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Top 5 Characters That Should Not Return in MK12

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Mortal kombat 12 (mk12)

Since its debut in 1992, Mortal Kombat continues to be a favorite of many, thanks to its dystopian universe gameplay and wide range of characters. The arcade fighting game has since released 11 series and is gearing towards the launch of its 12th installment MK12. As is the norm, a new release features a new roster of characters while retaining others from the previous series and letting go of others. Here’s a look at the top five characters that are unlikely to return in MK 12.


5. Kollector

Characters That should Not Return in MK12

Kollector made his debut in the franchise’s 11th installment as a minor opponent during story mode. The character is the former Emperor of Outworld’s debt collector and is Shao Khan’s personal banker. The character’s design fits in with the game’s Outworld aesthetic with his blue skin and orange eyes. The rapacious character is the first to have six arms; four from his shoulder and two from his back. Kollektor bears enough strength to lift an entire person. 

Despite his skinny appearance, he has quite the build, but that’s all about him. Unlike other characters like Subzero, with special mod abilities and creativity, Kollektor’s power is his strength. His signature moves involve a series of quick slashes and stabs and using his bola against his opponents. Aside from the above, there isn't much more to explore with Kollector. His gameplay is not as fascinating as other MK characters. In a nutshell, he’s an armed guy (pun intended) with a backpack. MK12 should be a no go zone for him.


4. Kronika

A keeper of time and the MK11’s story mode antagonist, Lady Kronika, is an unplayable character that is more prominent as a boss fight. Despite having a set of powerful abilities, the Titan goddess may not make a return to MK 12. Unlike other characters with a thirst for vengeance, Kronika’s goal is not to restore balance in an unorthodox way-similar to Marvel’s villain Thanos

Kronika is a god-like character, despite resembling a human female. Unlike other characters in the Mortal Kombat series, Kronika has the ability to alter time and space and use it against her opponents. As a defense, she can turn to intangible objects or use her psychic prowess to rip her opponents apart. Additionally, although Kronika can take damage, she is more durable than other characters, and fatal blows do not terminate her.

Such powerful skills make Kronika a fun character to play with. However, to make a return, NetherRealm may have to tone down her powers, which defeats the purpose of having her as a character to begin with. As some anecdotes term her the worst videogame villain, the chances of NetherRealm having her as a playable character in the next series are pretty slim.


3. D’Vorah

A Kytinn race species, D’vorrah was once an annexed character by Shao Khan before serving as Kotal Kahn’s advisor. D’vorah’s goal is to protect the hive since she is the last remaining species. To do this, she may end up betraying Kotal Kahn. D’vorah’s appearance has evolved with the recent release of Mortal Kombat’s 11th installment. Her looks now lean more towards her insect origins, both aesthetically and mechanically. Her main prowess is her bug blast attacks and the Ovipositor stabs. 

Although Mortal Kombat is famous for its gory attacks, D’vorah’s upgrades and abilities can be an eyesore. According to NetherRealm QA analyst Steve Brownback, the character’s appearance in the game is monstrous and gross. Similarly, Mortal Kombat enthusiasts are not too pleased with her new looks. More so because she kills Mileena in MK10 and Scorpion in MK11, two highly-praised characters. Given the fan’s rating, we don’t expect her to return anytime soon unless the developers tweak her character design or play.


2. Kotal Kahn

The Emperor of the Outworld and a mighty Osh-Tekk warrior, Kotal Khan, has graced the Mortal Kombat gameplay as the most feared and most robust character in the game’s roster. However, the character has now flopped to the bottom tier. Kotal Khan is a worthy opponent since he is neither too weak nor too strong. His character resembles the Aztec Eagle Warriors, soldiers from the Aztec empire. His greatest weakness is that he has to be close to his opponents to attack. In the latest installment, Kotal Kahn appears larger than in previous characters. Developers at NetherRealm say the increase in size makes him seem more like a boss character. Although in essence, the size increase makes Kotal Kahn an easy target to hit. 

Furthermore, Kotal Kahn is slow in his attack. His signature moves are effective against opponents who don’t know the tricks he has up his sleeve. For example, when using the God Ray move, Kotal Kahn is vulnerable to an attack from his opponent. Unlike other characters with 9 to 13 frames to unleash an attack, Kotal Kahn’s attacks are more than twenty frames long. This means that his opponent is aware of the attack before it takes place, increasing their chances of defense. With a lack of mobility, speed, and teleportation, Kotal Kahn is among the least favorite characters in Mortal Kombat 11. Unless developers improve on these factors, Kotal Kahn may not grace the MK12 installment.

1. Cetrion

mk12 characters

An elder goddess and also a daughter of Kronika, Cetrion makes it to the list of least favorable characters in MK 11 and should be given rest in MK12. Cetrion’s prowess is in life and nature. She can control the earth's elements; air, light, fire, and earth. Cetrion’s appearance may look human at first, but her skin color is a dull purple with green seaweed-like hair. One of her signature moves is using the earth element to haul large boulders against her opponents. Furthermore, she can hover above the ground and use telekinesis to move objects around. 

Despite having so much potential owing to her supreme abilities, Cetrion is a misfit with no particular skill. Her movers are predictable, making her an easy opponent to beat. Furthermore, the gaming community is taking a collective stance against Cetrion, hoping to nerf her character one way or another and MK12 is her way out. 

Do you agree with our list? Which characters do you think should not return to MK12? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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