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Best Weapons & Attachments in Atomic Heart



Atomic Heart is the latest action adventure FPS that has captured the hearts of gamers. Although it initially drew attention due to similarities it’s with Bioshock Infinite, it has wowed its player base with its unique cast of enemies, compelling story, and exhilarating gameplay. If you've seen what Facility 3286 has in store for you, you'll know that weapons are tough and ammo is scarce. As a result, you must be resourceful and use every weapon to its full potential. In order to do that you'll have to make full use of the game's extensive crafting system, which allows you to upgrade and add attachments to weapons. Additionally, each attachment can be upgraded four times and there are five attachment categories. So, let's go over the best weapons and attachments that will help you take on Atomic Heart.

5. Kalash

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Machine guns in action-adventure games have always been consistent and effective throughout the game and that's the case with the Kalashnikov. This machine gun deals a lot of damage per bullet, allowing you to tear through enemies quickly. However, ammo is always a concern with any weapon, and this one is no exception. That being said, ammo for the Kalash is more common than for other weapons, and it can be crafted, but be wary because it can be quite expensive. Despite the lack of ammo, this is one of the best weapons to have in your loadout.

The best part is that the Kalashnikov becomes much more expendable the more you outfit it with upgrades and attachments. On that note, we recommend equipping a muzzle brake to increase damage and reduce recoil. Iron sights can be difficult to use while enemies run and jump at you because they are large and take up the majority of the screen. As a result, tossing on a Collimator Reticle will assist your aim and help you land more shots; saving you ammo in the long run. Altogether, the Kalashnikov with its attachments makes for one of the best weapons to use in Atomic Heart.

4. Pashtet Blade

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We've all been in that awkward situation where you're spraying lead into an enemy and suddenly get caught without ammo. Due to ammo scarcity in Atomic Heart, you'll find yourself in this situation a lot and quickly realize that melee weapons are your best friend. So, avoid it by using the Pashtet Blade on lower-level enemies who you can frequently one-shot with it. To say the least, a melee weapon should be in your loadout because it will save you more often than not and help you conserve ammo.

The Pashtet Blade has a light and heavy attack by default. And, while it already has a decent stat line, we would recommend focusing on increasing its damage so it's still effective against the higher-health enemies you'll encounter later on in the game. You can do this with the Ergonomic Grip and Steel Blade upgrades. With these attachments, the Pashtet Blade makes for one best weapons in the game that's reliable throughout the story. With that said, in our eyes, it still comes second to the Zvezdochka.

3. Zvezdochka

Best Weapons

We can all agree that the Zvezdochka is one of the coolest weapons in the game. Seriously, it looks like something that belongs in Mad Max. Dealing insane damage up close while also having the ability to use a ranged attack is devastating. Plus, we'll never get tired of launching a saw blade at an enemy or shredding through them. The disadvantage of the Zvedochka is its charging speed. While charging up a heavy swing, you are vulnerable to enemy damage. As a result, timing with this move is critical.

If you really want to dismember enemies with the Zvedochka, then attachments are crucial. The Upper Blade and Handle Motor are the best attachments to equip. Together, these attachments easily make the Zvedochka one of the best melee weapons. The Upper Blade increases damage output on each swing and the handle motor allows the saw blades to spin. Not only doe's this look cool, but it gives you a secondary attack and increased damage with melee attacks.

2. KS-23

Shotguns are everyone's trusty sidekick when fighting up close with enemies. That's why it's essential you add the KS-23 to your arsenal. There aren't many drawbacks to using this weapon. You can always count on it to deal high damage and get you out of most situations that otherwise feel hopeless. However, as is expected with shotguns, the KS-23 has poor recoil, plus it doesn't hold many shells. With that said, you can combat its disadvantages with the upgrades and attachments for the KS-23.

The Extended Mag and Muzzle Brake are what you'll need. The former will fix the ammo issues caused by the base magazine. The ladder will assist in dealing more damage, which is something we're always looking to get more of.

1. Fat Boy

Who doesn't enjoy blowing things up with a rocket launcher in video games? Especially when the explosions are as massive as the Fat Boys. Although the best weapons, and their attachments, we've listed so far are all enjoyable to use, Fat Boy takes the cake. Discovered late in the game, it'll become your new favorite toy for clearing out groups of enemies. However, keep in mind that ammo for this weapon is limited, so make every shot count. 

We recommend the Revolver Loading Mechanism and Homing Projectiles as upgrades. The Loading Mechanism increases ammo capacity – given that you have the rockets for it. This may appear redundant, however, it is far preferable to dying because reloading took too long. Homing Projectiles allow you to lock on to enemies and hit every shot. As a result, it's pretty explanatory why Fat Boy is one of the best weapons to have by your side in the game.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other weapons and attachments you think are best in Atomic Heart? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.