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Sumerian Six: Everything We Know

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Hold up now. Mimimi Games, the studio behind Desperados, Commandos, and Shadow Tactics, is still MIA. So if you happen to have caught a glimpse of the riveting Sumerian Six announcement trailer and jumped up with joy at the thought that Mimimi might be back, I’m sorry to say the studio is still shut down. 

Still, it’s exciting that Artificier, in collaboration with Devolver Digital, is gearing up to pick up the mantle. The upcoming game has many things. I bet, though, the main question lingering in your mind is whether it’ll manage to carve out its own path amid the many Mimimi Games alternatives out there.  To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled everything we know about Sumerian Six down below.

What is Sumerian Six?

Sumerian Six

Sumerian Six is an upcoming real-time stealth tactics game. It’s set in an alternate World War II setting. In place of The Lamplighters League will be the most unlikely group of commando scientists. We’re talking a team of “the old man,” “the siblings,” “the mentalist,” “the scientist,” of course, and the most puzzling, “the bear.”

A band of misfits as it were, all joining forces to thwart the Nazis. But the Nazis won’t fight fair, bringing to the battlefield all manner of paranormal technology and weird science. As a result, it makes it proper for your side of the fight to also employ far-fetched tactics.


Old artefacts

Sumerian Six will follow an out-of-the-box squad of six called the Enigma. Each member of your team will have unique skills and abilities. Combined, they will be an unstoppable force, Suicide Squad-style. Your mission will be to orchestrate secret missions against the Third Reich. 

The main antagonist happens to be an ex-member of your team, Hans Kammler. You’ve caught wind of his plans to destroy the world using a powerful, mystical machine called Geiststoff. Get ready to hop on a wild globe-trotting adventure. Each member of the Enigma Squad will have a part to play in taking down the Nazis. But also, you’ll need to string together slick combos, unleashing devastating chain attacks enemies won’t see coming.

The deeper you unravel the Nazi story arc, the more you’ll discover the paranormal side of the war. You’ll discover the occult and weird scientific weapons the Nazis wield. Alongside them are Sumerian artifacts that have ties with Kammler’s Geiststoff machinations. 

It seems Sumerian Six will, unapologetically, craft a grim dark story. Yet it gives you the power to determine just how dark the world becomes. Defeat the Nazis and there just might be hope for the future.


rosa hideout

In Sumerian Six, you’ll sneak behind the Nazis, taking out as many of the enemy forces as you can. You’ll discover arcane mysteries that shape the outcome of the story. Meanwhile, you’ll use experimental technology, turning the tide of the ongoing World War II in your favor.

The key gameplay is to approach enemies without spooking them, whether by avoiding their line of sight, setting traps, and more stealth-based tactics. Among the features you can expect in the final game include:

  • Demon Nazis – With Hans Kammler, an ex-member of your squad, leading the Nazis, the combat will be almost personal. Kammler will seek power from the occult, creating the ultimate Wunderwaffe. Meanwhile, you’ll tap into your strategic skills and dexterity to destroy Kammler’s “heavily armed, mutated, and supernaturally charged forces.”
  • Playful violence meets super science – Launch secret missions, sneaking into Nazi facilities and taking out the guards undetected. But more serious enemies await, forcing you to make use of your team’s full capabilities in clever ways.
  • Travel the worldSumerian Six will be a globe-trotting adventure that takes you to real-life-inspired places and events. While it’s an alternate take on WWII, it will infuse folk tales and “conspiracy theories as real as the Nazi threat.”



Artificier, in collaboration with Devolver Digital, is gearing up to deliver Sumerian Six intact. You probably know Artificier by the turn-based tactics game, Showgunners. It’s their debut game, released on May 2023, and features a show-stopping masterpiece of XCOM-like combat and brutal action. Now, with a year since their first game, it’s exciting to see Artificier throwing themselves at potentially another masterpiece.

Devolver Digital, on the other hand, is no stranger to gaming, having published a ton of outstanding indie titles. At this point, it’s like they’re always helping put out hits, with evidently a sharp eye for worthwhile games.

You can download the Sumerian Six demo for free, currently out at the time of writing. As is tradition with demos, you’ll only access limited gameplay, specifically the first two chapters. But if you’re not keen to play the demo, then feel free to add the game to your wishlist to get a notification as soon as it drops. 


Sumerian Six | Announce Trailer | Coming 2024 | Demo Available Now

Check out the riveting Sumerian Six announcement trailer in the video embedded above. It showcases glimpses into the story beats and gameplay you can expect in the final game. It’s easy to spot the striking similarities to Desperados 3 and Shadow Tactics. However, the art style does look impressive, taking after Tales from the Borderlands, kind of. 

In any case, the trailer has gamers excited. Now, it’s up to Artificier to carve out a unique path because as it stands, gamers will have no problem branding it a “copycat” game.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

Old depot entrance

At the moment, we’re not quite sure when the launch will be. The game’s Steam store page only says the release date is “to be announced.” There being a Steam page confirms Sumerian Six will be coming to PC platforms. No editions have been confirmed yet. 

For the information still under wraps, you can always join the developer’s official Discord channel where the developer will be posting updates. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for new information and let you know as soon as it comes up.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of Sumerian Six when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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