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Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Weapons make all the difference in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, however marginal the kill count is. Sure, you may master how to fire some weapons like a pro. But mastery can only take you so far. You need to build up skills while also going after the best weapons available. Fortunately, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II offers plenty of variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has its unique perks you can maximize depending on your preferred attack type. 

Snipers may work well in your favor if you’re better at firing shots from a distance. While if you’re quick on your feet, a lightning-fast SMG could come in handy. With over 50 weapons, you may find it tough to settle on your favorite. Not to worry, though, as these five best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II have proven themselves battle worthy. 

5. Lachmann Sub (Submachine Gun)

The Lachmann Sub (MP5) is Incredible in MWII! | Gun Guide Ep. 13

Although the Lachmann Sub, also called MP5, is a B-tier weapon, it’s a pretty powerful beast that might as well be ranked top-tier. Where it falls short in speed, the Lachmann Sub more than makes up for it in accuracy. So, if you feel like you’ve polished your speed but need more help in firing accurate headshots, the Lachmann Sub can come in handy. 

Additionally, the Lachmann Sub lacks recoil, which helps to take precise shots further. Especially at close to medium range, you want all, if not most, of your shots to count. Take the previous Call of Duty players who would gravitate toward the Lachmann Sub for its high total kill rate at close-range as proof of reliability. This one’s simple. If you feel uneasy about how accurate your shots are, Lachmann Sub can easily help take those jitters away.

4. TAQ-56 (Assault Rifle)

the *NEW* BEST TAQ-56 CLASS is UNSTOPPABLE! (Best TAQ-56 Class Setup) Modern Warfare 2

The TAQ 56 assault rifle is another tried, tested, and true must-have for landing accurate, deadly shots. Unfortunately, it falls under the S-tier category, so it may take a while to unlock it. But once you do, it’s all smooth sailing dealing high damage with equally high accuracy.  This is great for players looking to switch between close range and keeping a distance. Either way, you’ll still capitalize on landing those headshots and incurring damage.

If you’re a diehard Call of Duty fan who’s played previous entries, you may recognize the TAQ-56 as the classic SCAR weapon so hyped about. Now, it’s better than ever, rebranded to an even more reliable low recoil plus unique iron sight through and through. Its recoil control, in particular, is the most steady in the assault rifle class. A fact that more than speaks for just how cool the TAQ-56 is. 

3. SA-B 50 (Marksman Rifle)

The NEW BEST SNIPER in Modern Warfare 2 - BEST SA-B 50

Marksman rifles may feel like the road less traveled. However, the SA-B 50 might just be shifting the narrative later than never. If you’re more inclined to the adrenaline-infused run-and-gun close-range fights, the SA-B 50 is built perfectly for that. Kind of like a shotgun, except with an ADS so high it feels like the SA-B 50 is in its own league.

Even if you’d like to keep more distance, the SA-B 50 has got you covered with an incredible accuracy that needs no “more than one” shot to get the job done. So, would you like to fasten a fast-paced run and gun setup or take the more bolt-action rifle route at the medium range? In either scenario, the SA-B 50 is surprisingly mobile, leveled up with increased maneuverability to adapt lightning-fast to the demanding fast-firing needs of the battlefield. 

2. M4 (Assault Rifle)

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The M4 is no stranger to the game, having been most players’ top-choice weapon across previous Call of Duty titles over the years. That should give you some sense of comfort over how reliable the M4 is. In fact, among all assault rifles, it’s the best one there is if you’re looking for a weapon that has stood the test of time.

Without bothering about which attachments to amp up the M4 with, the initial configurations more than satisfy battlefield standards with their strength, accuracy, and power-high stats. If you’re more of the run-and-gun type of gamer, you’re more than welcome to take the M4 out for a spin. Or, if you’re a safe haven gamer, wanting to pick out a hidden spot to pick off players one by one from, the M4 can handle that too, like a pro.

You won’t need to break a sweat to get the M4 since it’s one of the first assault rifles you unlock. So, if not for the high praise CoD players give to it, at least try it out and see how well it plays. Rest assured; you’ll be more likely to carry it along with you through to when the credits start to roll.

1. Kastov-74U (Assault Rifle)

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Picking the best weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was tough. But, eventually, the Kastov-74U made a good case we couldn’t sweep under the rug. An S-tier weapon (yes, it might take a while to get your hands on this one), the Kastov 74-U boasts generous recoil control, high mobility, and fast time-to-kill stats. I mean, what more could you want?

Kastov-74U is said to fit the SMG category a lot more. No arguments there, seeing as it packs an incredulous amount of stopping power than an SMG could ever even dream of. Compared to the M4, Kastov-74U packs a heavier punch in the close to medium range. It’s, perhaps, the only aspect that towers it above the M4 in the AR category. All that's left is to find an attachment to counter the gun's recoil, and you'll be able to drop-dead opponents like it's your birthright.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our five best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II? Are there more weapons we should know about? Please let us know in the comments or over on our socials here.


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