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5 Best Gaming Chairs (2022)



What goes hand in hand with gaming is sitting in a chair for hours on end. It’s the unavoidable cost of satisfying our daily gaming addiction, which can last for hours on end. And with this being the case, it’s important you’re taking care of your body, especially your back for that matter. So, if you’re still rocking that old wooden chair you grabbed from the dining room table, it may be time to switch. That’s why we got you covered with the five best gaming chairs of 2022.

One innovative leader in the gaming chair industry, since 2015, is Verta Gear. It’s no secret when the hype for gaming chairs first came out, the motto was style over performance. At the time, this led most gaming chairs to have poor comfort at a high price. This is something Verta Gear set out to eliminate in 2015, which has been a successful and persistent ambition that has carried over to this year, in 2022. Their ingenuity is something many companies aspire for, but one that only a few have achieved.

With that knowledge it’s no secret that Verta Gear is offering the best gaming chairs of 2022, however, a couple of competitors have come close to their standard. And they are all included in our top five. So if it’s time for a change, we got your back (Literally) with the five best gaming chairs of 2022.


5. Titan EVO 2022 Series

A new gaming chair this year, that is making waves is the Titan EVO 2022 Series by Secret Lab. When it comes to customization of aesthetics this chair holds no bounds. You can customize the size, upholstery, color, and a handful of accessories. The only downfall is that this may come at an extra cost, however, when it’s for you’re body and hours of use, it’s worth it.

In terms of comfort, the chair comes with a patent-pending cold-cure foam. This not only helps reduce heat build-up but offers a balanced and cradle feeling so the chair doesn’t lose comfort over time. And speaking of looking out for you’re back, the backrest is fully adjustable with a slight curvature to prevent posture from slouching. Although somewhat more expensive than the other chairs on our list, you have total control over the appearance and performance.


4. Triigger 350

Best Gaming Chairs

Business chairs are often slept on by gaming chair providers since they don’t follow the conventional design. Well, Verta Gear knows all too well that if you’ve ever used one for gaming, it can offer superior comfort. This is exactly why they have their Triigger line of gaming chairs. So, if you’re a part of this club, you don’t want to sleep on the Triigger 350, which is hands down the best chair for posture and comfort for long gaming sessions.

The chair is ergonomically designed to provide the best posture possible. Not only can the armrest be adjusted for height and angle in every direction, but the backrest can recline 33 degrees and lock into 22 different positions. So, it should come as no surprise that the seat can also be adjusted back and forth for the ultimate trifecta of ergonomic ingenuity. And it doesn’t stop there. The built-in lumbar support allows you to entirely adjust the back frame. On top of that, there’s even an option to adjust the recline tension.

The Verta Gears Triigger 350 is the epitome of comfort and ingenuity. If you want to get the most adaptability and configuration out of your chair’s comfort in 2022, this is the way to go.


3. Razer Iskur

Best Gaming Chairs

Razer is another big name brand in gaming. They cover almost all aspects of gaming peripherals and gaming chairs are included among them. Their most notable chair, the Razer Iskur is receiving huge praise for its importance in lower back support. The Iskur’s built-in ergonomic lumbar support system is fully adjustable to create the perfect fit for your lower back. Which is a lifesaver for long-gaming sessions.

Another common issue of gaming chairs is the peeling of PU leather from your forearms on the armrest. Sometimes after one session it’s noticeably worst and makes you really question the durability of the chair. Razer took this into consideration by adding multi-layered synthetic leather, that works to prevent tearing. The Razer Iskur is an excellent pick if you want a chair that will last for years. Its main focus is on lower back comfort and durability, which shows dividends in lengthy gaming sessions.


2. PL 6000

Best Gaming Chairs

Speaking of durability, this is something that Verta Gear reinforced with their PL 6000 gaming chair. The chair is built with a heavy-duty metal base frame, that can withstand up to 440 lb, due to its industrial-strength material. To add to this durability, the PL 6000 is integrated with a steel skeleton that conforms to your body shape. So you can rely on the PL 6000 to make you feel secure and stable during those really intense gaming moments that have you jumping out of you’re sitting.

As we know, Verta Gear is number one when it comes to comfort optimization. And that’s on full display with the PL 6000. The armrest has four directional adjustments, the back seat is adjustable up to 140 degrees across four different tilt positions, and the seat height is also adjustable. Also includes added memory foam lumbar and neck cushions, which can easily be removed or adjusted to fit your posture. If you want the best of the most important features of comfort and durability, then look no further than the PL 6000.


1. SL 5000

Best Gaming Chairs

I’m as astonished as you are to find that all of the best qualities (and more) of all of the chairs on this list can be found in a single chair, for the lowest price. It may seem too good to be true, but the SL 5000 by Verta Gear is just that. The SL 5000 has all of the same amazing durability and comfort as the PL 6000, at a lowered price. Plus you won’t be tearing at the chair leather with PUC Synthetic Fauz Leather for added durability in the material. The SL 5000 not only has all of the greatest qualities that make up all of the chairs on our list, but it’s also the chair with the most features.

The SL 5000 can also be accessorized with RGB/LED top and bottom upgrade kits, giving the SL 5000 the best aesthetics of any gaming chair you’ll ever see. Wirelessly controlled, the RGB LED kit has interactive modes that sync with audio and gameplay, identical to how an RGB keyboard and mouse would. And with 16.8 million colors, your biggest issue will be picking your favorite color combo. It sounds too good to be true, but the best comfort, durability, and aesthetics can all be found in one chair, the SL 5000.


So, there you have it! Which gaming chair on our list are you looking at buying? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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