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All Guest Party Members in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, Ranked



Kingdom Hearts’ association with the treasure trove of Disney-Pixar franchises is undeniably the perfect vessel for an ever-expanding roster of characters and sidekicks. Take Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, for example; the earliest segment in the saga has a generous collection of party members to utilize on the field—Aladdin, Ariel, and Tarzan, to list just a few of its signature companions. The question is, which of the above characters are actually worth bolting on to your team?

Chances are, you won’t be spending a great deal of time in each of the available worlds to actually witness the talents of your guest party members. However, seeing as there are, in fact, several hidden bosses that occupy the latter sections of the story—The Phantom of Neverland, and Kurt Zisa of Agrabah, for example—it is worth keeping a lot of their capabilities in mind, if only for the benefit of knowing who to deploy in future battles.

6. Peter Pan

Peter Pan is only good for one thing: Tinkerbell. Aside from that, the character really doesn’t bring much to the table, nor does he match the same set of skills as the lion’s share of his teammates, either. The truth is, Peter Pan is about as useful as a pigeon lathered in pixie dust, mainly due to the fact that, when it comes to fighting Heartless, the character mostly resorts to making unnatural noises and darting around the board like a rabid mosquito. It doesn’t help, either, that he also happens to chomp through MP like it’s going out of fashion—a problem that has some pretty serious consequences.

There is a problem to the above: you need Peter Pan to be able to confront Phantom at the Clock Tower. So, what should you do to bring him up to speed and make him less, I don’t know, useless? Well, for starters, you’ll need to level him up accordingly, and then bolt on as many elixirs and stat-boosting items as possible. After that, it’s merely the case of relying on wishful thinking and dumb luck, unfortunately. Thanks, Peter.

5. Aladdin

Given the fact that one of the last-remaining secret bosses only resides in Agrabah, it seems only natural that you would want to keep Aladdin in your good books for the duration of the campaign. Granted, his abilities aren’t quite as extensive as, say, Goofy’s, but due to the character having relatively large pockets—Item Slots, that is—you can, in all fairness, use him as something of a mule for your elixirs and other useful items. Aside from that, Aladdin does manage to emulate a lot of the same basic attacks as the vast majority of his peers. Is he the best guest party member in Kingdom Hearts? No. But then, when saddled into the same pool as Peter Pan — even a paper napkin can come across as a relatively convincing combatant. And that’s saying something.

4. Jack Skellington (Halloween Town)

When it comes to showcasing a high level of stamina and a happy-go-lucky spirit, Jack Skellington ticks all of the right boxes — and then some. With that said, Jack does have an awful habit of slicing through MP rather quickly, and so, unless he’s with all of the appropriate bells and whistles of a high-level teammate, he can be a little too sprightly and make your job a little tougher. All in all, though, Jack certainly fairs well in battle, and his capabilities are impressive in their own unique ways. As for whether or not he’s competitively able to win against the likes of Goofy, on the other hand, is debatable. However, if you are to choose any setup at all, then Goofy and Jack ought to do the trick. Well, in most cases, anyway.

3. Tarzan (Deep Jungle)

Tarzan is not only one of the most robust sidekicks in Kingdom Hearts, but also one of the only major companions who can use defensive magic effectively during combat. Granted, the fabled Son of Man’s abilities can be overshadowed during the latter portions of the story, what with Deep Jungle being one of the first worlds that you’ll visit in the series, but if you’re ever looking to sweep through a few hordes of Heartless on a return flight to Traverse Town, then you’ll definitely want to utilize Tarzan’s skills to reap a hearty amount of quick XP. He’s a mid-tier character, if anything — easy to love, and equally as easy to hate.

2. Ariel

The Kingdom of Atlantica is arguably one of the worst worlds ever conceived for the series, period. However, where it falls short in mechanical design and fluidity, it often makes up for in another area: its guest sidekick, Ariel, the mage who actually knows how to utilize MP to acquire decent results on the battlefield. Aside from her being relatively speedy, Ariel also packs a pretty decent punch (or, fin?)—a move that’s all the more impressive thanks to the complimenting stat-boosting Abilities and defensive skills. Thankfully, you won’t have to dip your toes into this world, in particular, all that often, but for when you are pottering around in the deep blue, you should aim to utilize Ariel’s power as frequently as possible.

1. Beast (Hollow Bastion)

Beast is, without doubt, the toughest companion that you’ll encounter in Kingdom Hearts, and is arguably one of the greatest offensive weapons in the series, period. Why? Well, as the name implies, Beast is an absolute tank when it comes to defeating Heartless, and is perfectly capable of annihilating foes with one of several bashing techniques and combos. In addition to this, with the Beast coming equipped with a hefty HP and starting level, those with the furry field in their party are far more likely to monopolize Hollow Bastion without any major setbacks. It’s a crying shame, really, that you don’t need him all that much after sealing the corresponding keyhole — but for the occasional grind, he can be an absolute beast. Pun intended.


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