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Best Accessories in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix



There are really only so many things that you can do with a poxy Kingdom Key and a satchel of potions, as you’ll come to learn the moment you depart the sandy shores of Destiny Island. Why? Well, as it turns out, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix isn’t one for allowing you the opportunity to cheese your way through its contents; on the contrary, it’s one for making your journey an absolute nightmare — doubly so if you often fail to sport all of the appropriate bells, whistles, and, in this instance, Accessories. Thankfully, though, there are numerous ways to get ahold of some pretty decent gear, and while Kingdom Hearts 1.5 doesn’t necessarily benefit from any kind of armors, it does provide a quality selection of add-ons for Sora, Donald, and Goofy. The question is, which of these Accessories are the best in all of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix?

Cosmic Arts

  • +9 HP
  • +2 MP
  • +2 AP

The Cosmic Arts Accessory has been a staple in the Kingdom Hearts series since day one. It makes sense, too, that it has held a permanent fixture in the toolkit since the saga’s inception, what with it boasting some of the best stat-boosting features, period. Speaking of which, Cosmic Arts comes loaded with one of the best HP-raising perk in the book; it touts a solid +9 HP, and is further enhanced by its inclusion of an all-round two-for-one MP and AP boost, too. Suffice it to say that, when it comes to near-perfect stat boosters in Kingdom Hearts, it’s an absolute necessity, and one that you’ll definitely want to secure before heading into the final stages of the campaign.

How to Unlock: To obtain Cosmic Arts, you will need to synthesize the Accessory at the Synthesis Shop in Traverse Town. Note that you will need to have already completed the first four tiers in the synthesis catalog to unlock Cosmic Arts.

Crystal Crown

  • +6 HP
  • +1 MP
  • +3 AP
  • +2 STR
  • +2 DEF

If you’re only planning on sticking to the best pieces of kit in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix for the duration of the journey, then you’ll want to do all in your power to obtain a Crystal Crown just as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Aside from it being an all-round powerhouse in the Accessory department—a statement that is seemingly illustrated by its ability to elevate just about every stat in your arsenal—it also excels in its HP functionalities, thus granting you a major upgrade in the health department, too.

How to Unlock: Of course, acquiring the Crystal Crown isn’t without its drawbacks; in fact, to physically earn the piece, you’ll first need to shovel through the first four tiers of the synthesis catalog, after which you’ll need to go on a rather lengthy treasure hunt for some rarities across the many, many worlds. With that said, it’s a trip you’ll want to take — especially if you’re planning on sticking around for the secret bosses post-climax.

NOTE: You can equip up to three Crystal Crowns in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix.

Moogle Badge

  • +6 HP
  • +1 MP
  • +2 AP

Admittedly, you could quite easily sport a trio of Crystal Crowns and be able to romp through the vast majority of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix without suffering so much as a scratch. Having said that, if you are looking to broaden your horizons just a smidgen and balance out your board, then perhaps consider the Moogle Badge, a solid alternative that comes equipped with a lot of the same features as the Crystal Crown, only with a little more oomph in its AP node.

How to Unlock: The Moogle Badge can be obtained by synthesizing it at the Synthesis Shop in Traverse Town. To unlock the blueprint in question, you must first complete the first tier in the catalog, after which the second tier—the one that hosts the Moogle Badge—will become available.

Omega Arts

  • +3 HP
  • +3 STR
  • +3 DEF

If you’d soon rather opt out of traversing the worlds and scouring for rare items, then consider taking a slightly less time-consuming route; specifically, the one that takes you straight through the main story and into The End of the World. Once you’ve reached the location in question, you’ll want to tackle the Behemoth—a gigantic foe who just so happens to possess the powerful artifact known as Omega Arts. Granted, the Accessory is a little shoddy compared to its flashier synthesis-based alternatives, but the fact that it doesn’t require much of an effort to acquire does make it all the more appealing. Point is, if you’re only planning on sticking with Kingdom Hearts for the short haul, then Omega Arts ought to suffice.

How to Unlock: To bag the Omega Arts trinket, simply progress towards The End of the World and into the Final Dimension—a portal that houses the great Behemoth boss battle. Once completed, you’ll have access to the Accessory.

Gaia Bangle

  • +9 HP
  • +3 DEF

One could certainly argue that the Gaia Bangle is a mere reflection of us scraping the barrel — and it is, in ways. However, when it comes to the best Accessories in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, the trinket still stands tall as one of the best-kept secrets of the bunch, and it’s definitely worth going out of your way to acquire if you’re looking for a little extra HP, too. Again, you’d be far better off with the likes of multiple Crystal Crowns in your toolkit, but if you’re less likely to stick around for the likes of Kurt Zisa or Sephiroth, then honestly, the Gaia Bangle ought to serve your needs just fine.

How to Unlock: To obtain the Gaia Bangle, simply head over to the Synthesis Shop in Traverse Town and start sifting through the first two tiers in the catalog. Once the third tier has been unlocked, simply pour the corresponding ingredients into the pot to craft the item.


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