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Logiart Grimoire: Everything We Know



Logiart Grimoire: Everything We Know

The gaming world is full of fast-paced action and vast landscapes. But now, there's something new on the horizon. Picture a game where you dive deep into a magical book, solving puzzles to uncover its hidden stories. This isn't your usual adventure; it's a blend of brain-teasing challenges wrapped up in a tale of magic. The game combines puzzles with a gripping story. Each puzzle you solve leads you further into the heart of the tale. Excited to unlock the mysteries? Here's everything we know about Logiart Grimoire.

What is Logiart Grimoire?

Logiart Grimoire

Logiart Grimoire is an upcoming video game that promises to redefine the boundaries of what a puzzle game can be. Developed by Jupiter Corporation, the minds behind the immensely popular Picross series, the game is poised to be a harmonious blend of intellectual challenge and captivating narrative. While many games have either a compelling storyline or intricate gameplay, this game aims to marry the two into an experience that stimulates both the mind and the imagination.

Far from being just another title in the overflowing ocean of puzzle games, Logiart Grimoire introduces its own unique puzzles called “Logiart.” These puzzles are different because they're closely tied to the game's overall story and world. Without spilling too many details, let's just say that solving these puzzles feels like you're part of a bigger, magical adventure.

At its core, this game promises to be a rich and engaging experience that caters to a wide array of gamers. Whether you're a casual gamer who likes quick puzzles or someone who loves diving deep into a good story, this game has something for you. It's easy to get into but offers a lot to discover, making it a game that many are excited about.


In the game, you find a special book, and it's not like other books. This one has magic inside it, but something's wrong. The magic doesn't work as it should. With the help of Emil, a kind guide who knows the book well, you try to fix it.

To do that, you solve puzzles. Each puzzle you solve is like fixing a piece of the book's magic. As you work with Emil, you learn more about the grimoire and its stories. The more puzzles you solve, the closer you get to making the book's magic work again. It's like being a detective but for magic! As you progress, you're also fixing the book's magic. Imagine each puzzle is like a broken piece of a magical machine. When you solve it, the machine starts to work again. And as you keep fixing more and more pieces, the story of the book starts to unfold.


Logiart Grimoire Game

In Logiart Grimoire, the gameplay isn't just an isolated experience but a harmonious blend of puzzle-solving intricacies and narrative elements. So what can you expect from the gameplay? Let's delve deeper into the enchanting world of Logiart, a unique “Picture Logic Puzzle” mechanic that sits at the heart of this title.

To start with, Logiart puzzles serve a dual purpose—they offer a challenging mental exercise and act as the building blocks for advancing the story. Utilizing vertical and horizontal numbers as clues, players will complete a variety of illustrations. But don't worry, whether you're a puzzle aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, Logiart Grimoire has something for you. The game comes with a range of puzzles in different sizes, from 5×5 grids for a quick mental jog to expansive 40×30 grids for those who love a good brain-burning session.

Now, let's talk Fusion. Once you clear puzzles in Logiart, they transform into “materials” that can be fused to unlock new challenges. It's like taking your puzzle-solving achievements and using them as a key to even more puzzling doors. This Fusion mechanism adds another layer to the gameplay, demanding not just logical thinking but also strategic planning. You'll need to read the hints provided for each puzzle carefully and deduce the correct combinations of materials to unlock new puzzles.

Furthermore, to keep you engaged, the game also features Emil's Growth. Every time you successfully solve a Logiart puzzle, Emil gains magical power. This doesn't just serve the narrative but also opens up new gameplay possibilities. As Emil grows stronger, you'll unlock more challenging puzzles through Fusion, thereby getting closer to your ultimate goal of restoring the Logiart grimoire to its former glory.


The game is being developed by Jupiter Corporation, the same people who created the popular Picross series. They've announced to release of Logiart Grimoire early via Steam. This allows gamers to try it out and give their thoughts. The developers are really keen on hearing what players have to say, and they're using places like the Steam Community board and Twitter to keep the lines of communication open.

As for what comes next, Jupiter Corporation has some exciting plans. They want to add new features like being able to use a game controller or keyboard to play. They're also planning to create a help screen for newcomers and a special screen where you can see all the cool stuff you've done in the game. One more important thing—they're working on making sure the game will work well on the Steam Deck.


【Logiart Grimoire(ロジアート グリモワール)】 Early Access Version PV

The developers shared an enticing gameplay trailer, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come. Don't miss out; check out the video embedded above!

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Logiart Grimoire is coming to your PC on September 12. But this is just a sneak peek version called Early Access on Steam. That means you can play it before everyone else and even give tips to the game makers. Don't worry if you have a Nintendo Switch; the full game will come out on that platform too, but at a later date we don't know yet.

Now, you might be wondering, Can I get a special or deluxe version? The answer is no. Because the game is still in the Early Access stage, they are keeping things simple. They've even said the game will cost a bit more when it's fully ready. In the meantime, you can follow the official social media accounts of the developers here.

So, what's your take on Logiart Grimoire? Are you excited about solving its unique puzzles? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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