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Unrecord: Everything We Know

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Unrecord: Everything We Know

Ever since the first gameplay trailer was revealed by developer DRAMA, the gaming community has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The trailer, with its hyper-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, has left gamers in awe, struggling to differentiate between reality and virtuality. The reveal of Unrecord has sparked a frenzy of questions and speculation, with gamers eagerly seeking more information about this unique and intriguing game.

With its lifelike visuals and unique approach to gameplay, Unrecord has captured the attention of gamers around the world. Some skeptics have raised concerns about the authenticity of the gameplay footage, while others are curious about the game's storyline and development.

Is it real or just a scam? And when will it be released, and on what platforms? Let's dive deep into the world of Unrecord, uncovering everything we know so far about this enigmatic game.

What Is Unrecord?


Unrecord is an immersive single-player FPS tactical shooter set in an abandoned research facility. The game follows the story of a police officer investigating criminal cases and confronting a diverse cast of characters. With its complex dialogues, innovative gameplay mechanics, tough moral dilemmas, and unique shooting system, Unrecord offers an experience akin to a detective novel or a thrilling adventure. The game's plot and presentation play a central role in the gameplay experience, with players encountering a range of gameplay sequences and plot twists as they progress through the game.


The story of Unrecord revolves around the player taking on the role of a tactical police officer, experiencing events through the bodycam perspective. The player will need to navigate through a dark and eerie abandoned research facility to investigate criminal cases, uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and unravel the truth behind the events. The storyline is suspenseful, mysterious, and full of unexpected turns. The developers have not detailed much, but the game promises a gripping and immersive narrative that will keep players engaged throughout their gameplay experience.


Unrecord will undoubtedly offer a unique gameplay experience that sets it apart from traditional first-person shooters. Players will take on the role of a police officer and will need to use their tactical and detective skills to solve cases and confront suspects. The shooting system in Unrecord is also unique, requiring players to carefully aim and shoot, taking into consideration factors such as recoil and weapon accuracy. The gameplay appears to be challenging, with tough moral dilemmas that players will need to navigate as they make decisions that can affect the outcome of the game. Overall, the game offers a mix of action, investigation, and decision-making, creating a multifaceted gameplay experience that keeps players engaged and invested in the story.


Unrecord is being developed by an independent studio DRAMA. The developers have provided an exciting update on the game's development, highlighting their focus on optimization, a standard process for any game. They emphasize that the game's realistic effects will not solely rely on textures or polygon count, ensuring that players can experience immersion even on less powerful machines. While they cannot guarantee a perfectly optimized game, the developers express confidence in meeting gamers' expectations and delivering a high-quality experience.

In addition to technical details, the developers have also outlined their commitment to addressing sensitive topics. They emphasize that the game will avoid any themes of discrimination, racism, and violence against women and minorities. Furthermore, they clarify that the game will not have any biased or Manichaean portrayal of criminal acts and police violence. This demonstrates the developers' dedication to creating a game that is inclusive, respectful, and enjoyable for all players, while also acknowledging the importance of avoiding any controversial or discriminatory content.


Unrecord - Official Early Gameplay Trailer

The reveal trailer of Unrecord has generated a lot of buzz among gamers due to its hyper-realistic graphics and captivating gameplay. The trailer shows an officer walking towards a derelict building, checking their weapon before heading inside to track down a suspect. The gameplay footage is visually stunning, with high-quality lighting and textures that make it almost indistinguishable from real camera footage. The trailer also hints at the suspenseful and action-packed nature of the game, with the officer engaging in gunfights and navigating through dangerous situations. The realistic and immersive nature of the trailer has left gamers eagerly anticipating the release of Unrecord.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

As of now, there is no official release date or estimated year of release for Unrecord. The success of the game's reveal trailer has prompted the developers to accelerate development, but the game is still in the pre-production stage. DRAMA is an independent studio that self-funds the development of this game, and they are working diligently to meet the expectations of gamers and deliver a high-quality game.

The developers are currently developing the game for PC, and they have not yet decided on the specific platforms and consoles for release. However, the developers have mentioned that they don't see any issues with porting the game to consoles, and they will keep players updated during the development process. It is worth noting that the game may require powerful hardware to fully enjoy the action.

The developers have mentioned that they do not see any issues with porting the game to consoles. So we can expect a PlayStation or Xbox release along with the PC. As for different editions of the game, no information has been provided by the developers regarding special editions or additional content. But with the increasing trend of special editions and collector's editions in the gaming industry, it wouldn't be surprising if Unrecord also offers different editions with exclusive content or bonuses.

With its emphasis on realism, attention to detail, and inclusivity, Unrecord is poised to make a mark in the gaming industry and become a must-play for fans of first-person shooters and narrative-driven games alike. So, keep an eye out for Unrecord and get ready to embark on a thrilling and immersive journey through the dark and dangerous world of crime investigation.

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