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DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue: Everything We Know



With hindsight, DreamWorks had every reason to bring the hair-rocking realm of Trolls to consoles and PC at some point or another. It’s only now, alongside the recently aired DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing announcement, of course, that publisher GameMill Entertainment has taken such an opportunity by the split of its scalp and sealed the deal with developer Petit Fabrik. And if the so-called DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue is everything its creators are claiming it to be, then fans of the music-loving franchise are sure to be in for a real treat when it eventually rolls out on all major platforms later this year.

Let it be said that there’s still a fair amount we don’t actually know about the upcoming 3D platformer, other than the fact it’ll blend familiar musical scores with traditional platforming and sandbox elements. For what it’s worth, though, here’s everything we’ve been able to collect on it since first hearing of its existence just under a week ago. Let’s talk, Trolls.

What Is DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue?

Let’s get straight into it. What is Trolls Remix Rescue, and how will it look to transform the beloved animation into a full-fledged platforming video game? Well, to put it short, Trolls Remix Rescue will give players the chance to create their own melody-loving Troll and embark on an epic quest to “save the Trolls Kingdom from calamity.” And not just the ability to play as a custom character, but a whole bunch of familiar faces from the DreamWorks franchise, including Poppy, Branch, and “more.”

From the looks of what we’ve seen so far, the game itself will follow a fairly similar pattern as the ones depicted in Crash and Spyro. Scratch that — the same as the most bog-standard platforming favorites, for that matter. So, if the thought of gallivanting around as Poppy to the Trolls rendition of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” sounds like you’re idea of a fun time — then you’ve only just gone and found your next grand adventure.


As far as a storyline goes, DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue will center its universe around none other than the melody-bopping Trolls Kingdom—an idyllic and flawlessly vibrant world that’s apparently on the brink of facing a realm-shattering calamity. As a fresh-faced Troll, you will take your place in the ranks and learn how to harness the power of Hair-Jitsu—a Troll-inspired form that sees its masters utilizing various combat techniques with nothing more than a headband and matted hair. How very Trolls-y.

“Only players can save the Trolls Kingdom from calamity in DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue!” reads the blurb. “Players will travel across the magical world of Trolls, from Poppy & Branch’s Pop Village to Barb’s Volcano Rock City and Cooper’s Vibe City, all to stop a melodic mastermind who’s trying to alter the Trolls’ musical harmony forever. They’ll be able to play as beloved Trolls characters like Poppy, Branch and more. Players can also create their own Troll to jump, explore, dance, and master the art of “Hair-Jitsu”!”


As well as the traditional single-player platforming-based campaign, Trolls Remix Rescue will also include a series of rhythm-based mini-games and multiplayer modes to compete in. In addition, there’ll be multiple characters to play as—a roster that will make room for all the primary heroes of the Trolls Kingdom and its various movie adaptations.

“Players can use their Troll’s hair to whip at enemies, twirl it to rise up and hover like a helicopter, and use it to grab, carry, swing, throw, and smash objects along an exciting quest,” the description adds. “Compete to the beat in rhythm-based mini-games while solving fun and challenging environmental puzzles to unlock special new items and abilities.”


News of DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue first came to light earlier this week, right around the time GameMill Entertainment also teased its second joint venture with the animation studio, DreamWorks All-Stars Kart Racing. Going by what’s been said, both of the aforementioned games will be aiming to release before year’s end on all major platforms.

In case you missed it, Trolls Remix Rescue is being developed by Petit Fabrik, the same creator that brought life to 3D platformer Kukoos: Lost Pets back in 2021. Going by its portfolio, the upcoming Trolls video game adaptation will be its second project, which, like Kukoos: Lost Pets, will also release on consoles and PC.


At the time of writing, neither Petit Fabrik nor publisher GameMill Entertainment have brought any form of pre-launch footage to the table. Chances are, with it set to release before year’s end, one of the two will post something over the next several weeks.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue will be shaping up for a launch across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC via Steam at some point in late 2023. Word on the street has it that it’ll be targeting a pre-holiday season release, which technically slots it somewhere between October and December. But don’t quote us on that, though!

According to the devs, the game will be available as both a physical and digital edition at launch, and will retail for $49.99. There’ll also be a special collector’s edition, which has yet to be fully revealed and priced. You can go ahead and add the standard copy to your wishlist over on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop, and Steam.

Interested in staying in the loop? If so, you can check in with GameMill Entertainment for all the latest pre-launch updates here. If anything changes ahead of its release, we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the key details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be getting your hands on a copy of DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue when it releases on consoles and PC later this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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