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5 Rockstar Cities We Know Better Than Our Own



You know, it's actually funny, how we can flush out video game shortcuts and memorize landmarks with ease, and yet still somehow struggle to pinpoint our own local amenities outside our own homes. We can thanks Rockstar for that, to be fair. Something about the way they weave their worlds together just makes us feel the need to explore every last square inch of it. And regrettably, we've probably lost more hours to unearthing their cities and tie-in secrets than learning the lay of our own land.

Of course, I can't speak for everyone, but it's more than likely that the vast majority of Rockstar's fans will relate. Because the fact is, we do know these fictional cities like the back of our hand, and we're not entirely sure if we're proud of that fact or concerned for our inability to retain information that doesn't entwine with a video game. Either way, I know them, and honestly, I think you do too.


5. Bullworth (Bully)

Having a relatively small map with a few prominent landmarks with defining features, Bully's Bullworth wasn't exactly the hardest map in the world to memorize. It was also a place that you didn't exactly need a tour guide for, either, thanks to its simple yet effective structure and traditional nexus of islands, similar to pretty much every other open world game Rockstar hurled out.

From the grotty school dorms to the run-down carnival, the lavish cul-de-sacs to the gated observatory — Bullworth had an infinite number of iconic places to explore. And, by having to use a skateboard to see it all, it gave us the opportunity to gradually entwine with its nooks and crannies, as opposed to blitzing through them all in a tank in four seconds flat.


4. San Andreas (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

With all of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas being equally as memorable, it's sort of hard to nudge just one single location into the spotlight. Therefore, I think it's best that we just bump the whole of San Andreas up — if only for the sake of holding back a debate amongst fellow Rockstar fans. Although if we had to pick just one — then it would probably be Los Santos, mainly for Grove Street, of course.

From the suburban districts of Los Santos to the remote towns of Angel Pine, the industrial estates of San Fierro to the clustered casinos in Las Venturas — San Andreas strung together like a beautifully painted 10,000 piece jigsaw. Only, we eventually discovered that we could assemble every inch of said puzzle without ever having to refer to the box art. San Andreas just, I don't know — had that power to stick with you.


3. Coney Island (The Warriors)

There's no doubt about it. The Warriors was hands down one of Rockstar's best games of the mid-2005 era. And now, even fifteen years down the line, its reputation remains at an all-time high, with old school fans even knocking heads over a potential remaster for 2022. But what was it that made The Warriors and its short but sweet beat 'em up journey so memorable exactly?

Of course, it was Coney Island, the place that stood as the sanctuary for your crew between levels. Consisting of a few dark and dingy districts and a carnival, the bite-sized island had enough to offer to keep us running amok, usually on the prowl for second-hand car stereos or helpless victims to mug. Between that and working out in The Warriors' hideout, Coney Island had plenty to keep us on our toes between story missions.


2. Liberty City (Grand Theft Auto III)


Home for Rockstar Games is Liberty City. It has been since day one, with Vice City being more of a vacation spot for the endless summers and what have you. But home, not only for us, but for all of the team at Rockstar, revolves entirely around the metropolis that is Liberty City.

The first real chance we had to explore the dimly lit labyrinth of monochrome structures was in Grand Theft Auto III, where its groundbreaking 3D environment went on to inspire countless other living, breathing worlds in the industry. And honestly, it's worrying to see how much we remember whenever we plummet back into Claude's weighty shoes. Shameful, and yet also weirdly impressive. But knowing where all the stars are to lose your wanted level, on the other hand, is perhaps a little too much.


1. Saint Denis (Red Dead Redemption 2)


The problem with Red Dead Redemption 2 and its inclusion of Saint Denis was that it came a little too late — to the point of being in the final push towards the end credits, as opposed to being smack bang in the middle like it probably should have been. Needless to say, we did have the epilogue to roam its cramped streets and unearth all of its Southern charisma. It just wasn't with Arthur, sadly.

Saint Denis might have been built up to the point of making every street and alley radiate claustrophobia, but it was certainly a sight for sore eyes after sludging through barren wastelands and endless woodlands for thirty to forty hours straight. And as for the missions the industrial city hosted, well, let's just say there was plenty to bite into before and after the story knotted together its loose ends, effectively handing over a bustling playground full of new opportunities.

So, what about you? Do you agree with our top five cities? How would you rank them? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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