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AI Confidential: Everything We Know

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AI Confidential: Everything We Know

The idea behind artificial intelligence is a “helper” to draw the curtains in the morning, prepare your breakfast exactly how you like it, and even drive you to work. All day-to-day mundane tasks you would rather have a computer take care of. Now, whether we want artificial intelligence to take over our actual jobs is up for debate. But, the general idea of “helper AI” remains. 

What happens then when the AI you depend on breaks down? Well, that’s where AI Confidential comes in. It’s all still in the early stages of development. But that doesn’t mean we don’t already have information on what you can expect in the final game. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming AI Confidential.

What is AI Confidential?


AI Confidential is an upcoming adventure game, complete with inventory puzzles and an emoji-driven dialogue system. AI Confidential may revolve around artificial intelligence, but the missions you’ll take on will be based on real problems. 



Play the role of Makenzy Turner, a Robo Technician working for Artificial Intelligence megacorp, Indelligent Solutions. You’ll have an assistant AI called ARI who gives you access to high-tech tools. Combined with your humane empathy, Turner and ARI will take on several missions, each one with an AI that needs your help.

Missions will vary. While some will be based on an AI character that has broken down and needs fixing, others will be struggling with a broken heart that needs mending. Overall, each AI will embody a unique personality and backstory. They will also serve a distinct purpose in the environment they are placed in. 

AI Confidential plans to use a unique emoji dialogue system that will veer off of traditional text-driven conversations. Instead, you’ll listen to the dialogue and react with an emoji. Depending on the emoji you use, conversations may take a complete turn!

According to AI Confidential’s Steam store page, you’ll first meet an AI to listen to their story. Then, you’ll get your orders from HQ and also consider the AI’s owner perspective. Next, you’ll investigate the source of the AI’s issue. It can be through exploring the environment for clues or talking to other AI nearby for leads. 

Having gathered facts and evidence, you’ll decide the next course of action, which can range anywhere from repair to decommissioning the AI. You’ll need to be careful because your decisions may not be what the AI’s owner of your company wants. If in disagreement over the best course of action, will you stand your ground and risk the consequences to your career?


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AI Confidential plans to infuse wide-ranging features in its gameplay. The first is a narrative that unravels through an emoji-driven dialogue system. These texts will be voiced by ARI in a unique and playful manner. It’ll also include intuitive choices that will likely impact how the story progresses. 

As you play, you’ll help all sorts of AI characters caught up in some kind of trouble. AI Confidential promises an “unforgettable cast,” with individual characters portraying unique storylines. Each character will need your help to fix them up so they can get back to performing their duties. Or they may need guidance on matters of the heart.

Set in a “solar-punk future,” you’ll traverse a world where AI has become the norm. You’ll explore diverse environments, each leading you down intriguing storylines that, hopefully, intertwine present issues with futuristic takes on AI. AI Confidential, will, by all means, be a classic adventure game. It will infuse dialogue story points and puzzle-solving

It’ll be up to you to decide what kind of help different AI units need. Perhaps their hardware has an issue, so it needs repair. Perhaps they have been infected with a virus that needs to be cleaned. But you’ll also meet AI units that are a lost cause. These will need decommissioning, after which, you’ll return their cores to the research and development team to create new AI.



Developer and publisher Critical Wit is currently working on AI Confidential. The upcoming adventure game seems to be their first project. So far, so good, though, with a first reveal trailer already out. We also have a Steam store page, where you can add the upcoming game to your wishlist to get a notification as soon as it drops. 

Critical Wit has been creating comedy gaming content. They seem to now venture into game development full-time, though, with presently no videos on their channel at the moment. In any case, AI Confidential has a lot of potential to rock the gaming world. It can potentially juggle relevant themes to do with privacy and confidentiality. 

AI is still a hot topic today, and possibly for many years to come. With AI Confidential on the horizon, fans of AI are already excited to see what Critical Wit brings to the table of gaming and beyond.


AI Confidential trailer: Welcome to the Future!

AI Confidential's first official reveal trailer is out now on YouTube. It showcases some of the AI characters you’ll be meeting and helping to get back on their feet. These include a mobile vending unit, a parking enforcement and traffic management agent, and even a subaquatic topography unit. Some AI units suffer from software vandalism. Others are merely overworked civil servants. The video does a great job of showing sneak peeks into the gameplay and the visuals to expect in the final game. 

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

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Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact release date yet. The AI Confidential Steam Store Page only states that the release date is “to be announced.” However, we can at least confirm that AI Confidential will launch on PC platforms via Steam. Editions remain unconfirmed. 

With still too much information under wraps, you can always follow the official social handle here to keep track of new updates. Alternatively, stick with us right here on for new information on upcoming games.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of AI Confidential when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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