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5 Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass (May 2023)



The Indie development space has been thriving in recent years. And with the success of many titles coming out of the indie space. There has never been a better time to pick up an indie title than now. Xbox Game Pass allows players to try out many games that range in the experience they offer. No matter which title you choose, these games have an inherent charm to them that is very palpable. So without further ado, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass (May 2023)

5. Darkest DungeonDark Fantasy Games

We begin today's list of the best indie games on Xbox Series X|S by highlighting Darkest Dungeon. Darkest Dungeon, upon its initial release, was quickly seen by many fans as one of the best turn-based indie games on the market. The game has an amazing sense of atmosphere and adventure that really add to the experience. In addition, the game does a fantastic job of managing the combat pace of the game through the use of its real-time combat mixed with turn-based gameplay.

Players will definitely have to be careful along their journey, however, as the game features a feature that not too many titles have. Darkest Dungeon equips its heroes with a stress meter. Not paying attention to this meter will allow your party to come under much hardship, such as sickness and other ailments. Of course, this adds to the intensity of each run of the game, which serves to make the rewards all the more sweet. So if you are looking for an example of some of the best indie games Xbox Game Pass has to offer, definitely check this one out.

4. Deep Rock Galactic

For our next entry, we will be switching things up quite a bit. Deep Rock Galactic is an indie game that focuses heavily on cooperative gameplay. It does this by having a varied class system in which players will have to fill each of the game's individual roles if they wish to succeed. This goes a long way in aiding the player experience in the game, as well as building cohesion among its players. In addition, players will have to fill a number of roles throughout their time in the game, which only adds to the game's longevity.

This cooperative first-person shooter takes many elements that players love about co-op FPS games and improves upon them. Players will be able to progress throughout procedurally generated worlds in order to find more significant rewards. There is also a solid progression system within the game. This is sure to keep players entertained for quite some time. So if you are looking for some of the best indie games have to offer on the Xbox Series X|SDeep Rock Galactic is a great title to pick up.

3. Stardew Valley

Our next entry is a title that hardly needs an introduction. The lively and cozy world of Stardew Valley is familiar to a lot of players out there. Whether they like toiling away in the hot sun on their farms. Or sequestering themselves away in the mines, there is plenty to do within this game. Players will be able to carve out their own little corner of Stardew Valley. Either with friends or solo and simply have a great time. There is a myriad of magnificent townsfolk to get to know as well. A feature that is great for players who want to immerse themselves.

For players who like exploring the mines, you will be glad to know that the environments within the mines are procedurally generated. There is also a solid questing system within the game. This means that no matter how you want to experience the game, your playstyle is valid. This goes a long way in adding to the approachable nature of the game. So, to close, if you are looking for one of the coziest indie titles available on Xbox Series X|S, make sure you don't miss out on one of the best games currently available.

2. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is, simply put, a masterclass in action platformer design. There are many aspects of this game that make it so phenomenal. To begin with, the game is wrapped in a lovely art style, which pulls from gothic influences. But manages to soften them up quite a bit. This goes a long way in terms of making the game stand out amongst the crowd. Added to this is the game's immense sense of atmosphere, which is sure to envelop the player throughout their journey. Finally, the gameplay for this game mainly focuses on punishing, yet regarding melee combat.

Additionally, the game features a sequel currently in development in the form of Hollow Knight: Sillksong. This is a testament to simply how many players loved this title right out of the gate. There is a great sense of variety within the upgrades available to the player, which makes the game feel very intuitive and player-friendly. So if you are looking for a game with a significant challenge but with all the charm of an indie title, make sure you check out Hollow Knight, one of the best indie games available on Xbox Games Pass.

1. DayZBest Zombie Games

For our final entry, we have a game that began its humble beginnings as a mod for another title. DayZ started its life as a modification for the popular military sandbox shooter Arma 2. Since these humble beginnings, it has gone on to become a standalone title that very well makes a solid impression in its own right. While the game was in a state of early access for five long years. The time put into the game was well worth it. Players will have to battle against an infected horde, as well as other players in this massive PvPvE game.

While there were many rough patches in development, the implementation of the Enfusion engine greatly addressed these issues. This allowed the game to achieve a rate of performance that had been previously difficult within the Arma series. Additionally, with the amount of depth that goes into this game's survival systems, such as hunger, thirst, and stamina meters, players will have quite the learning curve. But this is a journey that is so well worth it, especially if you find players on your server to interact with. All in all, DayZ is one of the most phenomenal indie games available on the Xbox Series X|S. That has been made all the more accessible through the power of the Xbox Game Pass.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass (May 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

Judson Holley is a writer that began his career as a ghostwriter. Returning to the mortal coil  to work among the living. With some of his favorite games being tactical FPS games such as Squad and the Arma series. Although this could not be further from the truth as he enjoys games with deep stories such as the Kingdom Hearts series as well as Jade Empire and The Knights of the Old Republic series. When not attending to his wife, Judson often tends to his cats. He also has a knack for music mainly composing for and playing piano.