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The Callisto Protocol: 5 Best Upgrades for Weapons and Gear



In The Callisto Protocol, aiding Jacob in his escape from the nightmarish confines of Black Iron Prison is not an easy undertaking. The Biophage and other mutilated monsters are not only terrifying but also exceedingly difficult to kill. Seriously, some of those suckers really don't want to go down. That's why you'll want to know which weapons are best for killing the abominations you'll come across in The Callisto Protocol. Furthermore, you'll want to know what the best upgrades for these weapons are too.

That's because upgrading your weapons and gear in The Callisto Protocol is arguably more important than the weapon itself. Essentially, upgrades are what make each weapon powerful. Without them, they are simply not as effective. That's why you'll want to know the best upgrades that are the most effective at killing the monsters you'll encounter in the game. To add to that, certain upgrades are a necessity for taking on the tougher, late-game enemies. So, if you want to give Jacob the best shot at escaping Black Iron Prison, these are the best upgrades for your weapons and gear to help you get the job done.

5. Hand Cannon – TK23 “Boom Bullets”

The Hand Cannon is the first ranged weapon you get in The Callisto Protocol. It may be a skill-shot weapon with high damage and limited ammo, but it's still a weapon you'll want to main throughout the entirety of the game. The reason being, it features one of the best upgrades in the game, that's almost a necessity for taking down the game's bosses. That is the tier three TK23 Boom Bullets upgrade. This adds an alternate fire mode to the gun that shoots explosive rounds.

Evidently, it's pretty clear why explosive rounds are such an effective upgrade for this weapon. Fire one into a Biophage, and you'll blow him up into a hundred different pieces. Furthermore, the high damage of the explosive rounds is especially powerful for chunking down the health of boss fights. While it still may take a mag or two on some of the tougher late-game bosses, it certainly does the trick.

4. Gravity Restraint Projector Upgrades

Best Upgrades

One of the best gear upgrades in the game can be acquired for the Gravity Restraint Projector you get during the Aftermath Chapter. This ingenious piece of technology allows you to pick up foes using the force of gravity and yard sale them across the room, into explosive objects, a wall of spikes, or another enemy if you so choose. It's endlessly entertaining to use and can frequently get you out of a bind when you're cornered or reloading.

However, it can get even more powerful after purchasing the tier one, two, and three, GRP recharge speed, energy, and velocity upgrades. Pushing to all these tier-three upgrades for the GRP is something you'll really want to consider. As, if you do, you'll be able to pick up multiple enemies at a time, and even bigger, chunkier enemies. This not only opens up the gameplay a lot but can be your best friend in getting you out of a pinch or when facing mobs of enemies.

3. Stun Baton Upgrades

The Stun Baton is your primary melee weapon throughout the course of the game. Not only is it the main weapon you'll use for the first couple of chapters, but considering how crucial conserving your ammo is, you'll want to be able to rely on it throughout the entire game. To do that, you'll need to get some very specific upgrades for it. That is the tier one Increased Velocity Allow Sheath upgrade, and the tier two and tier three damage upgrades.

The Increased Velocity Allow Sheath upgrade will make it so you can hit enemies further and extend your combo attack. This is most likely the first and arguably the best upgrade you'll want to get for the Stun Baton. Following that, you'll want to get the two damage upgrades so the weapon stays effective later on in the game. While you can invest in the blocking upgrades, if you're good with the game's dodge mechanic, these won't really be needed. Then you can save your Callisto Credits to spend on upgrades for other weapons and gear.

2. TK4 Riot Shotgun – Magnum Round Damage

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As do we, many consider the TK4 Riot Shotgun the best gun in the game. This high-powered shotgun is already strong at its base model putting up high damage and boasting a big magazine for a shotgun. Though you get it pretty late into the game, ensuring you've saved up some credits so you can upgrade it right away will make the TK4 Riot Shotgun even more powerful as soon as it gets into your hands. That's why you'll want to focus on getting the tier-one Magnum Round Damage upgrade for 300 Callisto Credits.

The Magnum Round Damage Upgrade for the TK4 Riot Shotgun will make its damage output even stronger. Resulting in the TK4 being an even more powerful weapon in the late-game as a result. Now, you can also look into the tier three Explosive Rounds Upgrade for a whopping 2,700 Callisto Credits. However, the damage output for the TK4 with the Magnum Round Damage upgrade is just too strong to pass up. Plus, you can always just get the cheaper, TK23 Boom Bullets upgrade for the Hand Cannon. This also gives the weapon an alternative explosive round firing mode, at a cheaper cost than the same upgrade for the TK4.

1. Skunk Gun Upgrades

Best Upgrades

Next to the Riot Gun in terms of best weapons in the game, for us, is the Skunkworks Shotgun. This shotgun may look small, but it can pack a big punch. And, even more so if you focus on getting the tier one and two Magnum Round Damage upgrades. These upgrades simply increase the damage on this shotgun, which is already at a high output, however, the more damage the merrier. That's why you'll really want to consider the Magnum Round Damage upgrades for both shotguns. If you do, then you'll be blasting your way through the mutilated monsters in The Callisto Protocol with ease.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? What upgrades do you think are the best in The Callisto Protocol? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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