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Revenant Hill: Everything We Know

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Revenant Hill is the upcoming follow-up to the indie cult classic Night In The Woods. Much like its predecessor, the game is wrapped in a lovingly adorable yet unsettling art style. This makes it really stand out. An announcement trailer was recently shown at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase. The future looks promising for this game. If its predecessor is any indication of what we will be receiving, then this title is definitely in good hands. It will be fascinating to see what direction this game goes in. This time around, however, the main character will be different from the previous game. Players will have to venture out into the dark woods and discover the mysterious goings on in this wonderfully anticipated sequel. So join us today as we have compiled all of the information on this great title for you. So without further ado, enjoy Revenant Hill: Everything We Know. 

What is Revenant Hill?

Much like its predecessor, Night in the Woods. Revenant Hill seems to be a side-scrolling adventure game in which players must seek out the truth around them. This sees them going through wonderfully crafted levels and trying to find answers. If the first title in the series is any indication of what to expect. Then players can hope to find tons of story-based content within the game. It hopes to accomplish this in quite a few ways. Firstly, the first game's writing was phenomenal and conveyed the existential horrors of adulthood quite well. Therefore, it would appear that the game has this subject of adulthood and what it means to exist and survive at the forefront of its narrative.

This gives the writers of Revenant Hill plenty of directions they can choose to go in, especially regarding the story of the game. So we highly anticipate what they will come up with. Adventure games similar to Revenant Hill often have this type of tale. That being one in which players must face much hardship to learn some fundamental truth. This is an excellent direction for the game to be going in, and it will be exciting to see what the developers at The Glory Society have in store for us. So, for now, we eagerly await more information to come out regarding this wonderful-looking title.


If the past games developed by The Glory Society are any indication, this title's story will be immense. Players will be able to get closer to their character, Twigs the Cat, as well as the many different characters of Revenant Hill. This is great as it allows the character to immediately identify with the main character, which goes a long way in aiding immersing the player within the game's world. How a game depicts its world tells the player a lot about how its overall story will be revealed. With Revenant Hill, it would appear that most of the game's story will be told through player interactions with other characters, as well as through the use of environmental storytelling.

The game itself is set in 1919 in the Lower North. Here, we will find that your main character has been forcibly evicted from the barnhouse they once called home. This is due to a fire that engulfs the place and forces Twigs to inhabit a wet log for shelter. However, a nearby owl from another hill swoops in and demands the rent. This forces our main character into a survival situation where they simply have to get by. Added to all of this stress is the fact that something about the environment isn't right. Something dark and sinister lurks and drapes over Twigs. It is with this wonderfully dark backdrop that we begin our story.


While there are very few gameplay segments to speak of, we can provide quite a bit of information from what we have on offer. It would appear that most of the gameplay will be spent making your way through the game's beautiful yet unsettling world. This often appears to bring you in contact with the other residents of Revenant Hill, which is sure to play a major role in the overall gameplay. So, from a gameplay perspective, what we have on offer appears really light. With the story as the main focus of the game, too many gameplay mechanics would simply get in the way of the narrative. This makes the simple and clean approach to gameplay that sees players investigating around town wonderful for this particular title.

So if you are someone who enjoys narrative-based gameplay, then this appears to be a title that will whet your appetite. The game's gameplay appears to feed into the overall story, which is great, and servicing the overall story in a game like this makes it truly stand out among other more gameplay-centric titles. Overall, it will be immensely interesting to see the direction the developers take the game. We do know that, at the very least, growing crops will play a pivotal role in advancing the game's story so players can look forward to that for sure.


While there is very little insight into the actual development of Revenant Hill, what we do know is really interesting. Players will be able to interact with the townspeople and make friends and enemies. This is sure to vary the gameplay for players who make different choices. Additionally, there are more areas in the game than just Revenant Hill. While the developers are playing the cards really close to their chest, this is a promising premise. All in all, the development of this title appears to be going smoothly as we work our way toward a full release.


The Announce Trailer from the latest PlayStation Showcase is all we have in terms of a gameplay trailer. However, quite a bit of information can be gathered here. For example, we get a feeling for the overall game, as well as its distinct art style and character designs. This really manages to place the character within the setting and is aided by some great music. Twigs the Cat can be seen having many different characters try to interact with them as they run across the screen. This places in the watcher's mind that this game indeed places heavy emphasis on character interactions.

Release, Platforms, Editions

While there is currently no solid release date for Revenant Hill, we do have quite a bit of information. First, we know the platforms for which the game will be released. These include the PlayStation 4PlayStation 5, and Steam as well. This is great and is sure to give many players a chance to try out this game when it releases. Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed regarding a definite release date, and we are waiting for it to be announced. However, with such a promising title, a wait doesn't seem all that bad.

So, what's your take on Revenant Hill: Everything We Know? Are you excited to learn more about this title? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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