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Star Trek: Resurgence Review (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, & PC)

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Attention all fans of Star Trek, Resurgence is the new kid on the block. It's time to enter the digital starship of imagination and embark on a new cosmic odyssey. Undeniably, the Star Trek timeline has been bumpy but genuinely exceptional. With more than 100 video game adaptations, the franchise has stood the test of time despite receiving heavy competition from Star Wars. 

However, Star Trek continues to win the hearts of its fans with its ethical and moral inclinations. This philosophical aspect of Star Trek appeals to those who enjoy thought-provoking storytelling and discussions about the human condition.

Sticking to tradition, Dramatic Labs recently unveiled a new title that will have you forging alliances, engaging in interstellar diplomacy, and testing the mettle of your adversaries. Enough with the praise; let's see whether this title deserves a seat at the table. Here's our Star Trek: Resurgence review.

Go Where You've Never Been Before

Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz and First Officer Jara Rydek

Resurgence hits the ground running by going where other games have never gone before – a Telltale – style adventure. Unlike other games in the franchise that primarily focus on combat, Resurgence emphasizes building meaningful relationships as its central theme in navigating the marauding conflict on the starship. 

The game picks up a year after Star Trek: Nemesis and 16 years post-The Next Generation. The game's storyline unravels from the perspectives of two characters, Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz and First Officer Jara Rydek. All crew members are donning DS9-designed uniforms.

Right off the bat, Dramatic Labs serves a dishful of conflict, capturing the true essence of the franchise. Jara's arrival on the first ship as first officer sparks controversy among other crew members. Some people don't see him as fit to be the next First Officer after the unfortunate demise of the former XO (Executive Officer). Carter is part of the engineering team, striving relentlessly yet elusive admiration from their Vulcan boss. He appears to have much to juggle between appeasing his disgruntled boss, maintaining friendships, and meeting his personal goals. 

On the other hand, the Resolute is recovering from a previous attack that took the lives of several crew members. Consequently, the staff blames Captain Zachary Solano for the losses and for bringing an outsider to the spaceship instead of promoting one of them. Now, Solano looks up to Jara to revitalize his integrity with his team. 

All Hands on Deck

Star Trek: Resurgence Review

The Resolute embarks on its first mission, which, impressively, also involves Spock. However, this stretched out the storyline a bit, considering the Romulan Senate faced his death a year earlier. You'd expect Spock to be in Romulus, picking up the pieces with the Unification Movement.

Anyway, in retrospect, two alien races are at war, and it's up to the galactic crew to mediate the conflict. It turns out that one race used its technological prowess to overthrow the other. However, an ion storm stops them in their tracks after they uncover its divergent properties. This is just a scratch on the game’s story depth. 

Truthfully, this is a lot to unpack, and the game is barely an hour in. But you've got to appreciate Dramatic Lab's efforts in meticulously establishing each character. Moreover, the storyline is reminiscent of the TNG series, capturing every hair-raising moment and boiling it down to making sound decisions. 

Thankfully, you can revisit the game and explore other options to see how it plays out. If you want to keep track of your decisions and how they impact the game, you can do so from the main menu. The game gives you a QR code that presents an external view of the damage or improvement you'll be causing. However, offering this feedback in the game would be better than redirecting players to another website. 

Moreover, making decisions is not all you'll be doing. The game has a series of QuickTime events that occur at any given time. The events unfold in every direction you look. So you don't have to worry about missing out on the action. 

What about Gameplay

Star Trek: Resurgence game play

You play the game from the perspective of the two likable characters, Jara and Carter. Swapping between the two characters gives a different view of the game as it unfolds. You'll soon uncover the special relationship between the crew on the bridge and those on the lower decks. If you're not issuing orders from the bridge, you could take a spacewalk to fix the Resolute or power up a critical system. Either way, instances in the game are organically nurtured to give you a perspective on every character's stake. 

Moreover, the two main protagonists barely have direct interactions, but the game constantly reminds you of their essence. As the game unfolds through a series of decision-making, it will help if you are quick in selecting an option before the timer runs out.

 Any decision you make as Jara and Carter has a weighted impact on the entire crew and ship. It also changes your perception of other characters. For instance, as Carter, you must navigate the ship's mechanics with seasonal finesse, or else you jeopardize the entire mission. In contrast, as Jara said, any decision you make could also impact Carter if it's wrong. 

Furthermore, how you relate to the crew members keeps the storyline's wheel in motion. It's not about enchanting their senses with an irresistible allure. You need to be logical about your decision-making, as if the fate of mankind depends on it. Well, not the entire mankind, but your crew. 

Although combat is far from the game's focus, you'll have plenty of activities to keep you busy, from using tools to open compartments to scanning the ship with your tricorder. There's never a dull moment aboard the Resolute.

Picture-Perfect Space Odyssey

Aside from impeccable storytelling, Dramatic Labs raises the bar with stunning yet mediocre visuals and character design. Each character portrays a unique personality and is beautifully animated. Thankfully, we don't get to see a “Sonic the Hedgehog” design flaw that would call for re-animation. Every element in the game appears surreal, including how the characters express emotions. However, the game wasn't designed to have top-tier graphics. What it offers suffices, considering the Unreal Engine powers the game. 

Moreover, the Resolute's design resonates closely with other vessels in the Star Trek movies. More specifically, the Excelsior in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Dramatic Labs chose to stay close to the franchise by sticking to the same interior design. That being said, everything in the game appears so blue. In some instances, it feels overwhelming due to the game's style and use of exaggerated colors. 

Additionally, the game's sound effects are the cream of the crop. It adds to the immersive experience of the space venture, from the timed beeps to the gush of air released when the door opens. Everything is done with timeless precision. Not to forget the soundtrack, which grounds every emotion a character portrays. For example, as Captain Solano reminisces on the tragic accident that befell the Resolute, the accompanying music transports you to the moment of impact and the chaotic struggle to save lives. 

Glitches Here and there!

As much as Resurgence excels at reigniting the authentic Trek experience, it has its fair share of flaws. At the time of release, the game presented numerous glitches, especially on PC. For instance, the dialog lines either start early or end late. Or the game crashes when returning to the menu. We've also received reports of sluggish loads on PS4 and busy cutscenes. The glitches take away the cinematic climax of various scenes, which can be utterly frustrating.

Notwithstanding, Star Trek: Resurgence still provides an invaluable venture into the galactic enterprise, which appeals to fans of the franchise. 


Star Trek: Resurgence review

Resurgence is the brainchild of ex-Telltale employees who now go by the name Dramatic Labs. The team exhibits a tangible tapestry of expertise in creating narrative-driven games, and Resurgence is no exception. The game moves away from the lore of spaceships or stunning cosmic space to a classic foundation of forging meaningful alliances. As a Star Trek fan, this is what makes the franchise stand out. There's less emphasis on the battle and more on dialogic resolutions.

Beyond the glitches, Resurgence captures the crucial elements that make for a good Star Trek adventure. Although some storylines will leave you with more questions than answers, it's one game that genuinely holds an honorable badge for replicating the interstellar adventure. 

Has this game piqued your interest? Will you be picking a copy of Star Trek: Resurgence? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here or down in the comments below. 

Star Trek: Resurgence Review (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, & PC)

A Flawed Yet Immersive Galactic Adventure

Outside its rich narrative, Star Trek: Resurgence presents challenges that call on you to gather the fragments of your intellect into a formidable ensemble. Emotions may run high, but logic should always lead the way. In the words of the iconic Spock, “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.”

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