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5 Best RPGs on Steam Deck (June 2022)



There are a ton of RPGs out there, especially when considering the massive library on Steam. Many of these have been made playable on the Steam Deck, a portable game system. If you have just got a Steam Deck or are looking for a long game to sink your time into, it can be a hard choice. There are tons of all-star titles that are already compatible with the Steam Deck, including some of the most well-known games of this gen. To help make your decisions a bit easier, the list below contains five games that are sure to blow your mind with their lore and story.


5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is easily one of the best RPGs to ever come out. The game features a story that is nothing short of a masterpiece. Best of all, even if you have never touched the first two games, Witcher 3 is still playable. The game lets you follow Geralt after he has recovered his memories and is searching for Yennifer. When the two reunite shortly after the game starts, Geralt sets out on an adventure to find his lost daughter Ciri. This takes Geralt on a long journey where your decisions will affect the world around you.

The game features real-time combat, where you must use potions to help take down monsters. There are tons of different enemy types in the game, each with its own unique attributes. Along with an engaging main story, there are tons of side quests. These side quests help flesh out the world and add to the lore of the game. Many have you hunting unique monsters and unraveling mysteries. Best of all, the game, along with its two expansions, regularly goes on sale on Steam, so they are easy to pick up.


4. Persona 4: Golden

Persona 4: Golden spent years trapped on the PS Vita until its debut on Steam. The game is the ultimate version of Persona 4 and features nearly a hundred hours of content. It's a unique blend of a turn-based RPG and a daily life simulator. You will have portions of the game where you are fighting your way through dungeons. When you are not in dungeons, you will be balancing a normal life. By doing activities in your everyday life, you can get closer to your social links and increase your skills. To truly master the game, you will need to find a perfect balance between the two.

The game has turn-based gameplay, where you use the power of Personas to fight. Personas have different elements, abilities, and buffs. You will also need to collect and summon Personas to get more powerful. In addition, there are plenty of side quests to do, and the story has long been acclaimed as one of the best the JRPG genre has to offer.


3. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the most innovative RPGs to ever come out. It took the Souls franchise to new heights and has a sprawling open world to explore. The story is complex, there are multiple routes, and your decisions do matter when interacting with NPCs. The world in Elden Ring is nothing short of beautiful. In fact, many gamers will argue that it has some of the best art direction in gaming.

Like other Souls games, you can choose a class and different weapons to take on the world with. The game is made to be hard, so strategy is a must no matter what enemy you are taking on. The bosses range from hard to rage-inducing, providing a true challenge to anyone who plays it. Best of all, the multiple routes gives it high replay value.


2. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise was a huge step for the decades-old franchise and RPGs in general. The game finally brings anime-styled games into modern graphics while keeping its roots. Arise has stylish combat and a story that has left its fans begging for more. You take control of Alphen, a mysterious masked man who can use the flaming sword. You go around to liberate your planet from its rulers that came from the sister planet, Rena. While exploring Dahna, you meet party members with similar mindsets and learn the mystery regarding the sister worlds.

There is tons of additional content, such as skits which help give character development. There are also plenty of side quests that help flesh out the lore of the world and challenging dungeons to put your combat skills to the test. If you like JRPGs or are looking to give them a try, then Tales of Arise will pull you in with its modern design and story.


1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

best medieval games of all time

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most well-known RPGs in gaming history. To say it's fantastic would be a complete understatement, as it is probably the most popular RPG of all time. The game places you in the shoes of the famous Dragonborn, but what you choose to do is entirely up to you. There are tons of ways to play the game, from being a sword master to using assassination skills to decimate your enemies. RPG fans will fall in love with the skill trees and the large number of weapons and spells to choose from.

The game is open-world, with underground locations that help make the map even larger. You can choose to follow the main story or immediately start exploring after the prologue. There are dozens of side quests, some that are massive and have their own story chain. If you want to take a break from lore, then you can delve into one of the game's many dungeons. You can even buy yourself a house and get married if you choose to do so. Skyrim is always a great game to play, and thanks to the freedom of choice, is always worth picking up again no matter how many times you've finished it.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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