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5 Best Games Like BLACKTAIL



BLACKTAIL is a game that pulls heavily from Slavic myth and legend. This gives the game a distinct setting and tone, as well as an overall darker feel throughout the game. The game features archery combat heavily, which makes it unique in its own right. Players will be able to face different difficult bosses and make their way through the world's stunning settings. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Games Like BLACKTAIL.

5. Hogwarts Legacy

Both BLACKTAIL and Hogwarts Legacy have the backdrop of being magical games. Apart from this, the worlds and creatures shown in both these games are quite alike in their high fantasy settings. This is great as it allows players to get lost in the wonder of something that they can't quite understand. Additionally, players will be able to play through the game, which is set years before the events of the first book, in order to steer clear of continuity issues.

Soon you will be able to become a student of one of Hogwart's infamous Four Houses. Players will then be able to begin their magical adventure through the game. Players will learn a ton of spells and meet different characters and creatures along the way, which is sure to make this game immensely interesting. While very little is known about the story content of Hogwarts Legacy, it is sure to be a magical adventure for all to enjoy. It is for this reason that we consider it to be one of the best games like BLACKTAIL.

4. Hades

While Hades might differ quite strongly in terms of gameplay and the way it is presented. Though this is true, the magical backdrop of the game is really quite similar to BLACKTAIL. Players will be able to crawl through various dungeons as Zangerus, the son of Hades, as they make their way through the Underworld. This is a fantastic setting as it lends itself well to the dank elements of game dungeons. The hack-and-slash combat in Hades also differs from BLACKTAIL, an FPS game where players mainly use archery.

Hades is one of the most critically acclaimed games in recent memory, with people praising its dungeon design and skill tree system. Both elements have made the game a massive hit for players who love that type of gameplay. If you haven't tried out the game yet, now is a great time to do so, as it will allow you to run through the game's many dungeons. In closing, Hades is a great game that also deals with the realm of magic and gods. So if players enjoy BLACKTAIL, they will most likely enjoy Hades.

3. Elden Ring

Players who are familiar with the high fantasy universe of Elden Ring will find that it actually pulls a lot from myths, much like BLACKTAIL. This means that players who enjoy the more fantastical elements of the game are sure to enjoy Elden Ring. In addition, the game features the famous FromSoftware combat, which has become a staple of the Dark Souls series. So if you enjoy high fantasy settings, this is a game that you surely cannot miss out on.

Players will be able to customize their character and fight many different bosses. These bosses range in difficulty and mechanics but give quite a sense of scale to the game. These massive bosses will tower over the player's character and truly feel like a challenge. To conclude, Elden Ring is not only one of the best games to release recently but a fantastic game that employs many high fantasy elements in its world and gameplay. This makes it an excellent game to recommend for players who enjoy those types of settings and gameplay.

2. God of WarBest Narrative

God of War is a game that has to deal with Norse mythology. Following the main character from the older God of War games, Kratos, players will find themselves in an entirely new setting for the series. This gives the game quite a different feel, accompanied by the over-the-shoulder camera angle that was chosen from his game. This brings a feeling of closeness to the combat that wasn't necessarily there before. Kratos, as a character, also vastly improves in this title, with much more depth added to his character throughout the game's runtime.

Players will be able to fight various bosses in the game through the game's smooth combat system. This never ceases to feel amazing as players move from challenge to challenge throughout the game. Both this game and BLACKTAIL deal with the mythologies of their various regions, which gives the game a fantasy feel overall. If players have not played this game yet, then they are doing themselves a great disservice, as it is simply phenomenal. So if you enjoyed BLACKTAIL, then definitely pick up God of War, as you almost certainly won't be disappointed.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game that is a fantastic recommendation in and of itself. This game follows the heroine Aloy as she navigates a harsh world full of robot dinosaurs and bandits. Players will have to go through the world and learn its mysteries to get the most out of the game. Combat in the game is incredibly smooth and always satisfying to accomplish. The bosses in the game are also spectacles unto themselves, which is fantastic.

If players enjoy the dark, more serious tone of the game, then Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic choice to play. Players will be able to travel through lands that all range in their biome but manage to all look phenomenal. So if you enjoy games that give the player a challenge and also feature many different boss mechanics, then definitely give Horizon Zero Dawn a try. To close, this is one of the must-play gaming experiences in recent times, and players would be remiss without having played this game. So if you enjoy the FPS gameplay of BLACKTAIL, maybe give the third-person hunting gameplay style of Horizon Zero Dawn a go.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like BLACKTAIL? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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