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Sea of Thieves Launches First Adventure, Shrouded Islands



There hasn't been a better time to board the Sea of Thieves ship and set sail until now, thanks to Rare bringing a whole new USP to port. Known to the platform as Adventures, these small episodes will give players new worlds to explore and mysteries to unravel either alone or with an entire crew. And as it happens, Rare has just launched the first one: Shrouded Islands.

From today (February 17) until March 3, players will be able to confront a whole new danger that looms on the open seas. Shrouded Islands, which will see in a brand new in-game questline, will help flesh out the voyage and keep playing wading indefinitely. And this, me hearties, is only the beginning of a whole new saga that Rare will look to introduce over the coming months.

Shrouded Islands: A Sea of Thieves Adventure | Launch Trailer

What, when, and where?

“What’s the cause of the mysterious fog slowly consuming the Sea of Thieves? Just who is Belle, and what is her relationship to the Sea of the Damned? Can Golden Sands Outpost be saved? It’ll be up to you and your crew to discover these answers for yourselves by taking part in Sea of Thieves’ new Adventures,” the official blog post reads.

“A new threat encroaching on Golden Sands Outpost and a glimpse of the enigmatic Belle were more than enough to cause a stir among those who’ve been following the story since the start, but if you’re new to the seas or find yourself hard-pressed to distinguish Sudds from Salty, don’t worry. We’ll be providing a recap of concluded Adventures to set the scene each time a new one is just around the corner, because we’re good like that.”

You can boot up Sea of Thieves and explore the first pegleg of the journey today. You can also grab some more information over on the official social handle here.

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