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Atomic Heart: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Atomic Heart Review

The first thought that crossed my mind upon setting my eyes on Atomic Heart is, “What a beaut!” It’s as stunning as gamers could ever get in today’s age. Each turn draws you in, and the fact that it’s open-world, at least during the later parts of the game, sure does entice jumping into Atomic Heart’s take on the Soviet Union’s utopia. 

Atomic Heart is a bag of many tricks, infusing elemental abilities with gunplay. To maximize damage output, and stay alive, especially when you’ve gotten to the outside world and start to have hordes of bloodthirsty bots come at you, you’ll need to have Atomic Heart tips and tricks at your fingertips. These are by no means the final words. However, they do increase your chances of making it through to the finish line. 

Without much ado, here are Atomic Heart best tips for beginners.

5. I Spy with My Little Eye

I can’t possibly emphasize the usefulness of scanning the area around you enough. You get the scanner among the first devices handed to you. That’s because it helps reveal hidden loot, enemies nearby, and even vulnerable parts of them. Sometimes, you may scan quickly and miss out on an important detail, so take the time to look around carefully, and frequently.

Some enemies can resist certain abilities and be vulnerable to others, like fire, electricity, and the like. These aren’t made obvious from the enemy details in the lore section of the game. So, to avoid wasting time and resources on an enemy resistant to certain elemental abilities, make sure to always scan your surroundings carefully and constantly.

4. Check the Energy Meter

Atomic Heart tips for Beginners

Your energy meter tracks your energy use, which is, perhaps, the most important source that fuels your weapons. It’s easy to forget about the energy meter, especially since regular shots only use a small chunk of it. However, special attacks drain much more. Also, don’t let the character energy restorative process fool you, as it happens at a very slow rate. 

Plus, melee weapons, despite restoring energy with each hit, can equally prove insufficient. If you feel you’re running out of energy too fast, you may upgrade it from the energy management skill tree or add power cells to increase your restoration rate. Otherwise, your abilities don’t drain energy, so feel free to use them at will.

3. How to Save Often

Atomic Heart does auto-save for you. However, it’s so infrequent that you’ll find yourself at a crossroads if you don’t take matters into your own hands. This is worsened by the fact that Atomic Heart is kind of linear. So, you’re forced to trace your path twice, thrice… fighting the same enemies, walking through the same environments all over again. No one wants that.

There’s a way to manually save your progress as often as you can, and no, it’s not as easy as going into the menu to do so. Instead, manual saving is done in-game, where you look around for red telephones spread all across the map. Once you interact with one, your progress up to that point is saved. 

A quick hint is to search for mushroom-style buildings that commonly have charging stations. When underground, though, try the rooms that have color-coded signs, where white indicates NPCs or intractable objects like save stations and computers. And, from here on out, try making it a habit to save your progress whenever you have the chance.

2. Beware, Stalkers!

Once you get to the outside world, there’ll almost always be stalkers keeping their eye on your every move. Especially when they see you taking out on of their own. That’s it. It’s alarm bells, sending out signals for more of where they came from. We’re talking about the cameras that constantly keep an eye out. Once they spot you, they will snitch you out to tons of robots, telling them of your location. In no time, the bots will arrive and start attacking you in big numbers.

Fortunately, there’s a way to stop the cameras in their tracks and give yourself more time to explore. Simply shock them with your “shok” ability to disable them, at least for a while. Alternatively, you may destroy them, though keep in mind they can always be repaired, just like the bots do, or, worse, attract unwanted attention. The best way is to send out a quick zap, so you can go about your day undetected.

1. Be Good to You

It’s easy to be hard on yourself while trying to be the best. But, that usually comes at a cost: Atomic Heart, in particular, is as unforgiving as they come. So, why not switch difficulty levels if you feel overwhelmed? The lowest level, Peaceful Atom, is already quite challenging, so you can imagine how Local Malfunction (normal) or Armageddon (hard) will be. Once you get a handle on things and are familiar with the gameplay, you may proceed to higher levels gradually until you’re most comfortable.

Another way gamers are hard on themselves is by wanting to kill every single one of their enemies. Even if you’re a skilled gamer, it’s nearly impossible to wipe them all out, especially when you get swarmed by too many of them. Not to mention, bots often receive repairs by constantly drones flying over you. You may take out the drones, but they’ll only keep coming thanks to the seemingly endless supply of these things, especially in the outside areas.

Our advice? Always keep moving. If you’re taking too much heat, you may resort to attacking. Or, you may seek out the hubs that dispatch drones, having fully prepared for the resistance. Alternatively, you may take down the enemies called Mothers since they spawn more enemies. Otherwise, run, and keep running, or use stealth wherever possible.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Atomic Heart best tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.



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