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The Top 5 Best Dead or Alive Characters Are?



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While “Dead or Alive 7” is a long way from being released (which is May 6, 2024) on “Microsoft Windows,” “Xbox Series X,” and “PlayStation 5,” we are going to take a look at the top 5 “Dead or Alive” characters. “Dead or Alive” first started in 1996, developed by “Team Ninja” and published by “Tecmo.” Most of us remember this 3D fast-paced, fighting game being in arcades and if you are old enough, you remember when they were first introduced. It did not take long for “Dead or Alive” to be playable on home ports like “Sega Saturn” in Japan, “Playstation,” in all regions, and the next generation of consoles (advancing to a more realistic look). 

Dead or Alive Ultimate - Trailer 2 - Xbox

Whether you prefer a focus on sex appeal with “Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball,” revolving around the half-naked women of the “DoA” series, the sequel, “Dead or Alive Xtreme 2,” or “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3,” this was probably your go-to volleyball game. If you somehow had a foot fetish, you likely was not paying attention to where the ball was going. Maybe you favor “Dead or Alive 6,” following the events of “Dead or Alive 5 (with a focus on Ninja and DOATEC (Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee) versus M.I.S.T. led by Victor Donovan, as well as the events in the ‘DOA 6 Tournament’). “DoA” advanced in gameplay so much that you can break holds, find new danger zones, knock your opponent into boxes or barrels, etc. 

5. Gen Fu: 

Gen Fu is a bookstore owner and a master of xinyi liuhe quan. He is an unlockable character in “Dead or Alive 4” and “Dead or Alive 5.” Eliot (the apprentice of Gen Fu, debuted in ‘DoA 4’) and since Gen Fu no longer has to compete in tournaments, Eliot continues his legacy. 

Dead or Alive 6 Reveal Trailer

4. Mila: 

Out of all of the “DoA” characters, Mila is one of the most unexpected. It is not her Mixed Martial Arts background that is so unique, but some of the attacks she performs. Sure, she can perform a flurry of punches while standing up (which can remind you of the rapid-fire fisticuffs), perform what is called the powerslam in professional wrestling, a double wristlock (also called the kimura lock named after the Japanese judoka Masahiko Kimura), and a triangle choke (also known as sankaku-jime in judo). 

One move she can perform is aggressively mounting on opponents and shoving them on the ground while directly striking them in the face. The other version of this move is performed with a series of kicks. Depending on which “Dead or Alive” game you get, Mila can be seen wearing MMA gloves, to bandages around her hands, to boxing gloves hanging from her waistline. 

3. Hitomi: 

Ein, a martial artist was replaced with Hitomi in “Dead or Alive 3.” Ever since then, the character was beloved because of her offensive and defensive mechanism is perfect. She has simple, yet strong combos with a heavy striking style. 

DOA - Dead or Alive trailer

2. Ryu Hayabusa: 

If you think Hayabusa looks like a “Ninja Gaiden” knock off, you are wrong. Hayabusa is originally from “Ninja Gaiden,” being the most accomplished fighter out of the entire “DoA” roster. This ninja already appeared in the 2006 “Dead or Alive” movie.

Checking from the “Ninja Gaiden” series, his wife is Irene Lew, a CIA agent/Analyst (also appearing like a Sonya Blade knock off from ‘Mortal Kombat'). Sonya Blade is a military officer from with the Special Forces. 

You may hate Hayabusa because he is overpowered like a god complex. Here is an analogy for Hayabusa. You ever watch professional wrestling and notice that John Cena or Roman Reigns seemingly are impossible to defeat? That can be frustrating, but if you enjoy Hayabusa’s moveset, his style, and background, you just may enjoy being difficult to defeat (with a Lighting Drop combo). 

As a member of the Hayabusa clan’s head family, Ryu’s father (Jo Hayabusa) leads the clan. Ryu protects the Dragon Sword. His backstory includes The Black Spider Ninja Clan (which is the enemy of the Dragon Clan) attacking on the camp where Ryu lives, killing most of his friends. This is a good reason why Ryu turns into a heartless killer, having no emotions at times. Wait! He is kind to those he cares about outside of battle. 

1. Kasumi: 

Princess Kasumi (the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan) has to be one of the best “Dead or Alive” characters throughout all of the series. She was the main character of the first two games in the series and is still iconic. As a fighter, she uses proper delaying tactics with combos and is methodical at countering her opponents. Also, just look at her. She is gorgeous. 

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