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Infinity Ward Acknowledges Server Issues Affecting Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 

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Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 developer, Infinity Ward, has announced that it is investigating server issues reported by players. Players have been experiencing server issues since the launch of Season 3 on April 12.

Console and PC players have complained about issues such as bullet registration problems, delayed actions, and significant frame drops. Infinity Ward acknowledged the issue in a tweet on the official Call of Duty account. The developer stated that they were working to resolve the problems. 

“We are investigating reports of server-related gameplay issues and are actively working to resolve them,” the official Call of Duty account tweeted.

In addition, the developers added the issue to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 Trello board, where players can keep track of known issues that developers are addressing.

Several high-profile members of the Call of Duty community have also raised concerns over the problems. Warzone 2 streamer, JoeWo, has been vocal about the issues facing the game. He posted a video showing his parachute failing to deploy. 

Activision launched a week-long Modern Warfare 2 free multiplayer trial on April 19. The trial includes access to new content introduced last week with Season 3. The new content includes a new core map, Pelayo’s Lighthouse, set on a small, craggy island during an evening storm, and gunfight mode.

The acknowledgement from Infinity Ward will reassure fans that the developers are taking the issues seriously and addressing them. Call of Duty has been hugely popular since it first launched in 2003. The game has remained a significant presence in the gaming world. This latest issue is likely to be a minor blip, and fans will hope that the game can return to full functionality soon.

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