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World of Warcraft: The War Within – Everything We Know



World of Warcraft is always expanding and evolving. The War Within being its latest expansion in the series. It delivers new exciting goodies for the WoW gaming community, including a new intriguing storyline, new zones, a new allied race, and other game-changing features.

World of Warcraft: The War Within was announced at BlizzCon on November 3, 2023, and won’t be released until 2024. Fortunately, the developers and gaming community have shared enough details to paint a clear picture of what it will be like. Here is a comprehensive overview of everything we know about World of Warcraft: The War Within.

What is World of Warcraft: The War Within?

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: The War Within is the tenth expansion in the WoW series. It is also the beginning of the Worldsoul Saga, a new adventure and story arc 20 years in the making. As the beginning of a new saga, the game introduces several major features to the series, including a new world, race, story arc, and more. Notably, it will be followed by two other expansions to continue the Worldsoul Saga, including World of Warcraft: Midnight and World of Warcraft: The Last Titan.



World of Warcraft: The War Within follows an intriguing story arc that will grow deeper as the Worldsoul Saga expands. The story is set in a never-before-seen, expansive subterranean world of the Nerubian empire, located beneath the surface of Azeroth. Xal’atath, the harbinger of the void, is gathering and mutating an army of arachnid creatures to invade and destroy Azeroth. As such, you must journey and fight your way through the new world to find the enemy and terminate them.



With the World of Warcraft: The War Within expansion, players can anticipate the same enjoyable gameplay style that they have come to expect from WoW. It will be filled with a great deal of excitement and action as you travel through the new world and engage in combat with other players.

The War Within features a new world called Khaz Algar, making for an epic adventure. Interestingly, the new world is located beneath Azeroth and comprises four zones arranged in a vertical (not horizontal) order.

Each zone has varying environments and is inhabited by a different species. The Isle of Dorn is home to the new Earthen race, which will include playable characters. Going deeper, The Ringing Deeps is home to the Machine Speakers, Earthen people who maintain huge machines. The Arathi occupy the next zone called Hallowfall, and they engage in a never-ending battle with the Nerubians below in the Azj-Kahet zone, where a hostile army of mutants is amassing.

Exploring the new world will be easy and fast, thanks to the Skyriding feature, which lets you mount dragons to fly around the world. Interestingly, you can also engage the dynamic flying capabilities first introduced in Dragonflight.

Notably, you can find loot hidden in treasure vaults called Delves when exploring the new world. Delves are a new end-game activity that you play alone or with up to four other players, along with an NPC. Notably, you must fight formidable bosses to get to the loot. The game will also feature eight new dungeons, including four level-up dungeons and four other max-level dungeons.

Besides bosses in Delves, you will also come across other enemies you must fight throughout the game. The fights are satisfying and employ WoW’s classic combat system, such as blowing up Nerubian nests using keg bombs. Interestingly, you can play a new race of beings called Earthen for a refreshing gameplay experience. Notably, the Earthen are a hardy, titan-forged race made of stone. They look awesome and intimidating, with a larger stature and meaner countenance than most other races.

Interestingly, World of Warcraft: The War Within will introduce a new quality-of-life change, Warbands, to help with your character’s build and combat capabilities. Warbands is an account-wide progression system that enables players to retain and transfer items between alts.

For example, the Warband Bank enables you to transfer items and regents between characters. You can also transfer gear and currencies. Finally, certain progression systems limited to specific characters will be integrated into an account-wide progression system.

Another new addition to the WoW gameplay system is Hero Talents, a class-fantasy system that will expand characters’ customization options. Each class specialization will have two Hero Talent trees inspired by classic WoW archetypes. The Hero Talent trees will unlock when you reach level 71, and players will earn one talent point for every level.



Blizzard is the developer behind World of Warcraft: The War Within. Interestingly, the game showcases the beginning of a new saga that the studio has been working on for the past 20 years.


Official Trailer - Shadow and Fury | The War Within | World of Warcraft

The official trailer for World of Warcraft: The War Within highlights all of the game’s new features. Alleria is the trailer’s star and narrator, and her few remarks are a cryptic summary of the story. She introduces the new subterranean world by talking about visions taunting her from below. The trailer then showcases the new world, including all four zones, highlighting their diverse environments. It also showcases all other new features, including Hero Talents, Skyriding, the Earthen race, and Delves.

The trailer also showcases the game’s dungeons and the action involved in raids. The action appears epic in classic WoW style, and the enemies are formidable and come in various types. Overall, it does a great job of building up hype for the game.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

World of Warcraft: The War Within is still under development and is scheduled to launch on August 26, 2024. Interestingly, players can pre-purchase the game to enjoy various benefits. Moreover, you can beta-test the game before it launches by signing up on the game’s official website. The game will be available on the PC platform. Notably, the game comes in three editions with varying features: Base Edition, Heroic Edition, and Epic Edition, which includes early access and beta access.

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