Trailer | PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is perhaps the best remake on the list. Instead of just making a few tweaks, the developers made sure to make a lot of improvements in both the plot and the game's graphics. Compared to its original, the remake has improved its visuals to become one of the best-looking titles today. That's not all. Thanks to the game's newly polished combat features, you can enjoy fast-paced fights and more fluid real-time attacks. The main campaign is also extended to a whopping thirty hours, in addition to a five-hour side quest. 

The story still features the same characters; the likes of Cloud and Yuffie. Only this time, the character development arc is advanced with major expansions. You play Cloud, a former soldier on a mission to destroy the evil organization responsible for depleting the planet's energy known as Shinra Corporation. Like most Final Fantasy titles, you can switch between party members at will and exploit different moves, from melee to long-distance attacks. 


4. Scarlet Nexus

SCARLET NEXUS – Launch Trailer

Shifting over to the sci-fi side, we have Scarlet Nexus, an action RPG that just had to be on the list. Here you can play as either of two characters working as the planet's defenders against extra-terrestrial invasions. The creatures you are defending against in this title are those known as the Others, who have infiltrated the realm. You will have access to short-range weapons such as swords, as well as psychokinesis, the ability to hurl objects toward your enemies. 

This is another Bandai Namco title that follows an epic storyline bound to stick with you well after completing the game. Amazing graphics and fast-paced combat mechanisms are among the many amazing features in Scarlet Nexus. As you advance through the game, your character's abilities increase. Similarly, you get to meet and team up with amazing new party members throughout your mission, each with amazing abilities. 


3. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - Official Launch Trailer

MiHoYo's Genshin Impact is among the best JRPGs we have today. This is despite it featuring gacha mechanics, a monetization model most fans dislike. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the game without having to spend money. You are bound to find many shared similarities between this game and Valkyrie Elysium once you play it. From the amazing world design to the realistic landscapes, the title contains all the fantastical aspects expected of a JRPG. 

You also have amazing abilities to explore between the four interchangeable characters in the game. The key to survival is to learn to use each of your characters' elemental abilities and to know when and where each party member is most useful. The game has seen a number of expansions since its 2020 release, all of which improve the various aspects of the title while maintaining the same core concepts. With each update, the game's fantastical open-world only grows larger and more incredible. This makes this a must-play title that is going to be well worth your time. 


2. Tales of Arise

TALES OF ARISE - Launch Trailer

Moving on to one of the award-winning RPGs from Bandai Namco Entertainment, we have Tales of Arise. This is the best and latest entry in the Tales series, a long-running franchise with over a dozen sequels. If you are looking for something with deep lore bound to captivate you throughout your journey, this is the best title for you. The game takes you through an epic story involving former slaves on a quest to free the kingdom from cruel tyrants ruling and oppressing the weak. The chemistry and interaction between the two main characters make the game stand out among the best JRPGs. 

Each of the two protagonists has their own impactful arcs that make up the events of the game. Whether you're a veteran Tales fan or a first-timer, the game is pretty easy to pick up. It features amazing dodge mechanics that let you easily avoid attacks. With the exclusion of multiplayer in this title, players can better focus on their interactions with their partner characters. This is better facilitated by cooperative moves such as the “Boost Strike,” which allows the characters to execute powerful attacks together. 


1. Nier: Replicant Remake

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Official Trailer

The upgraded prequel to the cult title Nier: Automata is back, thanks to an incredible remake. Nier: Replicant comes back with more exciting content to experience through an amazing story. You play as a stunning young man on a quest to find the cure for his ailing sister across a monster-infested world. On the way, he teams up with two other travelers who play a big part in helping him complete his search. With newly polished combat mechanisms and easy access to different weapons, you will have a great experience playing this remake. 

The game features gameplay similar to that found in Valkyrie Elysium. With incredible abilities to explore and formidable enemies, the story only gets darker as you progress. You must take on exciting quests and soar through dangerous dungeons, taking down bosses and collecting special keys. This way, you can uncover the mystery behind the rapidly spreading ailment threatening to wipe out all human life. The game is packed with gory yet fun encounters that will have you on the edge of your seat as you experience the adventure that is Nier: Replicant

Which video game from the list above do you think is the best game like Valkyrie Elysium? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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