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All Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3, Ranked



Kingdom Hearts 3 is known for its enticing worlds, but which ones are the best? Each world has its own design, characters, and themes. Some of them execute them better than others, though, leading many players to love some worlds while forgetting about others. The list below takes a look at all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds and ranks them.

10. Arendale

Arendale in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Arendale is a frozen landscape that places you in the middle of Frozen. In fact, the Let it Go scene from the movie even plays after you progress the story in the world. With that being said, Arendale isn't all that exciting, and many players were conflicted about the use of the newer movie in the game. The level isn't all that memorable unless you really like snow, and the story feels rather chopped up, even for a Kingdom Hearts rendition of the tale.

The parts of the game where you searched for Olag were pretty boring, but at least you could slide around the icy landscape. One of the biggest issues players have with it is the boss at the end. They just kind of show up without any real backstory to explain things.

9. Montropolis

Montropolis in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Montropolis should have made many fan's hearts full, but in reality the world felt pretty bland. You are stuck at the scare factory the whole time, and despite the Monsters Inc. skin, it could be any factory thrown into the game without a lot of change. The level feels extremely linear, and there's not really anything here to pull you into the story. In fact, you're even bothered by Randall, who, much to every player's dismay, got a hold of the intercom in the factory to throw out annoying voice lines.

The enemies in the level are equally disappointing, with a final boss battle that many players find frustrating. While Sullie and Mike are always fun to pal around with, Montropolis really was a world that could have been great, but failed making it one of the worst Kingdom Hearts III worlds.

8. Kingdom of Corona

Sora in the Kingdom of Corona in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Kingdom of Corona suffers the same fate as the other two levels. It's just not a great design. The story closely follows the movie Tangled with little deviation, making it one of the dryer worlds for fans who prefer the deep lore of the series. While the characters are charming, there's just not a lot of new stuff here to do, and what does go on feels like it's just dragging out the story in the world, keeping players from leaving.

7. Twilight Town

Twilight Town cooking Kingdom Hearts 3.

Twilight Town is back and bigger than ever in Kingdom Hearts 3. This time, the hub offers a few side quests, along with your starting point for the game. With that being said, this still feels like a weaker version of the town than in the second game. There's nothing particularly wrong with this world, but you likely won't find it as memorable as many of the meatier areas of the game.

6. Keyblade Graveyard

Sora after Keyblade Graveyard Kingdom Hearts 3.

Your thoughts on this world may very well be changed if you played the DLC for Kingdom Hearts III. This is the “last” large-scale world you will visit and is muddled with a series of battles. You will wield all the keyblade warriors and face off against Oringization XIII, in several tough fights. Sadly, before the DLC was released this part of the game felt incredibly rushed. In fact, it actually held most of the core story of the game, the problem being that this was the last world you visited.

It's also a bit sad that you couldn't explore the Keyblade Graveyard more as it seems like it would be a great place for lore. If you happened to play with the DLC, your experience here is likely better, but you still may be left wanting to explore more.

5. 100 Acre Wood

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Woods.

Like in previous games the 100 Acre Wood returns as an optional area. This time, you are going to play some more mini-games and get to know Pooh and friends better. Players love the change of tone that this world always brings, and you can't help but want to return to it each time you progress the story.

4. Olympus

Sora at Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Olympus takes on a whole different look in Kingdom Hearts 3. This time, you won't be taking to the Coliseum, but instead exploring Olympus itself. This gives a great introduction to the game's new mechanic that lets you use Disney rides as summons. Thebes, the human town, is also open for exploration, while Mount Olympus takes you into the sky to the realm of the Greek gods to do battle.  Everything has been lovingly detailed and gives a great opening impression.

The bosses for the area are also impressive, as you will be facing off against the Titans. These are colossal-sized villains that are just plain fun to take down. Olympus really shows just how fun the game could be if all the worlds took a more creative spin.

3. San Fransokyo

San Fransokyo in Kingdom Hearts 3.

San Fransokyo lets you team up with Hiro and Baymax to fight the heartless. One of the winning points of this world is that it didn't try to follow the movie script. Instead, it came up with its own fun story involving Sora, Donald, and Goofy. The team even had a slight transformation to look a little more heroic, and there are quite a few fun lines of dialogue. Many players remark that this is a world that is just plain fun without anything trying to hold it back.

The game's use of flow motion really stands out in the town, and it's essentially a big play box. Thanks to the fun setting San Fransokyo is one of the best Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds.

2. Toy Box

Toy Box in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Toy Box is another creative world that turns the team into toys. You will assist Woody and Buzz in navigating a never-before-seen toy store set in the world of Toy Story. The game has several unique enemies and a beloved doll mini-boss that many of the fandoms really took to the design of. All of the floors of the toy store are well-designed, and there are even little cameos hanging around the video game section for fans of Square Enix games to enjoy.

This is another world that proves that when there are original stories afoot, players tend to have a much better time. It also proves that while this is the first time Toy Story has appeared in the series, it doesn't always have to follow the plot of the film.

1. The Caribbean

The Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Caribbean comes back with a vengeance and even lets you sail a pirate ship. Both the seas and Port Royale allow you to run around and explore freely. You can even go underwater and players get to visit the infamous Davy Jones' Locker while walking around. The story does follow the movies but adds enough room for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to have fun. Without spoiling too much, The Caribbean is our choice for the best Kingdom Hearts 3 world.

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