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5 Best Horror Games on Nintendo Switch (2022)



Granted, the world of horror isn't something we necessarily associate with the Nintendo Switch. Its vast array of exclusives, which teeter somewhere along the lines of being family-friendly and unintentionally wholesome, often accommodate one, maybe two per year. That said, there is an abundance of remasters and ports that can be found on the market, many of which are far more immersive when experienced on something like a handheld device.

The Switch has seen its fair share of releases this year, that much is true. Question is, which of them have been utterly horrifying, as well as worth the price of admission? Well, here are the five games we'd highly recommend for anyone looking to boost their Switch libraries this Halloween.


5. Layers of Fear: Legacy

Layers of Fear: Legacy Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Layers of Fear is an artistic walking simulator that blends psychological horror with a rich and deeply disturbing narrative. As a morally bankrupt painter on the precipice of collapse, you must traverse the remnants of your broken home in search of the tools needed to craft the magnum opus. To acquire such items, you will need to relive your darkest memories and connect the dots that your psyche left behind in tatters.

Layers of Fear isn't one to rely on combat to tailor its story. At its heart, it's a psychological experience, and it does a tremendous job at making you feel isolated in a world that no longer weeps for its inhabitants. Every step bears a consequence, some of which go way beyond physical and emotional distraught. And for Switch users, the exclusive Legacy edition is by far the best way to experience all it has to offer, and then some.


4. Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition

Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition - Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Among the Sleep is a quirky yet incredibly thought-provoking story-driven experience, one that sees you wandering around as a baby during the dead of night, a time when everyday obstacles merge into terrifying and deadly apparitions. Although its gameplay is relatively straightforward and somewhat limited, its scares and conclusion are most definitely worth sticking around for.

Among the Sleep dares to explore an untapped market in which childrens' minds carve the story. It's unlike anything else you'll ever play, and it most certainly forces you to raise a few questions about the youth of today and the make-believe worlds that they develop. And although you won't be leaping out of your skin at the thought of a teddy bear being a killer in disguise, you will find that fear can, at least in small amounts, be unlocked in the strangest of ways.


3. Detention

DETENTION - Launch Trailer

If you're wanting to add one of the best Switch horror games of all time to your catalog, then you should look at Detention, a 2D side-scrolling title that brings Taiwanese culture and mythology to an atmospheric underworld. In this tale, you'll assume the roles of two students, Wei, and Ray, in a cursed and desolate high school. As wayward spirits rattle the bones of the mountainous facility, you must work to uncover its myriad of secrets and intangible curses.

Although relatively short, Detention is definitely worth shoveling some hours into, if not for the story, then for the mythology. All in all, it's rife with hearty content, and it's an absolute essential accessory to have in one's arsenal, be it for a Sunday afternoon, or for a twilight shift in the midst of Halloween.


2. Amnesia: The Collection

Amnesia: Collection - Release Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

There was once a time when streamers paraded the Amnesia franchise about like it was the only thing on earth. And they were right to do so, as The Dark Descent was, in all fairness, one of the most bingeworthy titles of its era. And even to this day, the series is equally as appealing — perhaps more so now that it has its own three-for-one collection to boot.

Amnesia is a series that prioritizes stealth and initiative over bullets and brawn. Unlike the vast majority of survival horror games, your hero is often left defenceless and without any form of guidance. Because of this, every entity is a threat, and every obstacle an unclimbable mountain. Add a thick layer of intensity to an atmospheric gothic underworld, and you've got yourself the basic setup for a phenomenal albeit incredibly bone-shattering slew of experiences.


1. Outlast: The Collection

Outlast | Official Trailer

Red Barrels' Outlast series is, without a doubt, something of a marvel in the horror market. Adopting a similar defenceless protagonist with a heart for plundering secrets from the bones of a twisted faculty, players are invited to explore Mount Massive Asylum, loaded with only a camera, a set of batteries, and a thirst for knowledge. It's what waits deep within, though, that conjures the cause for concern.

If you're one for embarking on quests that feature terrifying chase sequences, limited resources, and more tainted folk than Resident Evil 4's Village Ganadosthen you'll definitely find something to fear in one of the two published Outlast chapters. Or, you could just double up and purchase the collection, which includes the Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2. Whatever your preference in genre, Outlast should definitely make up a place in your essential Switch titles this Halloween season.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any horror games you'd recommend playing on the Switch? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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