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Dead Island 2: Best Weapons

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Dead Island 2, the ultimate zombie-killing game, has landed on our screens with a ton of blood, guts, and gore. And we can thank the game's extensive and exotic arsenal of weapons for that. As a result, there are a million entertaining ways to dispatch the undead, but what weapons are the best for it? Because there are so many weapons in the game, and upgrades for them, it can be hard to narrow down the best choice. That's why we've got you covered with the best weapons in Dead Island 2, in this list.

8. Peggy

best weapons

Melee weapons remain the most reliable and satisfying style of combat in Dead Island 2. That being said, you will need to rely on some firepower from time to time. One of the best weapons, in that case, is the Peggy hunting rifle. Its massive damage output is ideal for chunking down higher-health zombies or bosses. Just don't expect it to be great at clearing out hordes of zombies; as a single shot, it certainly isn't good for that purpose. Nonetheless, you can get a superior version of it by completing the side quest: Creature Comforts (Bel Air).

7. The One

best weapons

Although Katanas in Dead Island 2 are some of the best weapons in the game, their amusement has worn thin in zombie games. Seriously, what zombie games in this day in age don't include a Katana for rapidly slicing and dicing the undead? That's why, in Dead Island 2, we're turning our heads to The One, a prop movie sword.

But don't be too quick to dismiss The One for being a movie prop, because it certainly doe's its job of decapitating and chopping up zombies into pieces. And, despite it not being able to compete with the Katana in speed, it can certainly best it in damage. You can get this legendary sword by completing the side quest: Beacon of Hope (Hollywood Boulevard).

6. Bodycount

We all know that guns aren't the best option in Dead Island 2 and that majority of the time melee weapons are the way to go. However, if you're going to utilize a gun, skip over the pistols and shotguns, and use one that's actually worth your time, such as the Bodycount assault rifle.

There are only two legendary guns in Dead Island 2, and the Bodycount is one of them. It has a 30-round mag cartridge and sizable damage with each bullet. As a result, its focus is on clearing out waves of weaker zombies when your melee weapon isn't quite doing the trick. You can get the Bodycount by completing the Lost & Found: [Redacted] quest.

5. Blood Rage

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Alright back to the focus: melee weapons. If you're looking for a swift and efficient melee weapon, Blood Rage is the way to go. Even better, this legendary dagger is an Easter Egg that pays respect to the former game. Making it the preferred choice for fans of the original Dead Island. Nonetheless, you can get it by completing the Lost & Found: Fool's Gold (The Pier) quest. The quest itself is a little tricky but well worth your trouble.

4. Big Shot

We know we said to steer clear of pistols. However, the Big Shot is not a pistol, it's more of a mini rocket launcher that fits in your pocket. That's because one of its two locked perks includes explosive rounds. If that's not awesome enough already, it fires three explosive rounds at once. As a result, it's one of the best weapons for clearing out waves of zombies.

The Big Shot is a legendary revolver, and the only other legendary gun alongside the Bodycount. You can get it by completing the side quest: It's not your Fault (Bel Air).

3. Wildstyle

Axes are another staple in zombie games. And, while we could say the same for them as we did the Katanas, the Wildstyle isn't just any old ordinary axe. It's special because it comes equipped with a blowtorch on the side that heats up your axe's blade for a clean and crispy slice every time. Furthermore, this can cause zombies you've struck or killed to melt into a “pool of burning fuel”. Then any zombies that walk through it will also catch fire, resulting in one big bonfire.

As a result, it's one of the best weapons for clearing out hordes, in the right circumstance that is. Nonetheless, you can get the Wildstyle by completing the side quest: The Art of War (Ocean Avenue).

2. Brutalizer

We did say that melee weapons are responsible for Dead Island 2's excessive gore, and the Brutalizer is a prime suspect. It's a hacking and slashing machine complete with jagged edges that is bloody fun to use – literally. So, if you're interested in making an abstract painting of zombie guts and limbs, you can get the Brutalizer by completing the side quest: Body Art (Bel Air).

1. Emma's Wrath

The undisputed choice for the best weapon in Dead Island 2 is Emma's Wraith. It's a hybrid axe/sledgehammer that fully annihilates zombies in a single blow. And no, the shotgun rounds on the handle aren't just for show; Emma's Wraith also doubles as a shotgun. With that in mind, there's not even an argument to be had that this isn't the best weapon in the game. Unfortunately, you can't get access to it until you complete the final story mission: Hollywood Ending (Story Completion). Nonetheless, it's more incentive to do so.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our picks? Are there other weapons you think are the best in Dead Island 2? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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