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5 Best Games Like Oxide Room 104

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Ever since Konami popped the balloon that would've been the much-needed Silent Hills, those who have pledged their skills to the horror community have given it their all to fill that very void. In spite of all their efforts, though, nothing has come quite as close to amounting the same level of excellence as Kojima's vivid creation. That is, unless you'd count Oxide Room 104, a survival-horror game that incorporates a similar atmospheric playground, as a worthy spiritual successor, of course.

Like many survival horror games that have come before it, the goals in Oxide Room 104 are fundamentally based on solving puzzles to progress deeper into a forbidden world—one that's rife with twisted creatures and deadly apparitions. And if you, like us, enjoyed tiptoeing through the eerily vacant motel in Wild Sphere's IP, then we can say with utmost confidence that you'll no doubt enjoy immersing yourself in these five lookalike chapters.

5. Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Remothered: Broken Porcelain - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Perhaps it wasn't so much the story of Oxide Room 104 that captured you, but more so the setting—a creepy motel full of sadistic folk—that enticed you to delve deeper into the rabbit hole. If that be the case, then you'll no doubt enjoy rifling through the hollow halls of the Ashmann Inn, a tormented world in which its staff and clientele are overcome by a curse that sends them into blind fits of rage.

In Broken Porcelain, you take on the role of Jennifer, a waylaid orphan who, following her expulsion from Flemmington Girls' Institute, moves to the Ashmann Inn to begin a new line of work. Upon discovering the staff's sudden transformation into unstable killers, Jennifer must work to solve clues that not only decipher the curse that engulfed the once-loved rustic inn, but also search for a route that assures her survival through the twilight hours.

4. Don't Be Afraid

Don't Be Afraid - Launch Trailer | PS4

Don't Be Afraid doesn't exactly put you dead center in a rustic hotel or anything, but it does opt for an abandoned school with a number of classrooms-turned-escape rooms. As such, it is your duty, as a captive under the wing of a serial killer, to wade through said rooms in a bid to find the exit. But before you'll ever have the chance to find a route leading home, you will of course have to take part in a series of sadistic trials, ones that involve plenty of puzzles, cat and mouse chases, and tiptoeing around in the dark.

As far as indie horror games go, Don't Be Afraid is hands down one of the best in the book. It spite of its overall shortness, its gameplay is perhaps some of the most nail-biting in the world, and something that definitely rests of par with the likes of PT and other noteworthy classics. And so, if a few hours of unadulterated terror is what you're seeking, then hey—you've found it. It may not look it, but Don't Be Afraid is a must-buy in disguise, and one that any avid horror fan will want to have in their libraries year round.

3. Welcome to Hanwell

Welcome to Hanwell – Launch Trailer | PS4

Welcome to Hanwell is a lot like Oxide Room 104, in the fact that you're given the task of exploring an abandoned world in search of clues that explain its former citizens' whereabouts, and above all, an escape plan that leads to seeing the break of dawn after an endearing night of full-fat terror. Plus, there's also a fair share of combat, puzzles, and story-driven cases to unravel as you dig deeper into its overarching narrative, too.

In Welcome to Hanwell, you fill the boots of a former citizen earmarked for death. After waking up in the cold room of a morgue, you come to learn that the city has been evacuated due to increased and uncontrollable paranormal activity, and that the only route leading out is protected by a specialized lock. Your goal, then, is to explore Hanwell and unearth its darkest secrets, using your initiative to pursue and utilize the six ID cards needed to flee for the hills.

2. Outlast

Outlast Full Official Trailer

On paper, Mount Massive Asylum doesn't resemble the setting seen in Oxide Room 104 in the slightest. That said, both games play out in a similar fashion: you wake up in darkness, surrounded by evil entities and a vague picture of what happened in the events leading to your collapse, and have little to do other than collect yourself and slug through the nightmares that idle in bloom.

As an investigative journalist, you must tread the forsaken halls of a hillside asylum, a forgotten world in which mind control is common practice, and its patients channel their post-treatment personas into aggression and paranoia. With nothing but a camera and a satchel of batteries, you must learn to walk with the shadows, doing all in your power to emerge not with your tail between your legs, but a deeper understanding of the illegal practices that engulfed Mount Massive prior go your arrival.

1. Fobia — St. Dinfna Hotel

Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

Fobia — St. Dinfna Hotel is perhaps one of the best indie-led survival horror games on the block right now, mostly due to the fact that, mechanically, aurally, and visually, it shines a whole lot brighter than most of its kind. And while it may not be on an the same wavelength as Oxide Room 104, it still boasts an unforgettable romp through a series of unhinged nightmares that are both puzzle-heavy and atmospherically on point.

In Fobia — St. Dinfna Hotel, you play as Roberto, an up-and-coming journalist who's dispatched to the county of Treze Trilhas. Specifically, St. Dinfna Hotel, a place in which strange happenings have been reported by local officials. It's your role, as a curator of sorts, to explore the premises and get to the bottom of the unusual occurrences that have been plaguing the borough. Much easier said than done, mind you.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any games you'd recommend playing? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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