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5 Classic Video Games Everyone Should Play At Least Once



There are hundreds of video games that have come out over the years. Many of which have become cult classics that other gamers insist you play. If you want to take a peek into gaming and see how it got to the point it's at, there are a few classic games you can look into. Tons of titles that are still around today or that have been rebooted helped to pioneer genres. The games below are classics that can still be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. If your looking for a fun lesson in gaming history and classics, then check out the titles below.

5.  Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon for the Nintendo Entertainment System is important. This is the game that pioneered the life sim genre as a whole. Like in games today, you get a farm, grow crops, and get to know the townsfolk. The game takes place in Flower Bud Village, where you will meet several familiar faces from later games. The original Harvest Moon allows you to get married and has a roster of five women to choose from. Sadly, this first game only allowed you to choose a male player character.

Many of the more modern features, like sprinklers, are missing from this title. In addition, the game is much smaller than players who love Story of Seasons, and Stardew Valley are used to. The game is still quite enjoyable, though, and the characters all have their own quirks. If you love farming-type sims, then this is a game that you will want to check out. Luckily, it can be purchased on the Nintendo eShop for those who are curious.


4.  Thief


Thief can be attributed to the rise of the steal genre and was truly a unique game. This is the first game that let you take different paths towards victory. You could take out your foes or choose to avoid conflict altogether. While the game does have levels, it's up to you how you want to progress through them. The presentation of the game even placed it in several different video game hall of fames. If you are a fan of stealth games such as Assasins Creed, then Thief: The Dark Project should be a classic you need to play.

Like most games on this list, Thief does have a story for you to play through. In addition, new parts of the series are being released, with a new game just titled Thief released in 2014. If you want to play this classic, then simply pick the title up off of the Steam store.


3. Doom

When talking about the history of the FPS genre, Doom always comes up. This classic title helped to form the FPS genre and is still heavily played to this day. In fact, the game is still so popular that mods are being made for it to this day. The game may not feature 3D graphics, but it still takes a bit of skill to win. That's saying a lot since it was released in 1993, and many FPS games from around the same time period didn't age nearly as well. This is partly thanks to the replayability and the game's five different difficulties.

If you have played modern Doom games, then you already know what type of enemies you will be fighting. Once you are done playing through the vanilla version of the game, simply download the easy-to-install mods to change things up. While this title isn't heavy on plot, the arcade-styled gameplay will keep pulling you in. This is another title that is easy to get ahold of. You can easily download a copy to your PC, and the game is even available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop.


2. Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter is a must-play for Naught Dog fans. This series really helped the studio rise to popularity and is a PlayStation 2 classic. The game focuses on the story of Jak and his friends as they journey across their world collecting Precursor Orbs and Power Cels. The two are working to turn Daxter back into a human and help repair the world around them. The game is a platformer with mini-game and racing implemented in to make for interesting segments.

Strangely enough, the later installments in the series got further and further away from Jak and Daxter. They also received a teen rating and feature a more serious tone that fans of the studio are more familiar with. The games also showed off a bit of the comedy that games like Uncharted will sneak in, allowing their dialouge to still hold up well to this game. If you are looking to play Jak and Daxter, then simply head over to the PlayStation Store.


1. The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask


The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask is an incredibly unique game. It threw away the normal Zelda formula in favor of side-quests and a three-day time cycle. Your mission is to stop the moon from falling on an alter dimension and find your way back home. To do so, you will need to solve the resident's problems, defeat dungeons, and reset time over and over again. You also must morph your body into different races to use their unique powers to navigate dungeons and take on puzzles.

The game also features a much darker tone, with many of the citizens cowering for their lives towards the last hours of the three-day cycle. You will also handle topics reminiscent of Ocarina of Times Shadow Temple, so if you like spooky games, this is for you. The game is easy to play as it's available on the premium version of the Nintendo Switch's online membership program. In addition, the game was also released for Nintendo 3DS, and these consoles are still relatively easy to find.

So, what’s your take on these video game classics? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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