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5 Worst First-Person Shooters of All Time



First-Person Shooters have been popular for ages – all generations of gamers at least have ONE FPS game in their favorites. From aliens and zombies to wars and superheroes, there's barely a theme that the FPS genre hasn't touched.

While all the First-Person Shooters have similar basic mechanics (more or less), it's the theme, lore, characters, and graphics that make or mar the game.

This time around, we compiled a list of the worst First-Person Shooters ever made.

5 Worst First-Person Shooters Ever Released

Here's our list, based on Metacritic's score.

1) The Letter

The Letter Soundtrack

The Letter is a 2014 first-person game from TreeFall Studios, designed for the platform Wii U. The game has received an overall 2.2 Metascore.

In the game, the protagonist is Michael Kennedy, who receives a letter from his father, Taylor James Kennedy. In this letter, he warns Michael not to trust anyone and stay away from his job site where he goes missing. The letter also states that his father will be gone when Michael receives the letter. 

Eventually, Michael gets on the track of finding his father and the entire mystery related to his job site. During this, he finds further clues and other letters. 

Players are supposed to take the role of Michael and play to unfold the mystery left behind by his father. As an adventure/first-person shooter, the players face many hurdles and obstacles during their journey. 

However, players hated the game. According to the users, the game is boring and underdeveloped, and there is an utter lack of thrill to the entire ambiance. Moreover, they also mentioned that there is nothing much to do except simulate and click on a few objects here and there. 


2) Orc Slayer

worst first-person shooters

Orc Slayer is a first-person action shooter arcade developed by Cooply Solutions for Microsoft, PS4, Linux, and macOS. It was released on July 19, 2016, and has an overall Metascore of 2.3.

The world is plagued by Orcs, a breed of brainless, angry creatures. Humans have fled their homes and are now at the mercy of invading Orc armies. As a protagonist, the player needs to plot his revenge against these Orcs and destroy them. 

The story revolves around a new revolutionary weapon; the crossbow combined with the special magic bolts, topped with revenge.

However, the players called the game boring, underperforming, and under-optimized. According to players, there is nothing much to do, creative or interesting, in the game.


3) Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny 

realms of arkania

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny is a first-person RPG developed by Crafty Studios. The game was released on July 29, 2013, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game has a user score of 3.0 on Metacritic. The game is an official remake of 1992 original that players loved widely.

Based in the city of Thorwal, the game has six characters to choose from. The Orc tribes have assembled and are planning an invasion on Thorwal. 

Hetman Tronde Torbensson hires you to find the blade of destiny – Grimring, and stop the invasion of Orcs. The blade of destiny, though, has been lost since its last bearer’s death. Being the protagonist, you need to find Grimring and defeat the Orcs within two game years, or else they invade. 

According to critics, the predecessor is far better than the new product. It seems to offer nothing new, and it feels like the developers didn’t know what they were up to. Players called it boring with bad graphics and audio issues. They also said there was no plot, nothing that could be followed or enjoyed. 


4) Navy SEALs: Weapons for Mass Destruction


Navy Seals: Weapons for Mass Destruction was developed and released by Jarhead Games in 2003. It is an arcade-action shooter game for PC. Surprisingly, compared to the game’s comments, its User Metascore is 8.0.

The game is based on secret missions against terrorism in three global hotspots- Iraq, North Korea, and Pakistan. It has nine levels. The protagonist is supposed to penetrate the enemy base through the land, air, or water and kill them all. 

The critics had much to say about the game, from worst-level design to lousy visuals to dumb AI. Quoting directly from one of the critics, “The enemy AI just stands around and lets you pick them off as though you were choosing teams for dodgeball”. 


5) Gods and Generals

gods and generals

Gods and Generals is an FPS/historic/arcade single-player game developed by Univision. The game was released for PC on February 18, 2003. It has received an overall Metascore of 6.6.

The game is based on the American Civil war situation where a player takes the role of a Company Commander, leading on the front line of battle. Each decision impacts millions of lives, so battle plans must be precise. Given the situation, the choice is up to you- “Save the Confederacy” or “Preserve the Union”.

The game could not perform because it was apparently a “rushed job”, given the weapon, technical design, and nonfunctional AI. The game’s graphics were also criticized as outdated and lousy, and the missions were boring. Ultimately, it was termed as an overall bad idea.


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